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  1. Looks like GX7 will have 1 stop advantage over Sony made M43 sensor?   http://www.43rumors.com/barney-skies-about-the-gx7-and-first-full-size-iso-image-samples/#comments
  2. With upcoming EF-M43 Speedbooster with electronic contacts (which you have control on EF lens like Iris and focus and IS?) I think active M43 is the way to go, speedbooster with Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 would be 13-25mm F1.2 , all you canon lens will get nice speed bumps and wider POV   Tolkina 11-16mm F2.8 would be 8-11mm F2.0!  
  3. If you look at other model that uses 2 Axis IS the video is so jelly (pentax, Sony Alpha, Oly PEN (exclude E-p5) I guess Pana decide to have shaky footage rather than jelly footage  
  4. Since it uses the same 2 Axis IBIS that older PEN has I am not surprised, the 2 Axis does not work on video, that why PEN video (Except E-P5) have jelly effect
  5. Look at this guy's video, he is already using E-M5 for wedding video, mostly handheld. Though he used 1 slider, 1 skater and 1 flying shoot with monopod (that one looks like it shoot on jib) http://vimeo.com/69368786
  6. Yes you need to specify the local length when you put manual lens on the camera in order for IS to work properly  
  7. I hope with the onboard IBIS will take advantage of the OIS on the lens to make Hyrbid OIS+ as featured on their camcorder and DC   Don't know if Panasonic will use electronic or mechanical 2 axis during video recording.   BMPCC is for specific user who need greater DR and RAW capability, while GX7 is probably *The* pocket camera for the masses
  8. Now there is GX7 which said to have similar video quality as GH3..
  9. I actually start to think the the hardware in G6 is more capable than GH3, streaming videos and peaking. Even Olympus's peaking mode only work on still image
  10. Thanks for the review, looks like G6 is quite the worthy successor to GH2, I wonder would GH2's used price on ebay will finally going down? But the downside definitely should cause some shooter to concern: -Shorter Battery life (if shooting on gigs or other long duration event) -No HDMI out during recording (for monitor through larger screen) -SD Card slot underneath. (be a problem for rig shooter) -no MOV. (what happens if u want to shoot 25/30fps but only 20Mbps in MP4)
  11. Look at how Grown Ups 2 got bad review but still beat Pacific Rim which got more flavourable reviews this weekend in America, Spielberg might be spot on lol
  12. I hope there is a snap mode just to take a single frame as picture
  13. Yeah after using GH3 for a while I m warming up to it, especially with the Varavon Loupe for GH3, don't really care about focus peaking
  14. Techrader say the LV AF is slower than G6 and GF6, I guess Panasonic is still safe?
  15. Actually if you check the footage released so far I am surprised at pretty minimum distortion when paired with 20mm and 14mm https://vimeo.com/67562461   Wide angle lens is not a problem consider there is plenty of super 16mm/cctv lens to use, and native M43 ultra wide lens is still pretty wide on BMPCC.   14mm + VCL-ECU1 which gives you 10.5mm, which is about 31.5mm, and 7-14mm equate to 21mm ~ 42mm or 9-18mm equate to  27mm to 54mm   Btw if you are shooting raw you need a couple of 64GB 90MB/s card which cost more than $100 each, and you also need to buy really big HDD as they chew TBs of data like nothing.    For me I actually gonna drop on this gear chase syndrome, after talking with my fellow friends who is really good videographer, he has done some pretty amazing stuff with his 550D and 50mm f1.8. He tend to spend lots of time on thinking how to shoot instead of looking at gears.. unlike me lol  
  16. With PAL GH3 you can get 60p slowed down to 24p with the 40% speed option, too bad G6 doesn't have the variable speed option
  17. Btw with G6 you can start and stop video recording from you phone/tablet, with 30fps streaming video too, pretty useful for controlling camera from a distance like Jib or crane, not sure if focusing is still available during video recording.   GH3 to me look like a half finished product that rushed to the market. no peaking, half ass WIFI feature..
  18. since it is only a 1080P sensor I don't think there is any moire, no down sampling like normal DSLR
  19.   Where is peaking for GH3?!!!!   It also got higher fps for still 7fps vs 6fps higher LCD resolution 1.04MP OLED vs 610k and the focus peaking that we GH3 users being crying hard about.. It is really the GH2.5 that G5 was suppose to be
  20. 2nd hand GH2 body body cost $700 now, up from the $500 just a month ago, for $300 only the GH1 is in this range
  21. Just wish that you have control over wifi after pressing the record button, cheap wireless controller/focus pulling!
  22. Yeah 17.5mm , clickless aperture and wide range make it more usable than 25mm
  23. Well LX-7 have 120fps in HD mode (much better than those VGA or less from other company), which should be good for people who want to do slo-mo without spending big $$$
  24. Well I think Voigtlander 17.5mm is a much better lens for both stills and moving image, and image quality is also improved over the 25mm, though it is more pricier some shots with 17.5mm http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkp/7156830184/
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