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  1. Yeah it just teaser from their FB page, though I got the nebula 4000 which works really well for LX100, once balanced you can use from wide to tele on LX100 and gimbal still make it pretty steady! Sadly can't say the same for the GH4 with non IS lens, there is just more jitter than I like. I hope the 32bit alexmo can fix it so I can use non OIS lens to pair with GH4 instead of just using LX100. (really want that 96fps on handheld)
  2. ntblowz

    Samsung NX500?

    Dunno why the LX100 was shooting at F2.2 even though the max aperture is F1.7 but NX1 shooting at F1.5.
  3. 32bit Alexmos + dual IMU sensor, probably gonna get this and sell the nebula 4000
  4. It will be the ultimate run and gun for me, especially paired with Sigma 18-35mm and Speedbooster, not even Came 7800 can support this combo, let alone zoom/focus on the go while being stabilized!
  5. awesome video and edit!
  6. ​16-50 OSS does not work on A7s, so as the 18-55mm
  7. Not really, Transcend 64GB u3 is like $33 and does 4k no problem
  8. Recently I got Shure VP83F shotgun mic with build-in recorder, this combo is much more convenient than shotgun + external audio recorder setup I used before. Though if you are using multiple source then an audio recorder is a must anyway.
  9. One good thing about LX100 vs GH4/FZ1000 is you can record 4K in any mode, on other two you have to use video mode to get 4K recording option, really annoying for casual shooting.
  10. Well Panasonic is riding high on profit in recent years as whole group, unlike Sony which the losses is bigger than ever
  11. GH3/4 can record 4hr continuously on a single charge, I think some record 6hr using external battery, no over heating whatsoever
  12. Hopefully it will be a nice xmas present from Panasonic.
  13. Wow this look pretty interesting, does that mean we can say goodbye to follow focus gear and marker?
  14. I hope Olympus can take lesson from Fuji! The IBIS is such an invaluable assets for videos especially on shooting lens without IS.
  15. Would adding this on top of Fader ND + Anamorphot + lens degrade much image quality? (so many add ons)
  16. Gone girl is shot in 6K, is that too sharp to be film like? Even I was amazed at crispness of the image in some of the scene while watching at local 2K cinema. For me I use native M43 lens since AF and OIS is quite important to me, my other friend uses a pair of Oly 2.0 zoom and Voigtlanders for his pair of GH4, he didn't go for speedbooster as he feel he is covered by mft/43 lens already. Leica 42.5mm F1.2 OIS is the lens to get, it is only F1.2 lens with IS build in, helps a lot for handheld work, I had too much trouble using 85mm on 5D2 or 55mm on A7 on handheld.. they both shake too much, of couse I can use 3 axis gimbal on them but sometimes I just want to travel light or need quick setup for the moment.
  17. Yeah be aware of the "Hacked" A7s which have slow startup and all powersaving feature is not working even if you set it up in menu.
  18. The footage look pretty sharp, I have to dump the 12-35mm to get this!
  19. The SLR Magic Anamorphic also works on Panasonic 14mm without problem, but not Olympus 17mm F1.8 which you get vignetting and border quality are bad. It good to know that Leica 15mm also works! That F1.7 is handy for indoor/low light.. Really interested if GH4 can do 4:3 recording in 4K, I would definitely trade the 1.33X Anamorphic for that! 2X squeeze give you far more view than 1.33X does
  20. for only £26 extra you get: 3 year warranty, free lightroom and leica decal, seems like a steal!
  21. Well this will be the default astro lens for M43, though use it with steadicam/gimbal would be awesome too, since DOF will be deep so no need to worry about out of focus when following the subject.
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