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  1. E-M1 seems to have less moire/aliasing than E-M5 II since it uses GH4 sensor, even though bitrate is not high. The sensor on E-M5 II is the same as E-M5 which is not really for video.. But E-M5 II with flat profile would be easier for color matching/grading though, with E-M1 have that too
  2. Laughing my ass off, I have shot with RED/BMCC/BMPCC, A7s definitely have more DR than BM's 13 stop , I have encountered some scene (pretty extreme condition) which BM get blown but still fine on A7s. I originally thought Sony probably have usable 12stops dr after reading "online test" but after seeing the actual footage me and DOP agreed A7s do have more DR than BM.
  3. You still have to folk out at least $2000 for the battery, battery module and charger as it only come with AC adapter module
  4. It didn't do Prores in 4K, so much for 4K4All.
  5. You have to get their SSD, back in Red ONE days if you use non-red cf card you are restricted to 2K and up to 60fps, no 4K instead of 120fps in 2k and 4k.
  6. http://eriknaso.com/2015/09/22/how-does-the-new-red-raven-stack-up-to-other-4k-cameras-a-price-comparison/
  7. And it is in EF mount so you can't add speedbooster anyway
  8. Won't work, with GH2 (1.86x in video crop) the sigma 18-35mm and 11-16mm show vignetting on wide side.
  9. So the sensor size is between APS-C and M43 sensor (similar size to Sigma Foveon sensor) That means you lose the wide angle part a bit as it will be 1.7x crop size instead of 1.5x
  10. ntblowz

    Pilotfly H1+

    With gimbal you can zoom in and zoom out and it still hold position, they are less sensitive in weight distribution compare to steadicam. And for the lens if they are similar weight the motor can tolerant some difference, I can change from UW lens to 50mm prime to 24-70mm lens on the go without tweaking the PID setting, the downside with not perfectly balanced setup is they eat more battery.
  11. ntblowz

    Pilotfly H1+

    1. it cost $2795 brand new 2. it take months and years to get it right 3. still have to tweak it here and there. 4. big and heavy, inconvenient to go anywhere, especially if travel "light" vs gimbal 1.cost $800 new 2.weight much less as no counter weight needed 3.once set you dont have to tweak again
  12. it's just day two, slog2 also have ugly noise at +0 ev I like the color from vlog already, doesn't have orange/plastic looking people of Cine D but I do think an external recorder is what vlog really need
  13. More like user error, quite a lot of user were disappointed with slog2 on a7s, the noise is too much compare to other profile unless you +1/+2ev over. I can get more DR on 4:2:0 XAVC-S than 4:2:2 10bit on bmpcc on a couple occasion, that 14dr really makes difference.
  14. Better late than never! With the focus stacking for macro photography and 24/25p it get my interest again, since e-m1 is so much more affordable now! Beside it uses GH4 sensor no wonder video quality is better than E-M5 II's Sony sensor.
  15. Never thought 12-35mm would look this filmic!
  16. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p9wze495zdgk1x/GH4__V23.zip?dl=0
  17. Looks like that Simon guy is right, the contract limitation expires this month so Olympus can do whatever it wants with E-M1 in terms of video capabilities.. though not sure if they gonna bring 4k or leave that for E-M1 II
  18. ISO800 or more should give better result, dunno why Panasonic set ISO400 on this one, remember the native ISO for GH4 is ISO800
  19. http://www.43rumors.com/e-m1-and-e-m5ii-firmware-updates-coming-end-november-e-m1-gets-silent-shutter-fokus-bracketing-2425fps-electornic-stabilization/ Take that Panasonic! I just wondering how would flat profile grade on the E-M5 II
  20. RED ONE is only 13kg.. been there lol
  21. $2999 from BH, so $500 RRP bump compare to original
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