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  1. Would someone looking to buy an fs5 be interested in one of the A7X models though? I do not know anything about the fs5, just assuming it is intended as a dedicated video cam.
  2. What reasons would Sony have for limiting this? Limitations based on the size of the bodies? Trying to sell some other video camera that has all these features? Just stupid design?
  3. I do have E lenses and I'm hoping the A7S3 has 10 bit just because everyone says it should, though I honestly do not understand the benefits. How much of a difference does it really make? I've read it really comes into play with doing green screen and heavy color grading. Is this true? What other scenarios will it be useful?
  4. No doubt regarding Youtube being an advertising platform...but the point I made earlier, aren't these same influencers also paid or flown all over the world when Canon, Nikon and Panasonic release new cameras?
  5. Honest question, what more in this sized body could they offer on the video side? Higher bitrate?
  6. um, this is intended to be a pocketable camera. By me saying what else should they have added to it, I'm very curious as to what more everyone is expecting from one of these cameras? Body redesign after several iterations would be nice? is it Necessary, that is subjective. A larger sensor with better low light performance? Is that even possible? Seriously, it is an expensive pocketable camera that seems to be marketed toward people that want better quality than an iPhone but don't want a full size camera.Is it a revolutionary update, probably not? Do you need to buy it, no. If you wait till next year will they add more features, yes. It seems choices are a good thing. Instead of waiting a typical upgrade cycle for new features, they seem to be releasing every year. What is wrong with that? Are there other competing camera on the market in this category offering more features that Sony is withholding?
  7. I don’t get the hate everyone has about the menus, though I think it might be complicated for those with years of familiarity with canon or Nikon. Even if you find the menus complicated and a user interface disaster, you can completely customize your own. As far as it being an incremental upgrade, again, what else should they add? If they waited another year they could add more features, though what is wrong with offering a new product every year? What is the upgrade cycle for most cameras? 2-5 years? If you like it buy it, if you don’t then buy last years at a discount. As far as the hype, I haven’t gone through all of the reviews and videos, but aren't these the same people being flown out for new canon releases and Nikon, so either they always share the same unnecessary over hyped reactions/reviews for all of the cameras or they genuinely like this one? I honestly do not know because I don’t follow the release of every camera. I get that this is not for everyone, but for me, a portable camera with eye focus for video that can be taken out of my pocket and quickly grab focus is amazing, and being that it shoots flat makes it great for color grading. If they could improve anything I would like a large sensor, though I am not sure if that is possible at this size, and if so, would it be so cost prohibitive to make it pointless? Do other portable cameras by other manufacturers have larger sensors? Maybe better low light performance might be good? Though how much tech can they fit into a small body?
  8. What the hell more do you want them to add to it? instant upload to Instagram? This camera seems very feature packed and by features I do not mean gimmicks. So Far out of all the blogs and reviews this seems like the only negative one. Ergonomics is somewhat subjective, I like the feel of the line, but I also like the A7III.
  9. Anyone have any thoughts on the new DJI Ronin-S VS. the Zhiyun Crane V2? I am interested in a gimbal for mirrorless cameras. Thanks.
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