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  1. FS5 is 100Mbit in 4K 4:2:0 8bit and 50Mbit in FHD 4:2:2 10bit The upcoming RAW will be for 4K and FHD in 12bit, if it is like FS700 it will be continuous 4K 60P RAW and 240P FHD RAW or 120P 4K Burst RAW. Unlike FS7 which need Sony XDCA-FS7 ($2000) to get raw out beside external recorder, with FS5 you just plug straight to external recorder to get RAW, With Odyessy 7Q+ you have to option of recording in DNG or Apple ProRes With FS5 I can hold it all day handheld or half day on Ronin-M, on FS7 + Ronin I only last few minutes, I still have A7S and GH4 for multicam setup
  2. Sony is even more front heavy, especially with the upcoming 24-70mm f2.8 g master lens and 85mm 1.4.
  3. These were shot with Aperture 672W and S with umbrella
  4. FS5 will be getting internal RAW as well, not just external ones, wondering whats the sdcard requirement for that
  5. Horses for courses, but one thing for certain is FS5 will get better when Sony fixed most of the flaws and add more feature, The colour on slog3 is definitely more pleasing, no weird greenish tint of slog2. I do love the ergonomics of FS5, my handheld video is much more stable now especially when I zoom in compare to DSLR way, and I can power my camera, monitor/external recorder and my phone with just one battery lol.
  6. ntblowz

    z camera e1

    If it is under the kickstarter price of $449 it would generate a lot of sales, at $699 a lot people having second thoughts, consider you get Panasonic G7 kit with 25mm 1.8 for less than that!
  7. All the Nikon mount are have longer flange compare to other mount, so NX fit that legacy lol.
  8. You shoot with PP off, that will fix the clipping I personally spend more money on lens and support gears than camera body, since camera body depreciate too fast and support gear will work with what ever camera you have. Lens doesn't depreciate too fast like body do.
  9. No wonder brides love the Sony shot, no wrinkles lol
  10. I use my GH4 for tripod cams, really love the unlimited hour recording, all other Sony cam overheat except the A7s, don't like rig as they carry extra burden for events and managements, I like to keep simple and fast. It's a set and forget camera for me while I roam around with A7s.
  11. That poor rat is trying to feed his adapted turtle kids..
  12. Actual interview for the author of Watch Tower of Turkey, look at his fcp timeline! http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1582-watchtower-of-turkey-a-stunning-piece-of-cinematic-editing-and-sound-design-created-in-final-cut-pro-x-gets-nominated-best-of-vimeo-2014
  13. Yeah it is super noisy, much worse than GH4, I can never do 2x crop from RX10II's 4K footage because it is soft and noisy unlike GH4 or NX1's 4K which still holds up after cropping. (for indoors) but its a good cam for slowmo, 120p unlimited with sound is pretty nice, 250p is super fun except the focus bug is super annoying. You can punch in while recording to check focus so I am ok with peaking not as good as GH4.
  14. If they release Lumix version its an instant buy from me, I love the ergonomics and ease of use from Panasonic, and they dont hitch the price up like sony do
  15. For traveling I just take RX10 II, leave my A7S and GH4 at home lol. After some crazy shooting with primes back in the days I am now a zoom man again. For that price I rather take A7R II ($2699 brand new on ebay) and 35mm f2.8 or 28mm f2.0 lens, consider none of them are small enough to fit the pocket anyway. And if I am really keen to have FF P&S with money I rather spend another extra grand and get the real Leica Q instead. At least they wont release new model every year, plus that 3.6million dot EVF is world ahead of others.
  16. Man I guess the codec used by DJI is not as good as Panasonic/Sony, Sony also uses XAVC-S 60Mbps for 4K but it doesn't seem that bad?
  17. Going to ditch pilotfly for this combo (hopefully they come with X5 bundle), I can finally leave the A7s to 28-135mm permanently lol Hopefully they will add more lens in the future, like 25mm/42.5mm/45mm lens, with wireless focus you can get some impressive follow focus on the go with nice bokeh background
  18. Remember more lens support will be added in the future, so the 25mm and 42.5mm/45mm fast prime will make it relevant, and especially with this handheld for zenmuse camera
  19. ntblowz

    More spam

    does that mean the password get stolen too?..
  20. The MN34231 in the E-M1 is a variation of the GH4's MN34230 chip, even though on die itching it said MN34230 on the E-M1 sensor, but the rest of the spec should be the same (4K capable, high speed recording)
  21. E-M1 seems to have less moire/aliasing than E-M5 II since it uses GH4 sensor, even though bitrate is not high. The sensor on E-M5 II is the same as E-M5 which is not really for video.. But E-M5 II with flat profile would be easier for color matching/grading though, with E-M1 have that too
  22. Laughing my ass off, I have shot with RED/BMCC/BMPCC, A7s definitely have more DR than BM's 13 stop , I have encountered some scene (pretty extreme condition) which BM get blown but still fine on A7s. I originally thought Sony probably have usable 12stops dr after reading "online test" but after seeing the actual footage me and DOP agreed A7s do have more DR than BM.
  23. You still have to folk out at least $2000 for the battery, battery module and charger as it only come with AC adapter module
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