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  1. 20 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    You know which cameras I'm referring to. If you don't like it, use a different forum. In fact I positively encourage it in your case!

    Yea... who'd want a forum member that occasionally disagrees with it's owner... In this instance, with a slight tongue in cheek remark.

    I think i'll take your advice... Never been a big fan of dictators.

  2. 5 minutes ago, longbow said:

    Sure, fair comment - I'm not trying to say its a bad machine but it's also a balance of usability / cost. When I specc'ed one up (16gb ram, 1tb drive, slightly better processor and video) I think I was looking at something a bit north of £3,000.

    Yea, no denying the price...  To use a camera metaphor, I'd equate a Mac to something like a Canon C300.... On paper, it seems a rip off and can be limited, but I just know I can get shit done on it with minimal headaches.

    I use PC too though, as long as you keep on top of your file system and applications, it is pretty stress free too (though I hate using my Microsoft surafce with a passion!)

  3. 23 minutes ago, longbow said:

    I thought they might turn things around with the new MacBook Pro and I was awaiting it with some trepidation as if it was a compelling graphics machine I'd have probably gone and splurged on it (that would have really dented my cashflow!). I needn't have worried though... What we got was a machine aimed at an exec to wave around on a flight or in boardroom or perhaps a senior software person. (Apple designing for themselves perhaps? Interestingly when I was chatting about it to an Apple bod in one of their shops he quietly confided that he was waiting for it too but had changed his mind and bought one of the previous models they still had in stock on the day of its release. (The previous models sold out pretty quickly after that!

    As an all around creative, I find the new macbook to be great. I downgraded from the Mac Pro 2013 (fully spec'd) to the 15" Macbook (fully spec'd)... I can design huge print files in Photoshop, massive UI/UX artboards in Sketch, edit 4K video in Premiere, create complex VFX in After Effects, create 60+ track audio in Reason... I'm struggling to find an example of where the machine chokes and i'm really putting it through it's paces on a day to day basis. The only time I move over to a PC is when we are testing VR stuff on the Vive.

  4. 1 hour ago, wolf33d said:

    True. But considering the length and details about the rumor, it's hard to imagine that a fucker would have such a sucking life that he would do that for fun.

    Don't underestimate the human race! Especially so close to april fools day.

    hmmmm, maybe this is an april fools that got leaked early?

  5. I had one pre-ordered and was gonna sell my NX1 and A7s to help fund it... But I decided to cancel and wait until I could try it out and also see what NAB brings (as I am in no desperate rush). I then used the NX1 in the alpes last month and just really enjoyed shooting with it... Might have to hang onto that for a while. (The A7s can go though!)

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