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  1. Well E-M1 MKII uses 8 core CPU this time (dual quadcore with 1 delicated core for AF) hopefully it is as good as it sounds
  2. there is always 12-40 and 12-35 for constant aperture 12-60 f2.8-f4 is the perfect travel/semi-pro lens for me! Looks like Panny is microsizing Oly's 43 lens which is a welcome addition.
  3. 4K for $300? probably get it for cheap wide cam lol Wish there is body only version
  4. A short piece I done over the last weekend, shot in 1080p 100fps, drone using P3A Btw even with update it sill overheat itself during an event shoot I did (indoor big event center at night), definitely need a fan on it Password :4321
  5. built-in 3 stage ND and auto ND function! Take that XC10/RX10 with only 1 weak 1/8 ND Wondering if the HFR still have the same limitation ie can't focus/zoom once recording started
  6. EOS-M5 video quality suck so bad The original EOS-M with ML is still better.. so sad for Canon Btw we use Canon C cameras at work, but I use Sony personally, was thinking getting EOS-M5 as additional cam for work but no thanks, even XC10's video quality is much better, guess will be still sticking with EOS-M + eoshd clog for c cam for work
  7. That active tracking is really useful function, sucks that the previous OSMO wont have this function.. probably osmo 2?
  8. I guess the reason for not putting 4K in EOS-M is fear of killing of the XC line, XC-15 should have DPAF
  9. Would XC10 and EOS-M series works too?
  10. HEVC is like double the current compression in terms of the efficiency, so 120Mbps will be equal to 240Mbps in H.264
  11. ntblowz

    New Camera

    Used A6300 to shoot performance inside this apartment, the AF is slightly more clever than A7RII
  12. FS5 raw footage for download http://www.frantic.digital/thoughts/2016/7/7/first-fs5-4k-cdng-raw-clip-for-download
  13. Only use paypal and nothing else, or rather spend extra on retail, at you least you are guaranteed to get the stuff. I'd say ban him if proven guilty
  14. Well G6 still uses GH2 sensor which is quite old, their new gen sensor (gx7 and newer) is certainly on par to Sony M43 sensor.
  15. Pilotfly H2 is the best handheld gimbal for 5D, it can take up to 2.2KG weight vs 1.2kg for rest of the gimbal, it can even fly FS5 as well
  16. Nope, someone confused with the earlier release which have RAW video, this one only do H.264
  17. The touchscreen is really useful for this kind of stuff, wonder why Sony omit this on their high-end product, now canon is back with touchscreen vengeance
  18. ntblowz

    FS5 lens

    No AF with adapted lens though, IS works fine. I used AF to quickly get subject in focus before I start the shots.
  19. Lower your PID values if it vibrates P to 15 or somthing, D 25 or something, powerband to 120, microjitter usually means the motor setting is too strong no gimbal is turn on and use solution unless it's DJI OSMO (which I use now paired with X5), since every camera is different. I used nebula, pilotfly, Came TV, they are all the same for setting up and testing PID settings, DJI Ronins have auto-tune which works quite well, just balancing the camera still take some time when you setup on location. OSMO is the only gimbal that I can call gun and run beside gopro gimbals, just gopro suck so bad at night.
  20. The smallest medium format camera ever!
  21. Like how 35mm 1.4L @ F2's bokeh is 50% bigger than the one from 35mm F2 IS USM, so yeah could be one of the reason
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