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    I took another look, and realized what I thought I saw with the AF/AE button was not the case. ( LOL ) Looking at another screen shot, it's pretty much identical to the GH5 with it's button arrangement, and labeling. The only visible difference that I can see is the drive mode dial red ring, no red buttons... Either way, I'll be putting my name down for one to be shipped my way as soon as it's officially announced.
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    It's easy! Just make everything golden.... Specs: Panasonic GH5, C4K 24fps 400mb/s ALL-I M42 Lens Turbo II Iron Glass Modified Helios 44-M 58mm Kenko YA 3 orange filter I had been thinking of ways to make use of the SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 outside of it’s basic look. I have a small collection of orange filters that I had been getting cheap on Yahoo auction for a year now, and decided to make use of one of the larger ones I have. A lot of people complain about the strong blue flares on the Anamorphot-50 and how contrasty and out of place they can be. Well, I think I fixed that. Now they’re a nice golden color… but so is everything else. Not that I mind, I think for some projects this would work well. The only disappointment from this shoot was that the Iron Glass Helios 44M is useless wide open on the Anamorphot. Even though the Anamorphic disc inside the lens brings the minimum to a f/3.5, the Lens Turbo II brought it to a f/2.5. I shot some tests in Shinjuku wide open a few days ago and they were all unusable. I think I shot most of the Golden Afternoon video at f/4 on the lens. With the Animorphic bokeh filter and the Lens Turbo, I don’t even want to think about the math to figure out what I was actually shooting at. I didn’t have my regular M42 adapter with me, so I just shot as-is. I want to try more to see if I can get a decent image wide open. I was really hoping for that orange/blue/violet hinted image. You can still see a bit of blue/purple in a few shots. The aperture changed the colors slightly depending on how far I was stopped down. I’d love to try an amber Helios with a blue filter someday. Shooting 400mb/s gave me a lot of information to work with. I did play around with a few shots to see how many colors I could bring back, but that’s for another test. When shooting raw photos, I could get about 80% of the original colors back. Looking forward to playing with these kinds of setups more
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    Hey, all. I have our GY-LS300 for sale that is no longer being used. The body has less than 50 sum hours on it and is in near perfect condition. Shoots 4k DCI, 4:2:2 8-bit Will come with multiple batteries and original accessories. (not pictured) Serious interest only please $1900 buyer pays to ship
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    Yes, I watched the video again in 4k, and realized the red ring stands out pretty good in that particular scene. After taking the screenshot I noticed I was wrong with what I originally thought. From what we see, I don't think there's a difference in screen size... but who knows. Heres to hope, 🥃.
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    Did you take that screenshot? That is much clearer than what I was able to render. Well, I bought the auto focus thing too. Good catch on both accounts. Is it possible the screen is larger? I don't think so, but was hoping. It looks identical other than that red ring.
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    Interesting approach and nice video! It is also looking quite filmic: I have a couple of faded Eastman Kodak features which look very similar
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    As a D5300 (5200 a year before that) owner for the past 3 years, I agree. It produces a good image and is certainly a capable camera (depending on the context) but it does lack a lot of the cool refinements that have come up in recent years...stock flat profile, 120fps slo mo, and of course no luck on the video AF, at least for me. But it does have a nice look to it if your just shooting for YouTube, or basically anything where 1080p plus isn't required. I will likely upgrade in the next year to something else. I've been toying with swapping it for a d5500 (both about the same price used) just to try the stock flat profile against flaat 11 which I use. But even then...
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    Ty Harper

    Magic Lantern Raw Video

    Mmm I think playback is still the choppy Black and White... at least on mine it is but I also haven't upgraded in a while.
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    Wow Jon those frame grabs look almost too good LoL. If a person is looking for a reasonably cheap camera with a ton of detail you have it there in your hands. Well done.
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    How do you like the Newshooter kit? I got it for this exact reason, but have yet to really try it out on a full day.
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    "A Merry Xmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"
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    Sony UWP-D11 wireless lav 1-day deal

    A wired boom is a lot more reliable than wireless. Even if I have 5-6 wireless, I always boom for safety.
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    ARRI Alexa cheap enough to own now?

    Ah, was still looking for sometime nice and decorative to go on the mantelpiece, this might just be it.
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    These frame grabs were shot HLG, 400Mbps, ALL-I, ISO 400, Hoya ND8 Pro 1 filter, cloudy preset. Leeming LUT, no color correction in post.
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    In all honesty, S35 or not, whatever it is, it's going to be (to quote the one-eyed bandit here) "the bee's knees", the snake's hips, the kipper's knickers, the cat's whiskers, the monkey's eyebrows, the dog's bollocks, and so on
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    I would not be annoyed at all. I would just preorder the new camera and either sell the GH5 or keep it as a B-cam. The reason I would not be annoyed is because I purchased the GH5 fully knowing it was not perfect. I expected to upgrade it. The funny thing is I didn’t want to have to wait 3 years to do so. I have had many Sony cameras and have become accustomed to frequent updates to the model line. Also, I upgrade my phones every 6 months or so. I seldom keep a car for more than 2 years. So for me upgrading is always expected. And frankly, if it is a major upgrade, then the sooner the better. What do you think I would do if the next Sony camera blows away the GH5? Well I can tell you, I will upgrade to the Sony. I am not married to any particular brand/model line. We live in a disposable society. Today’s new is old before it’s even released. The only part of my kit that does not update regularly are my lenses. But lord knows, I do certainly add to that collection regularly :-) I do not understand all the resistance to this camera. DON’T YOU WANT A BETTER CAMERA? I do. I am eager to get my hands on this bad boy. Would you rather have to wait 4-5 years for it? I have to admit, I just don’t understand this resistance.
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    If the EVA1 sensor thing is true, or if the camera is significantly upgraded from the GH5 it will feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth after spending a significant amount on the GH5 recently. I'm all for putting the best tech possible out there, but unlike Sony there was no indication Panasonic would release another model so soon after the GH5. I'm hoping for a firmware update but... Maybe it's time to stop visiting these forums and just be happy with what I've got..
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    Canon 6d mark 2 it´s official

    I want to come back to this as a sound recordist recently recorded some audio as a monomix (which basically made the sound recordings useless). You could see that the level meters weren't acting correctly (both channels were jumping up at the same time) but he couldn't hear the problem. He still monitored the audio with the headphones. That is an example of it going wrong the other way around and just looking at the levels would've told you the issue. And that's why I rely on the audio level meters way more than the headphone outs (usually people have phones on that leak audio anyways from the set dialogue). The only thing headphones catch really well are obvious problems like scratching on wireless mics. And here I come back to my original point: headphone outs on DSLR / cameras with shitty preamps are basically useless anyway, they are more for show: "Look I'm using headphones!". You can sense the misunderstanding an all the posts that say "I wan't headphone outs on my DSLR's!" as they continue to record shitty audio. This is mostly for indie productions were several people are doing roles meant for one. Of course, if you are just doing audio, yeah, hang on with those headphones.
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    You get the same DoF or even less from the 42.5 F1.7 so no.
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    Hey Boz. I know you wanted one from UK or close but... I live in the United States and I have one and a few goodies that go with it. Moondog Labs Anamorphic (1.33x) lens adapter with 37mm thread, I have the 52mm Filter Mount for Moondog Labs Lenses, Moondog Labs 52mm Circular Polarizer, the Moondog Labs 52mm Lens Cap, and a Techo Clip that fits any older cell phone without dual lenses. All of it is in like new condition. I never use it anymore. I bought it for my Apple iPhone 6s plus. I have a Samsung Note 8 now and it has dual lenses so I can't use it on it. No clue what I want for it all if you are interested?? Throw me an offer if you think it is worth your time and effort. I know the shipping and VAT taxes maybe prohibitive. Don
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    Looking to Buy any 1.5x Anamorphic lens

    For $750 if lucky you can get a Kowa 1.5, but most likely MC2000, maybe bolex 8/19, yashica scope or moller.
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    Nikon D850 vs everything

    if you're talking about resolution in video, you can get the idea based on your experiences shooting photos with vintage glass (so, probably fine)
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    Horrible color?
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