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  1. Btw with G6 you can start and stop video recording from you phone/tablet, with 30fps streaming video too, pretty useful for controlling camera from a distance like Jib or crane, not sure if focusing is still available during video recording.   GH3 to me look like a half finished product that rushed to the market. no peaking, half ass WIFI feature..
  2. since it is only a 1080P sensor I don't think there is any moire, no down sampling like normal DSLR
  3.   Where is peaking for GH3?!!!!   It also got higher fps for still 7fps vs 6fps higher LCD resolution 1.04MP OLED vs 610k and the focus peaking that we GH3 users being crying hard about.. It is really the GH2.5 that G5 was suppose to be
  4. 2nd hand GH2 body body cost $700 now, up from the $500 just a month ago, for $300 only the GH1 is in this range
  5. Just wish that you have control over wifi after pressing the record button, cheap wireless controller/focus pulling!
  6. Yeah 17.5mm , clickless aperture and wide range make it more usable than 25mm
  7. Well LX-7 have 120fps in HD mode (much better than those VGA or less from other company), which should be good for people who want to do slo-mo without spending big $$$
  8. Well I think Voigtlander 17.5mm is a much better lens for both stills and moving image, and image quality is also improved over the 25mm, though it is more pricier some shots with 17.5mm http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkp/7156830184/
  9. [quote author=Dragan link=topic=478.msg3116#msg3116 date=1332937707] I bought a GH2 some 8 months ago after reading a couple of your articles Andrew and am so much happy that GH2 is still in the ring even after the 5DMkIII jumped in :) Just one quick question.. what is a good cheap wide lens i can use with my GH2? Thanks for your article and advice. [/quote] Panasonic 14mm for $170 on ebay and the Sony ECL-VCU1 addon for $100 to make it ultra wide
  10. thanks for the compare, so GH2 still have the edge on clarity
  11. ntblowz

    bricked GH2

    Sorry to hear your loss, 3rd party battery is only good for emergency use only
  12. Yeah with full time AF and IBIS it add a lot more heat than NEX camera in Video, I think A35 is better in this regard since it can shoot much longer without overheating problem, but then the EVF is conventional one and fixed screen.
  13. from [url=http://www.mu-43.com/f97/clipwrap-20-discount-next-week-19341/]http://www.mu-43.com/f97/clipwrap-20-discount-next-week-19341/[/url], you can get 20% off with coupon "progressive4life"
  14. Giving that GH2 body only haven't been slashed so this is a good probability that it could team up with X lens, does it mean that X lens will come down in price given that it will be mass produced and paired up across the line?
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