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  1. This one still have 30minute recording limit, what a bummer.
  2. They don' t fit on the E-M1 as they would touch the hump at the top
  3. Who need big expensive 3 Axis gimbal when you can get 5 Axis build in
  4. I remember Secretariat used E-PL1 for close up of horse racing. So E-P5 with 5 Axis IS might be used for some shots that is too big for normal rig.
  5. 14mm + $12 wide angle adapter make it 10.6mm.. that is pretty wide for cheap price
  6. I sold my 35-100mm for 42.5mm, it is definitely worth it, I would be getting FZ1000 to replace the zoom I lost with 35-100mm and as 4K Bcam. OIS really helps especially on 85mm FOV, something my 5D with prime can't do unless it was on tripod.
  7. Me too, waiting for LX8 to come out, since it appears to use its own in house 1" sensor, I hope the 4K crop is not too great compare to FZ1000
  8. Autofocus on E-mount active speedbooster is really slow, if it can work on M43 I bet it will be even slower on M43 body without build-in PDAF.
  9. If you just shoot video I consider Voigtlander 25mm, manual focus is easier than focus by wire from modern lens, and F0.95 gives you that FF like background blur. But if you take photos + videos and don't have too big of budget then Leica 25mm and Olympus 25mm is more versatile. I think Andrew should update lens recommendation with Leica 42.5mm F1.2, OIS really helps at longer focal length. I have both Olympus 25mm and Voigtlander 25mm, but I am thinking of getting Canon 35mm F2 IS and active speedbooster for the IS.
  10. I think in 4K it just uses normal Power OIS, just 1080P and less it uses Hybrid+ OIS and level recording (probably too much data for CPU to handle atm, have to wait for 64bit ARM for that!)
  11. Panasonic is making wave for 4K this year! Now I need to decide either FZ1000 or LX8 for GH4 BCam.. FZ1000 comes with 5 Axis Hyrbid+ OIS, so I guess for handheld it will be better than GH4 + Power OIS FZ1000 4K video sample
  12. Interesting to have it as B-cam for 4K (and G6 for 1080P B-cam)
  13. Whoa, this one paired with those 3 axis gimbal stablizer and its pure win! flying and follow focus at same time :D
  14. So Sony have 2 constant F4 power zooms, I wish Panasonic had something similar in the pipeline. Currently their true constant zoom is 35-100mm, 12-35mm flicker when changing zoom. Their current PZ offering is really for consumers.
  15. Notice the product placement is one notch above A7R, I think about $3000 for price.
  16. GH4 is still the cheapest cinema 4K body you can buy without add on. But one thing for sure A7S will look gorgeous once fully geared up, but it just out of my budget.
  17. I just wondering how would Sony resolve the heating issue GH3/4 have to use much bigger body so it can shoot all day without heating up. M43 didn't suck for landscape, check out Amos Chapple, his latest one is done in GF5, and his photos look a lot nicer than those so called "FF"
  18. one thing I hate about the sony is the $@%%@$@ AVCHD, no MOV no sale for me btw FF is overated, I tend to find myself shooting in lower F stop so I can fucking focus properly
  19. Russian's protecting themself? what a joke! look at Ukraine crisis ....
  20. Another question is will it overheat like previous NEX? This one seems thicker than NEX6 which I hope they buff up the heatsink
  21. Or just use your phone to remote control the camera, if the distance is not too long. Currently Panasonic is the only one that allow full control over wifi (include manual focus).
  22. GM1 + Mastor SF1 active gimbal make perfect steadicam on the go at really small size. Should work for gun n run I think.
  23. For DR probably wait for proper samples to come out before making judgement. The thing is 4K will be here and will be staying unlike 3D gimmick, it really widens our eye just like how Apple's Retina display start the high resolution race, now if you see other screen they look pixelated. 2MP is just too low IMHO, why people shoot full resolution photos nowaday even though you can only see them on 2MP display and mostly at even reduced size on web.
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