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My videography business promotional film: feedback please!


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I'm starting to set myself up a small videography business: just a one-man-band doing local stuff - community group promos, weddings, etc. I'm still working on the website (www.lintelfilms.co.uk) and have just finished the 2nd draft of my promotional film. I'd really appreciate your feedback on the film. I don't mind at all if you are brutal!


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Lovely shots Matt, it all looks really nice but make it shorter - 2mins max, as people these days just don't have the patience to sit through 4mins.


Thanks very much. Yeah I was afraid someone might say that! :(

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Really nice :) That closeup of the eye is insane. What camera/lens was used?

Thank you. G6 with Micro-Nikkor 55mm f2.8 AI-S (and extension tubes I think). Can't remember if this shot was in Ex-Tele (3x MFT crop) or not. Also video monopod was necessary as focusing was done with tiny movements forwards and backwards (rather than using focus ring which though really nice wasn't subtle, fast  or stable enough.


I might upload a closed caption file that lists camera and lenses as the video plays...

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very nice shots, I liked it a lot, keep sharing.


Could you please tell us more about your equipment?

Thank you :)


I'm going to try to find time to add closed captions showing gear info as the video plays. As you can see from the top of the thread tags, a lot of different stuff was used ...

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bravo matt! i love the idea and the words and the imagery


now for the bashing


1. put your best shots at the first minute of the clip (04:06 for example)

2. make a shorter version 2  minutes

3. i dont like the people talking, i would omit them (or just keep their voices without their faces, to put what goes on and shorten it)

4. music is good at the beginning but then its too melancholic, (for commercial reasons it needs to get more upbeat)

5. i know you are in the UK, put more sunlight in (some golden hour shots in there) its very blue, and cold tones tend to make us pull away again im talking business!


<3 christina

p.s. dont hate me! i am just saying these with love 

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I guess i am going to be the brutal one...

For a demo showing your work to get more work i was expecting it to grab me right away and make me want to keep watching with excitement of wow this is the guy i want to shoot something for me.

But i felt like it was very down beat and slow more like a camera demo showing basic shots of things and very non exciting.

Just my point of view but i feel a demo of someones work to show to soon to be customers should have a huge wow factor not only the video but audio to.




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