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  1. Consider the max ISO on A7R II is only 102,400 dont think low light is as impressive as A7s, and with the downsampling they use on S35 mode and binning on full frame mode it wont be as moire/aliasing free compare to A7s with 1:1 pixel readout, and on lowlight it will be even more obvious as A7R II have to use S35 for best video quality which loss 1 stop/DR compare to Full Frame mode of A7S. But if you are more of hybrid still/video shooter A7R II obviously is the better solution with improved AF especially on Canon glass, 5 Axis IS and 42MP to boot.
  2. The ND in RX10 is only 3 stop, not strong enough for daylight F2.8, wish it was more stronger lol
  3. ​The A7R II price is way out of league for most of people, the 4K APS-C will be priced more reasonable at least that most of us can actually afford it.
  4. ntblowz

    panasonic g7

    2.3X in 4K mode.
  5. ​Funny as I own GH4 and 5D2 and I don't find 5D2 video that good at all.. too damn soft. I prefer Blackmagic and Red footage much more
  6. ntblowz

    panasonic g7

    Might get one when the price drop. Sony cam (except A7s) tend to overheat before their record limit so that a big no no for me. 30 min limit will have to wait for the actual product I guess? the only info I see about record limit is the 30min limit for 4k photo mode Is it me or the low light seems better than GH4 from that promo video? (they actually shoot at night unlike previous promo)
  7. Their current EF to NEX is just like any other EF-NEX adapter, AF speed is dog slow. But the MFT version have their newly designed chip in the mount that can handle fast AF. Wonder if they gonna put that on the E-mount. Kipon is Shanghai based company.
  8. I dunno why people still think NX is still in early stages, it was the first mirrorless APS-C cam before the NEX even come out.. third party support is lacking that I agree on.
  9. I dunno why he have to write so many other stuff when a simple 10 stop dr when not using slog2 would do. A7s for me is also wow night camera too lol, for gun and run NX1 is my cam, 4K and 120p with full working video AF (daytime) means I just point and shoot most of the time.. on a gimbal lol, colour is nice straight out of the camera and subject is in focus, 4K means I can crop in post since you can't zoom on a gimbal. Man I am becoming lazy lol.
  10. Yeah, if you dont need them now you can always wait, while for those who do either one of them can do the job, and by the time 32bit comes out you already master the gimbal compare to those who still wait, and you gonna beat them since your brain and body knows how to "fly" those well, and you will know which pid works and what not. This one is done on Nebula 4000 with GH4 + Olympus 12 2.0, 25 1.8, 45 1.8, Sigma 60 2.8, 7-14 4.0, Nokton 25 0.95 and GH2 Samyang 7.5 3.5 on monopod
  11. I am waiting for DJI to release M43 camera module for Inspire 1, the ability to have total control all on pre-built package is what it set apart from the rest. The drones to fly all those camera still cost a lot of money and time, but no doubt they will come down in price eventually though.
  12. I prefer desktops (customized hack mac water cooled oc'ed), really fast and pretty quiet unlike whiny lappies, I can often rendering and play game (like borderland 2) at same time sorry don't have 1dc so no idea how it will perform, but it handle RED 4K RAW pretty well.
  13. The next a7 is A7R II, and a pro model coming at end of year I think? (the A9)
  14. I think some people fall in to category of going arms race where they spend a lot more than they can ever earned, unless either you are well known which you get a lot of jobs or have rich daddy that support you (I've seen some parent who will do anything to get their kids into the business) its hard to earn a living while constant upgrading at same time, let alone buy a house/form family/have kids which require a lot of money.
  15. ​They also make sensor for RED too.. http://www.towerjazz.com/jv.html
  16. I used to be GAS adventurer, until I got shoot arrow in the knee. Well the I work more I find that I am more of shooter than director, and gears is more than adequate atm. My friend is a lot more talented than me when it comes to shooting, his stuff was shown on many film festival, and he can think a lot of idea for shooting that I didn't think of, so while he was filming them on paltry 550D/60D still kick some people's work with more expensive gears (me included lol), but he did upgrade to GH4 at end with anamorphic lens to step up even further.
  17. That looks pretty impressive!
  18. No surprise really, if they offer 4K on 5DIV the C100 MK II will loss a lot more potential customers.. it's PROFIT MARGIN first for Canon nowadays.
  19. Internal 4K will be impossible on current A7 size, hack even Sony have problems with 4K on APS-C sensor which the A7000 is pushed back.
  20. ​There is PIX-E5H from video devices for $1195 that record 4K/UHD.. and a 5" 1080p monitor as well
  21. If they can released that lens on mft it is pretty tempting, 13X F2.8-F4.5 with powerzoom!
  22. I bet all this tech will be on 1DC MK II instead. 5D IV will be still first camera for photographers like 7D II. Why? Because they are Canon, and they can milk it as long as they can, hey it's business not a charity.
  23. All I see from the current sample it looks pretty bad, spec is meaningless if actual result can't back it up, so much for the "better codec"
  24. Powerdirector from Cyberlink already support native H.265 editing, can't really see why Adobe can't.
  25. Yeah Samsung make it inconvenient if you use third party glass, for example, remote shooting over wifi wont work at all if you have non Samsung lens attached. Panasonic cam is so much easier to work with.
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