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    leeys reacted to colepat in Olympus E-M5 MK III - coming in October   
    Honestly, I am stoked on this. If I somehow get my hands on some extra cash I would love to pick up a used E-M1 mkii or one of these E-M5 mkiii.
    I shoot mostly on a GH5 and having one of these as my second cam would be killer. Good AF for the times I need it and the Gh5 for when I need 10bit / 4k60.
    Olympus is doing good stuff. Plus M43 is a killer mount and I love the sensor size. 
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    leeys reacted to David Bowgett in Nikon z50 Apsc camera   
    Weird how there seems to be this black hole when it comes to APS-C cameras and IBIS. Damn near every M4/3 and full-frame camera has it nowadays, but on the APS-C front there's only really the A6500 and A6600 that have it (plus some of Pentax's cameras).
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    leeys reacted to MurtlandPhoto in A9 ii announced, nothing to see   
    You were saying? 
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    leeys reacted to Mokara in A9 ii announced, nothing to see   
    It was not included to cut costs. Every function on a camera has development cost associated with it as well as increased manufacturing costs from the associated hardware. The people who buy consumer cameras don't use 24p to any significant extent, so leaving it out made sense. You would include stuff like that in products where those functions would be used (high end cameras for example), but not where they are rarely being used. It is the same reason you don't see basic beginner modes in professional cameras. It costs money to implement and are highly unlikely to be used by the people who buy the product.
    24p is not extra strain on the processor (Digic 8 is quite capable of handling 24p, however the processor is not the only electronics needed), but those cameras will have basic stripped down image signal processors (in other words cheaper to make) that don't have a 24p mode in them, so it is irrelevant what the processor can or can't do. The function simply is not there to start with.
    I have never claimed that 24p was left out because of processing. Stop making stuff up. The cameras in question use Digic 8, which very clearly CAN do 24p. 24p was left out to reduce costs in consumer cameras.  In fact, new models that use older hardware, such as the M200, still have 24p in them, so your argument is complete nonsense. There is no conspiracy.
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    leeys reacted to MurtlandPhoto in A9 ii announced, nothing to see   
    You were making a good case until this statement. Canon removing 24p from current and probably future cameras is absolutely purposefully crippling them. There is no extra strain on the processor for 24p/25p versus 30p. It's predatory behavior from a company that is trying to push its customers around - not cool.
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    leeys reacted to Parker in Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan campaign launches "Filmmaker Mode" TV settings on upcoming LG and Panasonic sets   
    Thank goodness! I've been waging a one-man war against that nauseating soap opera "smooth motion" fake image interpolation-look on various family, friends', hotel's and even the occasional restaurant's TV sets for years. The saddest thing is when people claim they can't tell the difference. I can't stand it.
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    leeys reacted to Mokara in Canon EOS M6 Mark II   
    EOS-R is marketed primarily to stills photographers, with video as an extra. The only hybrids on the market that are video orientated are Panasonic's GH series.
    Prosumer cameras will still have 24p since people who buy those products might still want that. These new cameras are consumer market cameras. Two different types of products aimed at different types on consumers.
    If people in the consumer market don't use 24p the absence of 24p is not going to move them to prosumer cameras. I am not sure why you think it would. I highly doubt that Canon's marketing team thinks that. Do you buy more expensive stuff just because it includes some functionality you never use? I am pretty sure that most people have more sense than that.
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    leeys got a reaction from Geoff CB in TechArt Pro Sony E To Nikon Z Adapter   
    Nope, otherwise Sigma, Tamron, Tokina all would've been sued to kingdom come by now.
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    leeys reacted to Eric Calabros in Full frame rival sales figures = grim reading for everyone vs Sony   
    This market is so much smaller than what it was that it doesn't matter who is number 1 or 2 or 3 in sales anymore. 
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    leeys got a reaction from sanveer in G85 successor to be announced next month?!   
    That'll put it too close and in some cases above the G9. Not going to happen.
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    leeys reacted to fuzzynormal in Olympus E-M1X - is it worth $3000?   
    Yeah.  For me, it really is the ideal format.  Small, nimble, and perfect for doc work.
    Aside from having a FF cam to allow extreme shallow DOF in tricky interview/talking-head settings, I really don't want for much else.
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    leeys reacted to Oliver Daniel in Olympus E-M1X - is it worth $3000?   
    Wow what a disappointment for video! 
    I do have to disagree with some commenters here tough, I don’t think M43 is going anywhere anytime soon. 
    The GH5, 2 years on, still hasn’t been beat. The GH6 will likely set the world on fire again. The Z cam E2 and BMPCC4k are powerhouses. It’s a really great format that just seems to be getting better, very quickly. 
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    leeys reacted to thebrothersthre3 in Nikon Z9 and Z5 plus affordable 4K shooting D5700 in the works?   
    Because in this case the APSC camera is higher end while the full frame is a base model.
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    leeys reacted to ntblowz in Sharp's new 8K M43 camera   
    Now even cheap $150 Smartphone will have 48MP 1/2" Sensor camera.. aka Redmi Note 7
    I guess it good that you can choose between extreme resolution mode (good for day time/studio) or binning for better low light, gives you much flexibility depend on situation.
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    leeys reacted to Tiago Rosa-Rosso in Sharp's new 8K M43 camera   
    is 8k SHARP enough?
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    leeys reacted to ntblowz in Sharp's new 8K M43 camera   
    That a giant slap on Panasonic's face, JVC and Sharp can show what M43 can really capable off..
    So much for M43 is dead according to that Tony guy
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    leeys reacted to zerocool22 in Lessons from a professional DOP   
    I love Philip Bloom for the information what he has given us. But I dont think he is a DOP, not even a cinematographer, videographer/camera operator is more likely the term you can describe him with.
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    leeys reacted to kye in The Black Friday deal that I want this year is...   
    I'd like to be a better DOP, audio technician, editor, and colourist.. 😂😂😂
    Unfortunately, skills aren't on sale!
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    leeys got a reaction from thephoenix in FujiFilm X-T3 - Thoughts After One Month   
    People, Fujifilm moved production to China and this is a camera that's barely a month old; if you want a better chance at solid reliable cameras never buy them in the first production run or two, let alone coming from an all-new production line.
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    leeys reacted to BTM_Pix in Colour Differences on Youtube across browsers   
    Oh Gawd....don't go giving them ideas for new episodes...

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    leeys reacted to Andrew Reid in Colour Differences on Youtube across browsers   
    I think you may have started a new meme @BTM_Pix

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    leeys reacted to kye in question about doorbell.   
    Dogs: the guard animal for people that don't care about protecting their property enough to keep geese.
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    leeys reacted to Andrew Reid in First test of Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS R by EOSHD and A1ex   
    Can you please try installing Magic Lantern on that plane?
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    leeys reacted to wolf33d in First test of Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS R by EOSHD and A1ex   
    “I am not worried about bricking my camera, because it’s already a brick with a 1.8x crop and rolling shutter to make the leaning tower of Pisa look straight.”
    that moment when I laugh hard in the plane and everyone looks at me... 
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    leeys reacted to seattledv in Top 6 videos on EOS R with combined 2 million views and not a single mention of the rolling shutter in 4K   
    Probably true for most consumers, but all of these new camera releases seem to have so much hype surrounding them that it’s really hard to separate facts from hyperbole. Do I really need to know how well a new camera performs in Hawaii or Las Vegas under manufacturer controlled conditions? In addition to using exotic locales, professional models and hand-picked reviewers, manufacturer’s often bundle incentives for their new products to boost pre-orders. If I had watched just about any of these YouTube reviewers and pre-ordered an EOS R without knowing it had an unbelievable rolling shutter issue, I’d be angry—angry at the reviewers, angry at the manufacturer and angry at myself for being so easily duped. If you can’t trust the reviews and can’t trust the manufacturer then the pre-order option starts to look pretty dicey. Deceptive marketing whether intentional or not is not good for promoting new camera sales, creating manufacturer loyalty or building a YouTube subscriber base. When you can’t trust marketing  information and the reviews presented on the internet, then whatever gear you currently have starts to look better and better. Just forget about watching reviews or buying any new camera...at least until you’ve tried it yourself with a rental or a retailer that has a generous return policy. 
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