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  1. I uses both, for fast turnaround project or co-op with other people GH4 is the way to go, especially if you have same day edits for wedding, no time for transcoding! NX1 I mainly use it for gimbal (AF is awesome!) GH4 can look cinematic if you know how to shoot and colour grade (same for other DSLR type camera including NX1) Like this one is shot on GH4.. nothing docu look at all!
  2. Btw the Pilotfly is using 8bit for their handheld gimbal, they mention 32bit is for another model.
  3. 16-50mm S is good for run and gun setup and focal length is quite useful, but if you mostly with tripod or support rig i guess manual lens would work better
  4. I like NX1's colour even though I only got it for a week compare to Panasonics (used since GH1), as I can always rent the A7s but not GH4/NX1 around my area so that's another reason why I bought NX1.
  5. NX500 is really a 2.5K camera at heart, if you think like that it is not too bad. Luckily I bought NX1 instead of waiting for NX500, I will be keeping that little LX100 for a lot longer now lol.
  6. And no peaking under 4K/UHD mode which sucks lol For 4K wide angle under $1000 LX100 is the only camera that can do it I wonder if NX1 get that 200fps option in later firmware
  7. Samsung NX1, AF works quite well on 4K and 120p slow-mo, unlike others which 4K AF is slow and slow-mo is manual focus only
  8. Good thing about that is it wont put strain on the motor, I had stuck lens on my LX100 until I take off the step up filter.
  9. Pilotfly with A7II and Canon 50mm F1.8 and EF-NEX adapter
  10. I guess I am keeping that LX100 a lot longer now, since no other cam can do 4K in wide angle for under $1000.
  11. There is another handheld gimbal coming but with 32bit controller and dual IMU
  12. I think OP really should concentrate on 1 A cam vs lots of B/C cam. A few of my friends step up to FS7 or Red this year from DSLR/Mirrorless, for new client having a Pro looking camera can really win them over lol. (and they are willing to pay big $$$) That said I am thinking of getting NX500 kit just to put it on gimbal, with 16-50mm, 10mm FE and 30mm F2 that should cover a lot of me needs, though NX1 with 120fps slowmo and working AF is really tempting too. Either one will replace my LX100, I still need GH4 for long events, with 256GB and battery grip it can last whole day of 4K recording which non of other mirrorless can do. My friend done 3D Wedding once and he vows never to do it again, the post production for 3D sucks balls and you are forced to watch lots of 3D Footage. (not good for your eye... seriously!)
  13. I heard next Nikon 1 will get 4K video, you can wait on that too. or get D750 and sell the D600?
  14. Handheld 3 axis gimbal works well on small cams like LX100, I can zoom to telephoto can it still keep balance really well
  15. Pilotfly GH4+12-35mm pre-production test footage Looks really good!
  16. There is one done by olympus to test the stabilization between OIS and IBIS, but the GH4 footage is so out of focus
  17. Yeah it just teaser from their FB page, though I got the nebula 4000 which works really well for LX100, once balanced you can use from wide to tele on LX100 and gimbal still make it pretty steady! Sadly can't say the same for the GH4 with non IS lens, there is just more jitter than I like. I hope the 32bit alexmo can fix it so I can use non OIS lens to pair with GH4 instead of just using LX100. (really want that 96fps on handheld)
  18. ntblowz

    Samsung NX500?

    Dunno why the LX100 was shooting at F2.2 even though the max aperture is F1.7 but NX1 shooting at F1.5.
  19. 32bit Alexmos + dual IMU sensor, probably gonna get this and sell the nebula 4000
  20. It will be the ultimate run and gun for me, especially paired with Sigma 18-35mm and Speedbooster, not even Came 7800 can support this combo, let alone zoom/focus on the go while being stabilized!
  21. awesome video and edit!
  22. ​16-50 OSS does not work on A7s, so as the 18-55mm
  23. Not really, Transcend 64GB u3 is like $33 and does 4k no problem
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