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  1. The Arri alexa lut works pretty well, use it on the NX1 (flat), GH4 (Cine D) and A7S (cine 4) footage, GH4 and A7s makes much improvement since skin tone on NX1 is pretty good already,
  2. It still overheat when just output 4K to hdmi out wow http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?339161-Newsshooter-Sony-A7RII-overheats-and-shutdown-after-recording-4K-for-a-while&p=1986566907&viewfull=1#post1986566907
  3. Yeah go for it, since you don't really upgrade them every year like cameras do now lol I am waiting for the 5H version since I dont need SDI, I could use that $200 saving on something else (fund for A7000 or RX10 II..depend on how good A7000 is for video)
  4. RX10 II asia doesn't not have 5 minute flow, wonder why people still spreading false consider there already ASIAN user report in RX10 II that is 29minute mark.
  5. I wonder can any one do test with external battery solution and see if that helps with long time recording?
  6. http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/08/02/sony-a7r-ii-part-iii-5-axis-stabilisation-and-heat-issues-going-handheld-to-tell-the-story-of-a-london-busker/ So it will overheat in 4K mode unless you use external recorder, not that great if the only mode that gives you the good result (S35 4K) also have overheating issue. Better to wait for A7S II if you want reliable 4K continuous shoot
  7. ntblowz

    A7Sii to be...

    lol true! I got a 5d2 (only 3000 shutter count) and 16-35mm F2.8 for only $850 3 years ago.. on evilbay, that was while we are on break for shooting and I was browsing the site on my phone lol, the guy just put it up few minutes ago. My 2 A7s cost me $1450each (bought from different site), that was way before the A7R II announcement, with local Sony warranty. Hence why I don't buy new staff anymore, you save a lots of money on 2nd hand, all it take is patient and time. (constantly looking 24/7 lol)
  8. I wonder will it have overheating issue on video recording?
  9. isn't there 18-200mm LE which is smaller than those?
  10. The slower FE lens will have much better AF video tracking, which is pretty useful in some situations. But isn't there a Nikon to E mount adapter with full electronic communication coming soon? Maybe with that it will report the zoom?
  11. Since I never own any Canon cameras but only used my friend's one the "Canon" colour scheme have no effect on me at all. I guess I am lucky that I didn't stuck with Canon colour like a lot of people out there. I just choose the tool that will works and make me standout. And portability is a big plus too.
  12. wow at 256% tax would it be cheaper just to fly to NY, get the drone and fly back?
  13. IBIS is good for static shots, for movement shots a gimbal/steadicam is better, it is much fluid and dynamic. Though gimbal with IS is even better as it can reduce the jitter (if any) from the motor to non-existing
  14. If money is no object, go for it! But remember filming is not all about camera , my friend's lighting kit cost way more than A7R II.. (Those ledolights are so much awesome..) but they make huge difference to cheap lights.
  15. Late is better than never, when can we get H.264 recording option from Samsung? Right now we need even more space for H.265 because it need to be converted to H.264 first.
  16. Expect 120p at 720p for their up coming APS-C cam.
  17. Consider the max ISO on A7R II is only 102,400 dont think low light is as impressive as A7s, and with the downsampling they use on S35 mode and binning on full frame mode it wont be as moire/aliasing free compare to A7s with 1:1 pixel readout, and on lowlight it will be even more obvious as A7R II have to use S35 for best video quality which loss 1 stop/DR compare to Full Frame mode of A7S. But if you are more of hybrid still/video shooter A7R II obviously is the better solution with improved AF especially on Canon glass, 5 Axis IS and 42MP to boot.
  18. The ND in RX10 is only 3 stop, not strong enough for daylight F2.8, wish it was more stronger lol
  19. ​The A7R II price is way out of league for most of people, the 4K APS-C will be priced more reasonable at least that most of us can actually afford it.
  20. ntblowz

    panasonic g7

    2.3X in 4K mode.
  21. ​Funny as I own GH4 and 5D2 and I don't find 5D2 video that good at all.. too damn soft. I prefer Blackmagic and Red footage much more
  22. ntblowz

    panasonic g7

    Might get one when the price drop. Sony cam (except A7s) tend to overheat before their record limit so that a big no no for me. 30 min limit will have to wait for the actual product I guess? the only info I see about record limit is the 30min limit for 4k photo mode Is it me or the low light seems better than GH4 from that promo video? (they actually shoot at night unlike previous promo)
  23. Their current EF to NEX is just like any other EF-NEX adapter, AF speed is dog slow. But the MFT version have their newly designed chip in the mount that can handle fast AF. Wonder if they gonna put that on the E-mount. Kipon is Shanghai based company.
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