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  1. The 35-100mm F2.8 doesn't have that focus fluffy problem when zoom in/out and the aperture is true constant unlike 12-35mm which flicker when zooming Here is a concert recording done with G6+35-100mm (zoom out at 25:13 and zoom in at 26:44) wish Panasonic could do a MKII of 12-35mm with true constant aperture when zooming/improved lens flare, and a powerzoom lens similar to Sony 18-105mm PZ
  2. Well I disagree with the IS, you need to get some IS lens for its which is why I have 12-35 and 35-100, and 42.5mm F1.2 on pre-order, the Sony IS bad for video for the A series and no IBIS on their NEX. Only Olympus have viable IBIS for video at this stage.
  3. Well I do think 4K is the right progression, for year we have high resolution for still but have to edit on tiny 2MP resolution monitor when stills goes up to 36MP and most phones do 8MP+. But you never know what missing until u see 4K. Just like retina displays, I was surprised I can tell it straight away without knowing it was 4K resolution when I was checking in store. So yeah FHD will fade just like SD before it, as laptops and mobile/tablet going for WQHD this year, FHD is not enough anymore.
  4. One thing for sure is 4K will hopefully drive the computer innovation more forward, Intel is been stagnated in terms of CPU performance when AMD wave their white flag years ago. And hopefully large SSD will fall more in price too since they are really needed. This chart from Anandtech said the best
  5. I think focus peaking for Oly is not possible at this stage as it seems u need specific hardware overlay to make it work in video, the Olympus implantation is like tweaked art filter that requires more hardware resource , and that is also why GH3 will never get it. (that is a huge oversight by Panasonic)
  6. Asus 28" 4K reported to have native 4K 60Hz, unlike the Dell offering which only have 4K 30hz, they both gonna cost for $800 and less I think I used to have MBPR 15, but gradually overtime they get overheat, my friend's power adapter even melted! (my one clocked over 100c when rendering, you can probably boil water or cook some egg on it lol) Now I bought my self a new desktop for editing and rendering, it is at least 70% faster than MBPR 15 when u export the video out, and at only 1/3rd of the price and runs much cooler too, with a lot of HDD space to waste. (and option to add PCI-E HDD/SSD in the future too for ultimate speed), with 32GB of ram it should handle up to 6K no problem too I hope Btw if you happened to see 4K monitor you can instantly tell the difference between 4K and FHD/WQHD monitors, the difference in clarity and detail is quite apparent, and FHD looks soft on 4K compare to 4K native (on MBPR the difference is not that great, since 15" is really small)
  7. No wonder I start seeing Panasonic G6 body on ebay for only $400ish from UK seller just recently, is because of the promo..
  8. With E-P5 and later they have IS-Auto mode which detect panning, I think it helps with panning in video too?
  9. I just upgraded my desktop, even though I got MBPR 15" with i7 2.7Ghz and 16GB ram, but with 1/3 price of Mac Pro you get a 6C12T i7 with 32GB of Ram to boot. 16GB is just no enough if you have multi program opened, and 6C/12T gives 40% shorter render time than 4C8T at same clockspeed. My new desktop is 2X faster than my i7 MBPR lol (stable at 4.4Ghz), and 5X faster than my old Q9300 setup, and runs much cooler too, I swear I can make breakfast on my macbook when rendering, now just wait for cheaper 4K camera and I am all set. I have FCPX project died and just crash when I try to open again, so I just use Premiere extensively (nearly cost me the job on that one)
  10. 14-45mm is a pretty good all rounder lens on Blackmagic with OIS to boot, less jitter/shacky footage for handheld stuff. The more expensive all rounder lens would be 12-35mm.
  11. I am sure a BMPCC guide would be great! Since it need more complex workflow than standard DSLR Anyway congratulations on finish the book! Just brought one!
  12. BMPCC and this GM1 makes a great pocket cinema package! The wireless video streaming/follow focus during recording to your tablet/phone is a great feature if you place the camera in tight/cornered place, don't think any other camera have this feature.
  13. I currently got Q9300 and 4GB ram, it certainly feel choking itself once and a while (already upgraded to SSD so hdd is not the limit), I think my next upgrade would be a new desktop instead of cameras lol (got an i7 laptop but I am more desktop user)
  14. A single 5K raw is 20MB, times 24 and you need 480MB/s, times 60 and you need 28.8GB for only 1 minute of footage. Gordeon from Cameralab already have compare video between the two A7 vs 5D vs D800 http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Sony_Alpha_A7r/ He found that A7/A7r is only slightly better than D800 and no where as good as 5D in terms of video quality
  15. Even though I got 5D but I hardly shoot raw, most of the time I wish the H264 can be improved, there is just too much expenses doing RAW
  16. So true, especially when I said the magic "5D" everyone's eye just pop up, almost every time, if I said Panasonic some people ask is that shoot on tape lol
  17. There is Defy G2 that been released last month
  18. 6D got stuck with slow SD controller (40mb max), so for shooting raw it can't shoot as long or high res as the 5D Mark II (gets to 80mb I think)
  19. I think for now just don't get high expectations for any future release, rather lets them surprise you when they are here
  20. I would glad to take 10bit 4:2:2 over raw most of the time, especially if the schedule is tight. And post audio sync is just too hassle with Canon RAW
  21. Well I like it for shooting events and venue, since the stage is usually well lite so F2.8 is fast enough to keep ISO not too high.   For doing short films though a prime is always better, that why I have the Voigtlander.   You can probably wait for the Leica 42.5mm F1.2 OIS which I will be getting when it is released, a fast portrait lens with IS is godsend for handheld!
  22. Even phone camera can do 4K, I'd imagine more will follows.
  23. I'd say even the GH1 have better video than any Olympus, as soon you got panning or motion or complex foliage the Olympus video fall apart quite easily in the form macroblocking. But then no other camera have stabilized F0.95 footage without warp in post except Olympus and their 5 Axis IS.
  24. Get BMPCC since it is the best for grading. Just need to get a couple Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mb's 64GB SD card and you are set.
  25. so I guess the era where every mum and dogs have their own DSLR is over?  Most people who bought DSLR rarely brought it out after a few times/months, since it is just too bulky and can't instagram the photos.
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