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  1. Hopefully it will be a nice xmas present from Panasonic.
  2. Wow this look pretty interesting, does that mean we can say goodbye to follow focus gear and marker?
  3. I hope Olympus can take lesson from Fuji! The IBIS is such an invaluable assets for videos especially on shooting lens without IS.
  4. Would adding this on top of Fader ND + Anamorphot + lens degrade much image quality? (so many add ons)
  5. Gone girl is shot in 6K, is that too sharp to be film like? Even I was amazed at crispness of the image in some of the scene while watching at local 2K cinema. For me I use native M43 lens since AF and OIS is quite important to me, my other friend uses a pair of Oly 2.0 zoom and Voigtlanders for his pair of GH4, he didn't go for speedbooster as he feel he is covered by mft/43 lens already. Leica 42.5mm F1.2 OIS is the lens to get, it is only F1.2 lens with IS build in, helps a lot for handheld work, I had too much trouble using 85mm on 5D2 or 55mm on A7 on handheld.. they both shake too much, of couse I can use 3 axis gimbal on them but sometimes I just want to travel light or need quick setup for the moment.
  6. Yeah be aware of the "Hacked" A7s which have slow startup and all powersaving feature is not working even if you set it up in menu.
  7. The footage look pretty sharp, I have to dump the 12-35mm to get this!
  8. The SLR Magic Anamorphic also works on Panasonic 14mm without problem, but not Olympus 17mm F1.8 which you get vignetting and border quality are bad. It good to know that Leica 15mm also works! That F1.7 is handy for indoor/low light.. Really interested if GH4 can do 4:3 recording in 4K, I would definitely trade the 1.33X Anamorphic for that! 2X squeeze give you far more view than 1.33X does
  9. for only £26 extra you get: 3 year warranty, free lightroom and leica decal, seems like a steal!
  10. Well this will be the default astro lens for M43, though use it with steadicam/gimbal would be awesome too, since DOF will be deep so no need to worry about out of focus when following the subject.
  11. This one still have 30minute recording limit, what a bummer.
  12. They don' t fit on the E-M1 as they would touch the hump at the top
  13. Who need big expensive 3 Axis gimbal when you can get 5 Axis build in
  14. I remember Secretariat used E-PL1 for close up of horse racing. So E-P5 with 5 Axis IS might be used for some shots that is too big for normal rig.
  15. 14mm + $12 wide angle adapter make it 10.6mm.. that is pretty wide for cheap price
  16. I sold my 35-100mm for 42.5mm, it is definitely worth it, I would be getting FZ1000 to replace the zoom I lost with 35-100mm and as 4K Bcam. OIS really helps especially on 85mm FOV, something my 5D with prime can't do unless it was on tripod.
  17. Me too, waiting for LX8 to come out, since it appears to use its own in house 1" sensor, I hope the 4K crop is not too great compare to FZ1000
  18. Autofocus on E-mount active speedbooster is really slow, if it can work on M43 I bet it will be even slower on M43 body without build-in PDAF.
  19. If you just shoot video I consider Voigtlander 25mm, manual focus is easier than focus by wire from modern lens, and F0.95 gives you that FF like background blur. But if you take photos + videos and don't have too big of budget then Leica 25mm and Olympus 25mm is more versatile. I think Andrew should update lens recommendation with Leica 42.5mm F1.2, OIS really helps at longer focal length. I have both Olympus 25mm and Voigtlander 25mm, but I am thinking of getting Canon 35mm F2 IS and active speedbooster for the IS.
  20. I think in 4K it just uses normal Power OIS, just 1080P and less it uses Hybrid+ OIS and level recording (probably too much data for CPU to handle atm, have to wait for 64bit ARM for that!)
  21. Panasonic is making wave for 4K this year! Now I need to decide either FZ1000 or LX8 for GH4 BCam.. FZ1000 comes with 5 Axis Hyrbid+ OIS, so I guess for handheld it will be better than GH4 + Power OIS FZ1000 4K video sample
  22. Interesting to have it as B-cam for 4K (and G6 for 1080P B-cam)
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