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    ade towell reacted to Andrew Reid in Who will kill filmmaking first?   
    A lot of assumptions about me in this I don't like. But let's focus on the facts.
    If we rewind to 2005, you are probably not with a strong opinion on the EU. Probably getting on with your life just fine. Country seems to be doing well. Certainly better than the state of it today after 10 years of the Tories. I am from a 'red' Labour area. Manchester. Tony Blair did a decent job of running all of the country not just London, and Manchester was booming, pretty much. This is after a full 30 years of EU membership and a so-called political union... it is actually far more of an economic one than what the Express would have you believe about Merkel bossing us around.
    Post-Brexit, how is your life better. And what will you personally gain from it. Answers on a postcard please...
    Here is what was in it for me... To be clear - nothing. Under EU membership as a Brit I spent 8 years living in Berlin visa free, with travel around Europe as easily as getting train to London from Manchester. I had a life in Berlin, very valuable to me. Now I have a 90-day max stay and have to pay as much as 40% import duties and VAT on anything I buy from Amazon or a UK website when in Berlin. Camera deals, eBay, that kind of thing, is now ruined. Meanwhile the German post has stopped sending to the UK altogether, whilst they decide how to restructure the cost of postage. It used to be that anything I couldn't bring back to the UK in my luggage would be put in a box and go back that way. Not any more. It will likely now get hefty charges stamped on it and there will be tons of paperwork to fill out.
    Now, imagine if you are running a UK or Europe based business. The European based side can't serve customers in the UK at all at the moment... can't use the post. The UK side now has a 600 page document to familiarise itself with, and staff cannot avoid duties and VAT when sending to their biggest neighbours and trading partners. It's shit. In terms of bureaucracy the EU actually cut down on paperwork, especially in terms of the movement of goods and people.
    Meanwhile people now require a visa of course to work in a different EU country if they are British, which means the younger generation won't have the same freedom as I did, creatively, as a filmmaker, to escape the high rents of Manchester and London, or to explore new places and meet new people. It's a disaster for them. Getting a visa is expensive and requires health cover, which is also expensive. Hundreds of quid a month expensive. Before, it was free and on the NHS for emergency care throughout the EU, be it in Manchester, Barcelona or Berlin.
    The EU gave us free roaming, 100GB per month with EE for £20 to use throughout Europe, they spurred the private sector on to abolish some of their highest charges. It saved me a fortune in Berlin. The EU gave online streaming one market for DRM, so that Amazon UK could stream the British content in Europe, for when you are on holiday or living here. The cross border portability of content like movies and TV shows has now ended.
    Moreover, I can't find a single benefit of Brexit for me... Not a single thing. It's all more expensive, more hassle, less freedom, depressing shit.
    The irony of you saying the 'democratic' Referendum crushes the idea that the newspapers (like the Express, Daily Mail and tabloids) and powerful vested interests get to decide the results... When actually the outcome was the direct result of the newspapers banging on about refugees and EU bureaucracy for years on end, and the powerful vested interests of people like Farage or Johnson... mostly vested in themselves, as opportunistic scumbags. When you say that MPs get to decide election results, you ignore the fact they are the elected representatives of the people. However for this to work, democratic society has to be well informed. Over the EU, they were not. Simple as that. And if MPs and government had no power to plot the course of the nation, what's the point of voting for them in the first place? All this anti-parliament BS that came up during the debates on Brexit and the court cases, with the press attacking the judiciary, was a scandal. Very few so-called working class British people voted for Brexit knowing in factual terms exactly what was in it for them. They just got wound up emotionally. Like I said before, rewind to 2005 or even 2010 and nobody down my local pub in Manchester is talking about how much their daily lives are hindered by fishing quotas and tariffs on Japanese imports, and how they can't wait to leave the EU to negotiate their own. Let alone, "we can't wait to leave in order to get all those specific advantages including X, Y, and Z".
    The very fact you haven't listed any specific advantages for your own life, livelihood, town or village of Brexit tells me a lot...
    How about putting to one side the 'taking back control' and the slogans for a moment and listing the explicit benefits you have personally felt since 1st January 2021.
    The first corona vaccine is German by the way.
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    ade towell reacted to Oliver Daniel in My C70 just arrived!   
    Shot 70% shot the C70 and 30% A7SIII.  More coming soon! 
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    ade towell reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic S5 User Experience   
    Right, well I got so pissed off with both the eye/face detect and the tracking option, I wondered if there was anything else I could do.
    I tried everything from trying to create a timelapse of motion instead. I could. It was awful.
    I tried 6k mode and that kind of worked, but when it lost focus, it never regained it.
    So before finally biting the bullet and moving to Sony for my video (AF) needs, I thought I'd just try all the options that are not supposed to work.
    Such as 225-area AF. And it pretty much worked. At least good enough for my needs based on this one test.
    The kit and settings were:
    S5 + 20-60mm @60mm and f5.6, 4k 50p, 1/100th, variable ND, Natural profile (individual settings such as contrast & sharpness turned down mainly), 225-area, speed -1, sensitivity -1.
    Unless I happen to have hit upon the best all round settings for this kind of capture...which I doubt, I think there is still room for slight improvement...
    Really, the only area I have to play with now is the speed & sensitivity settings which I have played with extensively using pretty much every combination of pluses and minuses available, but only in the face/eye and tracking mode.
    I could test with the 85mm f1.8 and will when I get some more sunshine so I can back or sidelight as on a wedding day I can't control any of that such as if the bride is walking down the aisle at an outdoor ceremony with the sun behind her, that's what I have to work with, so my kit has to pass worst case scenarios.
    But the latter is not critical, ie, the 85mm f1.8 not working 100% in this kind of scenario would be a bonus rather than a need because as long as I can get a few seconds of it locked on...which I can, in any scene, it's enough.
    So AF summary based on my experience/testing and needs:
    A. For stills, it's not in question. It's not the fastest but it's reliable/accurate. That's an easy pass.
    B. For static video, ie, the subject is people doing things such as; hair, makeup, eating, drinking, talking, wedding ceremony etc, which is 95% of my coverage, it's again, an easy pass ie, this camera does not have a problem with anything like that other than in very rare situations, ie, is pretty much as reliable as anything out there for this kind of thing.
    C. For tracking AF, based on my above test, it's not 100%, but it's good enough for my needs for those 5-10 sequences on a wedding day (bride entrance, couple exit, confetti walk, couple walking shots, entrance to meal) provided I can replicate (and maybe even improve upon) what I managed in the video.
    I have been quite desperate to make this thing work, just as I once was moving from the Nikon D3s to Fuji X Pro1 with it's garbage AF.
    Why? Partly sheer bloody-mindedness, but also because the camera and sytem very much is just right.
    Top of the list are video quality and stills quality and it's as good as anything and better than most.
    The size & ergos and build are just perfect with the Smallrig L bracket to just bring the size and weight up a little.
    The lens options that are beginning to appear and more so in '21 are excellent.
    I'm still waiting on the complimentary Sigma 45mm f2.8 (I have been battling with Panasonic but it appears I have now won, probably just to make me go away) and that will be my next major test.
    I'm hoping the Sigma(s) will work for me in the hybrid role. I'm sticking with the Pan 20-60mm for all tracking pieces regardless and it's also my wide-angle stills lens so retains a place in my bag regardless.
    But I am really interested in the 35mm f2, the 65mm f2 and the 105mm f2.8 macro as these mirrorless designed lenses would complete a perfect line up for me.
    Various tests have shown however that within L Mount, native works best but we'll see and if the Sigma route doesn't work out, I'd be disappointed but more than happy with Panasonic's own new f1.8 lineup.
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    ade towell got a reaction from IronFilm in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    A little bit of love still for the XT3, AF improvements 
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    ade towell got a reaction from IronFilm in Canon R5 or Sony a7SIII?   
    Yep what he said
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    ade towell reacted to Zak Forsman in Panasonic EVA-2 Wish List   
    4K high framerates and auto-focus aside, the S1H objectively delivers a better image on the whole. A7SIII still suffers from substandard color fidelity and baked in noise reduction that wrecks detail. The way i look at it is that the S1H excels at the minimum specs that i consider essential, while the A7SIII excels at some specialty operations, but doesn't meet important specs I consider essential. I was hopeful that the A7SIII would surpass the S1H but there are base operations that have to be met before I can get excited about 4k 120p (which is overkill for most situations, anyway. I find b-roll captured at 48-72fps more useful in the edit). I usually have to speed up 120fps for pacing.
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    ade towell reacted to BjornT in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    Shot on the S1 with a 1/8 black pro mist (side interview shot is GH5) and some 16mm grain added in.
    Heavily graded but if you have a bit of color grading knowledge then the S5/S1/S1H is a big step up from GH5 (not to mention low light capabilities). I think the v-log on the S series has a more organic quality than any of Sony, Canon's, Fuji's current offerings (less sharpening).
    Just bought the S5 as a 2nd camera so look forward to testing that out.
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    ade towell got a reaction from Xavier Plagaro Mussard in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    A little bit of love still for the XT3, AF improvements 
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    ade towell reacted to majoraxis in The URSA Mini Pro 12K   
    This youtube video lists the camera as "Ursa Mini Pro 12k".
    Wow - impressive!  The color rendition is special in the way that the different shades of a color appear distinct and unique even when they are very similar.  I also like the motion cadence.  The image is solid and without distraction.  It's nice to not have any obvious flaws that steel my attention from the content.
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    ade towell reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic S5 User Experience   
    Well my initial thoughts will be slightly shorter than your much more detailed report @herein2020 but I will add more as time goes by.
    First, why did I buy this camera, where was I coming from and intended use?
    Long time Fuji XT3 user, hoped an XH2 would have been with us by now but no signs and though the XT4 would do the job for me, the lenses do not. Great images, both stills and video and though the bodies are very video capable, I feel the lenses are not, so it was time to change.
    I have 4 basic requirements:
    1: a personal/travel camera relatively compact that delivers very high quality results.
    2: a camera that can do 50-100mp landscape photography.
    3: a static video unit that can do 4k 60p for 30 minutes at a wedding and doesn’t have overheating problems.
    4: a pair of hybrid units each with a prime, 4k 60p 10bit internal, IBIS.
    The S5 for me definitely ticks 3 of those boxes and all 4 if I can live with the focus for video in the hybrid role at weddings. 
    So far so good and though I initially had some buyers remorse, I have none now and love the thing.
    I love the grip, but then I came from an XT3 so nuff said!
    The AF has so far proved to be erratic but I already knew that and for 95% of my use, I can and will be using mf. I do have a need for AF though if only a few times on a shoot and that is a potential issue that I may avoid completely by getting and using a pair of Nikon Z6ii’s for my use need 4:
    AF accuracy on a brief photo shoot scored 71/72 and the single oof was user error.
    The quality of both stills and video is stunning. I am not big into grading and though I shoot raw for stills, prefer not to shoot log for video.
    I shot all the video material on the natural profile yesterday for a promo video and SOOC it looks gorgeous. I have yet to edit it and tweak it, but I can already see it’s very good.
    I had a couple of very minor issues yesterday but pretty much all due to lack of familiarity with the system and user error, but nothing that is going to be a problem that I can see so far.
    Re. lenses, I only have one and that is the 20-60 which was surprisingly decent in lowish light and not too shabby with DOF. For the price, this lens is really good and though it does not replace a set of primes, especially for my hybrid wedding work, for my other 3 case needs, it’s perfect.
    Summary, so far, 9.5/10 and it would be for me a genuine ‘perfect’ camera if it had PDAF.
    OK, I wasn’t that short... 😉
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    ade towell reacted to herein2020 in Panasonic S5 User Experience   
    There is an R5/R6 user experience thread so I figured it was safe to start a Panasonic S5 user experience thread.  I've only shot with it for a few hours, mostly setting up (and learning) the menus and I know there are already endless YouTube reviews, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on my experience so far; completely unbiased, unsponsored and as someone who will use this camera for everything from music videos to weddings and if all goes well I might even use it for photo shoots.

    Since there is so much that I like about this camera I've decided to just put my dislikes first because it is such a short list.
    The Grip - This is my biggest dislike. holding the camera is so uncomfortable. The grip is really shallow and the strap mount sticks out and digs into your hand when you are holding it in a landscape configuration. Not so much a problem with video for me since I use the back display, but using the viewfinder for images is very uncomfortable. I'm going to try getting a dual battery grip to see if that improves it. The R6 by comparison feels like it was custom molded for my hands. The Lens Mount - I knew this going into it, but there are so few native Panasonic lenses for this camera that I will have to use an adapter which I hate doing. I know more lenses are coming but they are very expensive and everything I've read says the Sigma versions focus very slowly. I would love a Voigtlander fully manual 35mm lens for gimbal work like I have for the GH5. I have no idea yet what I will do for photography or if I will ever trust this camera for paid photo shoots. The Battery - I don't understand the battery at all. It fits the GH5 and has contacts for the GH5 yet for the S5 the contacts are on the other side? Why didn't they do what Canon did and simply make a higher capacity battery with the same contacts?  Not only are spare batteries impossible to find right now, this means all of my GH5 batteries won't work in this camera....so annoying. Ok, short list over now lets get to the stuff I care about that made me realize this was truly the camera for me. I first ordered the R6 and returned it (horrible user experience for my needs) so I am going to kind of compare my experience with the S5 to the R6 since they probably kind of are targeted to the same buyer and since it is hard to ignore the Canon hype machine even when you know about the R6's overheating issues. 
    No Overheating - Ok we all know that but I had to put it out there anyway. This was the number one reason I returned the R6. The S5 on the other hand shoots glorious 4K until the card fills up (some limitations of course for 10 bit and 60FPS but it does have unlimited modes). Even if the R6 didn't overheat you would still hit that 30min limit and every single 4K mode overheated. Dual Slot Video Recording - The S5 gives me every option I could want and even a few I don't care about. The R6 will only record to a single slot. Electronic Level Meter - The S5 has it....of course, and it actually stays on while recording video. For some crazy reason the R6 disables the electronic level from showing on screen while recording video. XLR Audio Module - As annoyed as I am at Panasonic for the battery situation, the XLR module from the GH5 works with the S5 so all is almost forgiven. The R6 of course has nothing for XLR. I tested the module today, the S5 recognized it instantly and the audio was perfect. Free VLOG - Ok "Free" is a very generous term, but it does not cost extra. And this is real VLOG not some flavor that just flattens the profile, unlike the R6 which currently ships with CLOG. Canon said CLOG3 was coming in the future, but who knows if it will actually include the R6 or when "the future" really is. Body Quality - The S5 actually feels slightly lower quality than the body of the GH5, but that could be because it is lighter and smaller. Regardless, the quality feels way better than the R6. Sync/Desync Photo/Video Settings - It took me a long time to find, but it is possible to separate the photo and video settings and you even get to pick which ones stay synced with the other. When running and gunning you want shutter angle, VLOG, etc for video and shutter speed, Natural profile, etc for photos. You can set it so that they are completely separate, not all cameras let you do that and even the R6 did not let me pick which settings to keep in sync (i.e. keep just ISO the same between the two).  Dial Position - It is great to have the video mode and Manual photo mode side by side on the dial. The R6 had them at literally opposite ends of the dial....very annoying. Dedicated Buttons - There is a dedicated ISO button and a AF/MF switch on the lens. The R6 had neither. I use the AF / MF lens switch all the time, its the fastest way to be 100% certain all of the AF stuff is off, especially if you are switching between photos and video. Video Footage - The footage out of the camera so far to me in with my very limited testing is incredible, I didn't think Panasonic had it in them. The colors are perfect to my eyes, the codecs are super easy to play back in VLC and actually easier to edit in Davinci Resolve than the GH5's footage. Both 4K60FPS and 4K30FPS play smoothly even after color grading. So far the footage grades as easily as the R6 footage with the added benefits of not needing proxies. Codecs - You get to pick H.264 or H.265 and still get to shoot in VLOG and 4:2:2 10bit. For some crazy reason Canon with the R6 forces you to shoot in H.265 if you want to use CLOG. I will happily sacrifice a little storage space to never have to try to edit H.265 again. Manual Focus Features - I hated the focus rings on the Panasonic MFT lenses, they were non linear which made manual focusing nearly impossible. I ended up getting manual Voigtlander lenses instead. Panasonic has fixed that big time; not only can you now pick linear you can even pick how many degrees to go from stop to stop. I think the R6 let me pick linear but not the focus throw. I do miss Canon's 3 little triangles when manually focusing, to me that's still the best MF guide in the industry. On my S5, focus peaking doesn't seem to work; its on but I can't see it so I have to play with that some more. Timelapse Photography - Ok I had to throw this one in there. Maybe other cameras have this, but this is literally the first camera I have ever owned that lets you do a time lapse in body without an intervalometer AND that lets you take more than 99 images. That's always been a pet peeve of mine for most cameras.  Wireless Flash Control - Another pet peeve of mine answered by Panasonic, it can wirelessly control up to 4 flashes without needing an additional transmitter. Of course I'll never use this feature since I already have a complete flash system, but for someone starting out this means even less gear to lug around and to buy. Big Red Recording Box - Who hasn't thought they were recording when they weren't? I turned on the big red box right away (as soon as I found it). This is great, and will definitely help in the future. The R6 of course didn't have this. LVF Button - I didn't understand how important this was until I shot with the R6. It was so annoying in the R6 to have to  pick view finder or back screen display. If you picked view finder you had to go into the view finder and navigate back to the setting to change it back. If you picked auto, the screen kept shutting off on me when the camera got to close to my hand or body. Maybe you could map a custom button but I like leaving all of them at their defaults. For the S5 if you want to turn off the viewfinder sensor just press the LVF button...switch to just the VF press it again, switch to auto press it again. So easy to disable/enable one or the other. Auto mode is terrible, switches off the screen all the time if anything gets near the sensor. Here is my neutral list, either I don't really have an opinion yet either way, or I haven't tested the camera enough to feel good or bad about it.
    Photography Capabilities - I'm still kind of neutral on the photography department. All I have is the kit lens and didn't have time to try the photography part. If it comes even close to the R6's photo performance that will be good enough for me.  My Sigma adapter gets here Friday so I will be able to test it with my Canon lenses. Auto Focus - I never used it in the GH5 but this time around it is different because I want to try the photography features as well. In my brief testing, the AF worked fine for photography. It still has the hybrid AF option where you half press the shutter button for the initial focus then can fine tune it using the focus ring so that's good enough for me for video. Menu System - It is improved a bit over the GH5 but still nowhere near as intuitive to me as Canon's menus. I think once I set up my Favorites menu it will be fine, but there's so many features I'm having a hard time finding some of them. I never did learn the GH5's menus, I just created a video Favorites list and that's all I use. My 5DIV is a different story.  
    Final Thoughts - This camera makes me wish I was a travel photographer/videographer. It has so many uncompromised features that would be so useful when traveling that you could practically literally bring just this camera, a wireless flash, XLR module, a few lav mics, variable ND filters, a small video light, travel tripod, and shoot just about anything photo or video. I'm already thinking about projects that I want to shoot with this camera vs the R6 where all I could think about was if it would even make it through the shoot.
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    ade towell got a reaction from Geoff CB in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    Sorry for the slight off topic but it's  funny you didn't describe the canon RP (1.6 crop) in such disparaging terms when you were bigging it up against the Fuji XT3 the other day.
    I think the z50 has its place although I agree that it is going to have a hard time against its more established mirrorless competitors until the price goes down even if it does seem a better spec'd camera  
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    ade towell reacted to Neumann Films in The URSA Mini Pro 12K   
    Is amazing. I love it. Never going back to RED unless I’m forced to by a client.
    Just thought I would share. The IQ is pristine, colors are great and it’s just a breeze to use. Will post a few stills here in a day or two.
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    ade towell reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    ...and a few days later, I'm keeping it after all.
    In fact, a pair of them are going to be my main workhorses as I intended.
    I have been trying to find a workaround and not just a 'kidding myself' fix, but something genuine.
    I looked at both the HC-X1500 camcorder and the bridge camera (for my static manual and occasional but important AF needs) but just know that based on my current 1" sensor Sony camcorder, the footage is going to be shite. And it's still contrast detect, so nah.
    Back on to the stage comes a used XT3 body and I already have a Fringer and 17-50mm f2.8 Sigma so for all my static manual focus needs, et voila and for the 1 minute or so on each job when I also need AF, et voila encore.
    As I may have said before, I love this camera (the S5) in every way except the weird pulsing in AF mode but otherwise there is something just 'right' about it. That combo of size, weight, ergos, dials, buttons, operation and of course quality of both video and stills files.
    Just need some projects to use the bugger on now...
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    ade towell got a reaction from Mmmbeats in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    except an evf...
    That z-cam looks good but is still a big lump - suddenly you've got hdmi lead, power to think of (and another lead). This little camera is going to become very unwieldly quickly. 
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    ade towell got a reaction from Juank in Canon Cinema EOS C70 - Ah that explains it then!   
    except an evf...
    That z-cam looks good but is still a big lump - suddenly you've got hdmi lead, power to think of (and another lead). This little camera is going to become very unwieldly quickly. 
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    ade towell reacted to Trankilstef in Panasonic S1H ProRes RAW 6K 12bit - download firmware   
    I love the rich colors that you can get with prores raw. S1H + ProRes RAW is a super combo !
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    ade towell reacted to agoldstraw in Sony A7c   
    Is it just me, or is the notion that would-be vloggers need a full frame sensor camera batshit crazy? There is a pernicious trend being driven along by an unholy alliance of 'influencers' and manufacturers. The result is that there are scores of people out there who THINK they need FF but don't really know why, nor do they understand the advantages and disadvantages of such systems. The irony is that this mass hysteria is threatening the existence of the crop sensor systems which would probably be a much better fit for most of these people.
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    ade towell got a reaction from Juank in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Will be interesting to see how this compares with the new RF Canon Cine cameras, it needs to have the colour science of the FX9 rather than the A7s3 to really stand a chance imo
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    ade towell got a reaction from Kisaha in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Will be interesting to see how this compares with the new RF Canon Cine cameras, it needs to have the colour science of the FX9 rather than the A7s3 to really stand a chance imo
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    ade towell got a reaction from neosushi in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Will be interesting to see how this compares with the new RF Canon Cine cameras, it needs to have the colour science of the FX9 rather than the A7s3 to really stand a chance imo
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    ade towell got a reaction from Trankilstef in FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?   
    Will be interesting to see how this compares with the new RF Canon Cine cameras, it needs to have the colour science of the FX9 rather than the A7s3 to really stand a chance imo
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    ade towell got a reaction from majoraxis in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    Some gorgeous shots by Note.
    This camera is the most interesting of all the new releases imho, am bored of the overheating mess that is Canon, and the disappointingly video like images of the A7s3. 
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    ade towell got a reaction from Emanuel in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    Some gorgeous shots by Note.
    This camera is the most interesting of all the new releases imho, am bored of the overheating mess that is Canon, and the disappointingly video like images of the A7s3. 
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    ade towell got a reaction from zerocool22 in Blackmagic casually announces 12K URSA Mini Pro Camera   
    Some gorgeous shots by Note.
    This camera is the most interesting of all the new releases imho, am bored of the overheating mess that is Canon, and the disappointingly video like images of the A7s3. 
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