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  1. http://www.dji.com/product/zenmuse-x5s Shooting in RAW is a huge surprise!
  2. Super excited, pair this one with the DJI handgrip and I dont need gimbal anymore! From the photo there is lock-unlock symbol on the mount, could it be interchangeable lens? The DR and Low light will be miles better than current gopro sensor.
  3. Pre-wedding video I did using just RX10m2 with slog2+cinema, the noise is worse than GH4 (i have to use denoiser on this video), and I hope Sony can fix the super annoy focus shift bug in HFR, can't use it in critical moment cause it will go out of focus, will have to use 120p for that. Otherwise HFR is pretty awesome, I definitely gonna use it to spice up the video, just like aerial, but will try refrain from putting too much or it will get old fast.
  4. for low light i tend to stick with 0 degree shutter speed, otherwise the noise is crazy high and flickering is a problem (1/50 for 50p, 1/100 for 100p etc)
  5. Op's dream camera is also on special for the same price as FS-700 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/848144-REG/Sony_PMW_F3L_RGB_PMW_F3L_Super_35mm_Full_HD.html
  6. 60mbps is not good for movements/heavy action/foliage, for mostly non moving or slow action it is fine.
  7. 1080P on A7rII is worse in terms of quality and noise, 4K is the only acceptable quality for my standard on that camera.
  8. ntblowz

    GH4 V-Log $99

    If they can add v-log upgrade to other Panasonic camera it would be the even more awesome.
  9. Hopefully it should help eliminating the walking bounce that many small gimbal have, have to wait for the actual footage to see it if actually works
  10. Well for trip the 400mm telephoto is really nice lol (the G3x with 600mm is even nicer), 200mm is definitely not long enough for me to capture some occasional wild life, I used to have FZ1000 back when I have GH4, they work nicely together since they both have cine d. Now I got A7S so decide to go all Sony route (save hassle on colour matching), my RX10 II is coming soon (price in china is $1050, my friend will bring it to me when he comes back) which will be use as bcam and mainly slooowmo.
  11. The Arri alexa lut works pretty well, use it on the NX1 (flat), GH4 (Cine D) and A7S (cine 4) footage, GH4 and A7s makes much improvement since skin tone on NX1 is pretty good already,
  12. It still overheat when just output 4K to hdmi out wow http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?339161-Newsshooter-Sony-A7RII-overheats-and-shutdown-after-recording-4K-for-a-while&p=1986566907&viewfull=1#post1986566907
  13. Yeah go for it, since you don't really upgrade them every year like cameras do now lol I am waiting for the 5H version since I dont need SDI, I could use that $200 saving on something else (fund for A7000 or RX10 II..depend on how good A7000 is for video)
  14. RX10 II asia doesn't not have 5 minute flow, wonder why people still spreading false consider there already ASIAN user report in RX10 II that is 29minute mark.
  15. I wonder can any one do test with external battery solution and see if that helps with long time recording?
  16. http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/08/02/sony-a7r-ii-part-iii-5-axis-stabilisation-and-heat-issues-going-handheld-to-tell-the-story-of-a-london-busker/ So it will overheat in 4K mode unless you use external recorder, not that great if the only mode that gives you the good result (S35 4K) also have overheating issue. Better to wait for A7S II if you want reliable 4K continuous shoot
  17. ntblowz

    A7Sii to be...

    lol true! I got a 5d2 (only 3000 shutter count) and 16-35mm F2.8 for only $850 3 years ago.. on evilbay, that was while we are on break for shooting and I was browsing the site on my phone lol, the guy just put it up few minutes ago. My 2 A7s cost me $1450each (bought from different site), that was way before the A7R II announcement, with local Sony warranty. Hence why I don't buy new staff anymore, you save a lots of money on 2nd hand, all it take is patient and time. (constantly looking 24/7 lol)
  18. I wonder will it have overheating issue on video recording?
  19. isn't there 18-200mm LE which is smaller than those?
  20. The slower FE lens will have much better AF video tracking, which is pretty useful in some situations. But isn't there a Nikon to E mount adapter with full electronic communication coming soon? Maybe with that it will report the zoom?
  21. Since I never own any Canon cameras but only used my friend's one the "Canon" colour scheme have no effect on me at all. I guess I am lucky that I didn't stuck with Canon colour like a lot of people out there. I just choose the tool that will works and make me standout. And portability is a big plus too.
  22. wow at 256% tax would it be cheaper just to fly to NY, get the drone and fly back?
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