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  1. Banding is certainly an issue on the XT2 and XH1, so worth further investigation... But judging with youtube is certainly the worst way to do it...

    Even if something was shot in raw, it might be exported in 8bit at low bitrate, then uploaded to Youtube for another dose of heavy compression. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, Mako Sports said:

    Funny cause the codec is weaker but the image quality is vastly better (Dynamic range, sharpness/detail, high iso, and highlight roll off)  from Sony blow all of Canon stuff completely out of the water.

    As Yurolov mentioned... That stuff is subjective. 

    Broadcast production doesn't care which one any of us prefer.. They just care about the cold, hard capture specs, in the UK, that is 4:2:2 50mbps for 1080p.

    As Andrew mentioned... The codec is only one part of the puzzle... But some will consider it a big part, just as others will consider full frame 4K to be more important. If you want a truly broadcast capable camera without using an external recorder... Sony is behind... If you want FF 4K, Canon is behind... etc etc

    All small form cameras are in some way crippled though.... be it codec, crop factor, poor AF, poor menus, colour, poor lens choices etc etc. Maybe Lumix FF will be the first to truly break this?

  3. 5 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The question isn't only about the codec, it's about the overall spec, especially the use of a full frame sensor as it's intended... full frame! Not 1.8x crop with the expense of full frame lenses. Nobody wants that. You can buy a GH5, and use a full frame lens on a Speed Booster. 10bit 4:2:2. Problem solved!

    How is Canon offering 'broadcast' codecs by the way. I don't see 10bit 4444 ProRes LOG on their DSLRs. Do you?!

    I distinctly remember when the C300 came out... 8bit codec... Philip Bloom said I just didn't get it... It was "broadcast ready"!

    So if the C300 has an internal codec suitable for broadcast, but looks worse than a Samsung NX1 in the real world, then the A7 III sure has a broadcast ready image.

    And I don't see much better than 8bit 4:2:0 on a C100 or C200 either.

    Your answer was that Canon was being a little scared biatch.

    High on power, spitting in the little guy's face :)

    Does this answer it then? Maybe CineGain is right?

    BBC standards for HD are 4:2:2 50mbps. It's that simple.

    Anyway... I'm a fuji fanboy now... screw canon... screw sony.

    I don't work in broadcast... so don't really care. I actually agree that good 8bit 4:2:0 trumps bad 10bit 4:2:2 (though i disagree with your examples).

    Broadcast doesn't take looks into consideration though... they have a fixed specsheet and that's that.

  4. No one can answer it because the question is flawed. Sony simply do not offer high end specs in their mirrorless range. 8 bit 4:2:0 is not a professional broadcast standard.

    They could offer 8K 480fps, but at 8bit 4:2:0.. no broadcast professional will touch it and Sony know this.

    Btw.... i think sony mirrorless are very good for indie filmmakers and what not. They do include some really cool specs. Just that i link larger cameras like the fs700 with broadcast work... so the 8bit 4:2:0 becomes a serious concern when suggesting they spec these cams out to be B cams for production work.

    Panasonic on the other hand do offer a legit broadcast capable B cam to their A cams. Even Canon do.

  5. 10 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    The elephant in the room is still Sony and why they are seeing massive sales success of both A7 series AND pro video cameras, without crippling either.

    Nobody can answer the conundrum it seems.

    They are crippled though... with 8 bit 4:2:0

    When their hands are forced into adding 10 bit 4:2:2 , high end sales might drop.

    Though i generally do believe that people who want NDs, XLRs etc will always want that type of body and will also buy mirrorless for B cams. The companies are too paranoid about it. They should actively make large A cams and smaller B cams that match the specs as much as possible (without NDs, XLRs etc).

    They could even slap a pro price tag on that is similar to the A cam.. just give us the option of a small cam that has as much as is technically possible.


  6. I think it is far more simple... Canon went after the vlogger market and were massively successful due to DPAF, flipout screen and out of the camera look that was high enough quality for Youtube on a phone/tablet.

    The micro budget filmmaker niche is tiny and also very demanding... I don't hugely blame them for not caring too much. When the rest start to catch up with their key aspects for vloggers, Canon will drop a bomb on them.

    Is DPAF patented, btw? No one gets close.

  7. 12 hours ago, Charbax said:

     no IBIS is no good for video and photo (means a $1000 gimball is compulsory for shots off tripod, I never shoot on tripod)

    This can't be serious?

    The fuji lenses with OIS are really good... unless you are Michael j fox... you ain't struggling to get perfect stills and the video is very stable... a bit of stabilisation in post and you'd think it was ibis... even gimbal on some shots.

  8. 50 minutes ago, Oliver Daniel said:


    Now this is how you make a hybrid. In a lot of ways, the EOS R pales in comparison. 

    Might make this a “personal purchase” on the basis I exceed financial results with pro work. Always loved Fuji images. 

    Do it mate... you'll never look back. Turns you into a gushing fanboy the minute you cut some eterna footage!

    33 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

    Thanks Fuji, great camera, but FF is the real game. Let's see what Panasonic brings.

    Have you seen the fuji lens line up? FF makes little difference when you have such fast primes.

  9. Couple more bits of info. Price is cheaper than expected $1499/£1350

    Can charge with usb power bank while recording

    Low light improvement of around 2 stops at high iso

    No sensor crop in 4k/30p and below. 1.18 crop for 4k/60p

    DCI 4K 30P up to 400mbs

  10. So taking in all the info and videos... It seems like a better sensor, processor, much improved still AF, some strong still features (30fps for 66 frames raw!)... Great video AF, zebras, 10bit 4K/60p (4:2:0), colour looks beautiful, as expected... 120p is now as strong as the other 1080p framerates. 12 stops on Eterna, more in f-log, H265 codec option, much reduced rolling shutter, 17ms in 4K. 4K 30fps now records for 30 minutes, 60p for 20 minutes. 4K crop similar to XT2.

    Very impressed, and would bet my house on a 4:2:2 upgrade in the future (Hybrid Log Gamma upgrade already confirmed).

    The only thing holding me back is the idea that the XH2 will probably have all of the above plus 10bit 4:2:2 and IBIS, making for a more or less perfect hybrid. They know how to keep you hooked!

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