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  1. Horses for courses For the stuff I do gh5 is more suited, live events (like conference) that goes for hours, music video with proper lighting (use 3x arri 650 usually), I don't really need low light much except for occasional astro photography My FS5's lowlight is not as good as my A7S/A7RII but it is my mostly used camera, ergonomic on that is much nicer. I will get 2x anamorphic adapter when I got my gh5, should be interesting to play with.
  2. is 180fps unlimited time like gh4?
  3. Whats wrong with A6500 for stills if you considering D5500, pretty sure their DR is similar?
  4. Yes it will have 5 axis even with old glass (unlike Sony u only get 3 axis with manual lens), just if u use compatible Panasonic lens it will get Dual IS 2 which is even more stable
  5. Still find hard to belive ISO12800 is usable on GH5
  6. ntblowz

    GH5 Prototype

    Panasonic haven't use MPJEG since GH3, I think they probably use AVC-Ultra for high bit rate? From Varicam :: AVC Intra 4K 422 25p 388 mbps
  7. Well I still like Oly color more even with EOSHD Pro Color on my A6300, and pro color only works on video but not still.
  8. Yeah as stated on their spec sheet C-DNG RAW 5.2K: 5280×2972 23.976/24/25/29.97p, up to 4.2Gbps 4K: 4096×2160, 3840×2160 23.976/24/25/29.97p, up to 2.4Gbps 4K: 4096×2160, 3840×2160 50/59.94p, up to 4.0Gbps
  9. Yes you are right, I can set it but doesnt change anything, must be a bug for Sony's part or they purposely cripple it
  10. Just purchased EOSHD Sony color, I can set Color Depth when selecting S.Gamute3.cine on my A6300 Here is the compare Pro color is a bit too red for me, while S.Gamute3.cine is about right
  11. Hmm didn't have plug for Sony mirrorless cameras, that one big fail
  12. Only 20m with wifi is really short distance, interesting though it uses 28mm f2 same as on mavic
  13. Mavic is definitely one for me, I need a compact drone for traveling around, p3 still have to use its own bag. For quality I got X5 on air and X5 on osmo, dont really need gimbal on gopro, hate fisheye and indoor/lowlight performance is really bad. (I had goPro4 before) X5 osmo is much better, you also get nice moving bokeh shots on osmo with 25mm 1.7 and 42.5mm 1.7 lens.
  14. 60P RAW can shoot more than 1seconds! Cheap 5k60P RAW camera for short burst shot AF similar to Sony 4D system, so Oly does gained something beside giving ibis to sony
  15. Wonder can DJI Focus Handwheel work on Inspire 1 remote
  16. Well E-M1 MKII uses 8 core CPU this time (dual quadcore with 1 delicated core for AF) hopefully it is as good as it sounds
  17. there is always 12-40 and 12-35 for constant aperture 12-60 f2.8-f4 is the perfect travel/semi-pro lens for me! Looks like Panny is microsizing Oly's 43 lens which is a welcome addition.
  18. 4K for $300? probably get it for cheap wide cam lol Wish there is body only version
  19. A short piece I done over the last weekend, shot in 1080p 100fps, drone using P3A Btw even with update it sill overheat itself during an event shoot I did (indoor big event center at night), definitely need a fan on it Password :4321
  20. built-in 3 stage ND and auto ND function! Take that XC10/RX10 with only 1 weak 1/8 ND Wondering if the HFR still have the same limitation ie can't focus/zoom once recording started
  21. EOS-M5 video quality suck so bad The original EOS-M with ML is still better.. so sad for Canon Btw we use Canon C cameras at work, but I use Sony personally, was thinking getting EOS-M5 as additional cam for work but no thanks, even XC10's video quality is much better, guess will be still sticking with EOS-M + eoshd clog for c cam for work
  22. That active tracking is really useful function, sucks that the previous OSMO wont have this function.. probably osmo 2?
  23. I guess the reason for not putting 4K in EOS-M is fear of killing of the XC line, XC-15 should have DPAF
  24. Would XC10 and EOS-M series works too?
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