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  1. http://www.43rumors.com/ft3-new-panasonic-gh5-sensor-is-made-by-sony/ So it will feature 18.9/13mm sensor with 24channel readout That makes it the same size as gh1/2 sensor! Put the ibis in and it will be the killer cam!
  2. quote from the report "sales volume of interchangeable-lens digital cameras remained at around the same level as the previous year owing to healthy demand for the advanced-amateur-model EOS 80D, launched this year, and the EOS M3 and M10, which were released the previous year, in Japan and other Asian markets. As for digital compact cameras, while sales volume declined amid the ongoing contraction of the market, PowerShot G-series cameras, the lineup of which grew to five models in the previous year, enjoyed solid demand"
  3. Dji osmo? You can put external mic for better audio, and when out vlogging your image will be silky smooth too
  4. The canon mount have full electronic control, not sure about AF, Nikon mount is purely manual It can use Sony bpu-30 batteries the same one used on fs5/fs7 For hfr: 5k 5k50p, 4k100p, 3k130p, 2k200p 6k 6k25p, 4k100p, 3k150p, 2k220p Prores for fullframe capture and raw in windowed
  5. Can't wait for them to arrive! The Z Axis add on solve the walking up/down part for many of us, with the new external battery option it can last all day's shoot (good thing I got lots of TB48 batteries lol)
  6. Man I been waiting this for ages, no need to resort to 3rd party solution to mount x5 on osmo Z-axis will help smooth the footage when walking or running, glad that DJI listened! Currently non of the 3 axis gimbal make make this
  7. In NZ XC10 cost the same as A6300 with kit lens, though most people would buy a6300 instead due to spec and Sony marketing.
  8. I like op which also uses rodelink with great result, and also want another wireless but at more affordable price, just want to see what you got at end!
  9. Wasn't there an update to fix the micro jittor on 35-100mm? http://***URL removed***/forums/thread/3789342
  10. So GX80 IBIS is actually more like Sony which is electromagnetic while GX8 is like Olympus one which are spring based
  11. http://www.43rumors.com/ft5-new-image-of-the-black-gx80-and-full-spec-list/ Finally Panasonic achieved what we want from Olympus, 5 Axis IBIS on 4K cam. just not sure how good is Pana's implantation compare to Oly. Sony's one is just barely usable.
  12. the max out put is 30p in uhd and 60p in 1080p in HDMI, end of story for slow mo you need fs700/fs5/fs7 through SDI
  13. ntblowz

    Nikon DL

    Is the max length limited by 4GB limit I wonder?
  14. https://convergent-design.com/company/blog-news/entry/odyssey7q-now-includes-256gb-ssd-prices-slashed-and-five-samsung-ssds-qualified.html
  15. With Odyssey you can use Samsung SSD since the update from july last year, so media cost is actually the same for Atomos and Odyssey
  16. ntblowz

    Sony a6300 4k

    Man, I been to so many of them, some of them do use camcorder or even bridge camera for events even on this day. (NZHerald our national newspaper for example uses sony camcorder for their videos, though it got 1" sensor)
  17. ntblowz

    Sony a6300 4k

    If it overheats it is totally useless for event/weddings unless you rig it up to external recorder, might as well get a7rii/a7sii with IBIS (Just got myself A7RII and Zeiss 24-70mm combo for $2800, minus the lens so A7RII is around $2100 which is the same price as A6300 + Ninja Assassin)
  18. For those of us who value ergonomics FS5 is definitely the top choice, 0.8kg weight is major selling point if you handheld your camera whole day, and rig it up if shooting in studio environment for maximum image quality with RAW and 7Q+
  19. You only need FS700 and 7Q with license, no need for HXR http://www.sawmillcreative.ca/gear/experience-working-odyssey-7q-things-loved-things-learned/
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