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  1. cos the tamron delivers qiuite nice images, I am quite happy with it.
  2. That's how it should be, so you did it ok, sometimes you need to adjust the anamorphic lens just a tiny bit before infinity, but if you've obtained good results you don't need to adjust anything else. Enjoy!!!! If you have more question join the FM lounge on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/groups/514311352043955/
  3. I will receive mine tomorrow, looking forward to test it. I fully agree with Christina Ava. @Teemu He will contact you, don't worry, be patient, he is only a very busy guy, doesn't mean to be rude with you.
  4. ​Made with the FM Delta Airlines commissioned this piece to help celebrate the spirit of aviation, all the details here: http://boydhobbs.com/delta
  5. This is the answer Andrew, a customer feedback. Let's move on man, I do apologize to you again, really sorry!!! I bow to the man with all the power. Thanks for having me on your forum, what else you want me to do.
  6. ​Lovely!!! thanks, would you mind share this to the the focus module lounge group on Facebook? I would appreciate that a lot. Cheers
  7. ​Andrew let me just say last thing and then I shut myself forever on this matter, I respect your opinion, but you have to respect mine too and the members following this thread like you said. I think we could have avoided all this misunderstanding if only you and I would have communicated more through emails. I personally don't understand why you have been so negative towards the FM when you had it like you said plonked on your desk. A normal customer gets his information before buying the FM, they don't just wake up and buy the stuff, you as professional should have been informed more than a
  8. ​I see, the thread stays, , you just said the FM is not worth it, it's almost shit and we deceived you, what's to point to keep it anyway? Ohhhhh!!!!! Ok, I see it, you don't want anyone else to be deceived by this shit single focus adapter like the FM, cos your last word to me is more important than anyone else here who followed and discussed on this thread and bought the FM and enjoyed it.
  9. ​Thank you Andrew, and very sorry if we did waste your time. I will take the blame for all this , yes you are right I should have followed you and inform you more on this. Can I please ask you a personal favor, could you or any other moderator eliminate the whole FM lounge thread please? I am tired of this arguing over stupid stuff. Please I will appreciate it if you do. Thanks very much and do forgive me if I troubled you again with all this. Best Cosimo
  10. ​Hi Andrew, I am writing just to clear everything out and let all the members know what really happened. Your demo unit arrived on the 7th of february , 3 week ago, I've never led you on anyone else to believe that the Kowa would fit inside the FM without the need of DIY hacking and I have proofs of that. I have wrote you on the 20th of january explaining which anamorphic would fit inside the FM see the attachment file. When you received your demo unit you wrote me asking for instructions on how to fit your kowa cos you couldn't figure out, remember that? I then wrote you straight away again
  11. AND THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNINGif you have any doubts or questions about anamorphic lens compatibility ask here or here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/514311352043955/
  12. Thanks for your effort Enny but if you read the comments that's not the same lens, this is a H.Chretien Hypergonar Hi-Fi-2 which is a different one. Nice video though
  13. Hello guys, is anyone using or used one of this Hypergonar Chrétien 16 ST anamorphic lens, I would like to know more infos. Any help will be really appreciate. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello my dear friend John, please don't take it in the wrong way, I can't resist, to have some fun or to have a laugh sometimes , but your reclinelux reminds me of futuristic sink tap They are nice though! very nice!
  15. Good news, anamorphic shop has included the FM collar 24 in the box when you get the FM, now you have the freedom to try different anamorphic lenses with your FM.
  16. FM Collar 24 Anamorphic lens holder Suitable for: Isco Blue Ultra Star Moller Anamorphot Proskar Anamorphic Sun Anamorphic Mini Hypergonar Benoist-Berthiot And many others Technical details: FM Collar 24 outside ø 70.6mm, FM Collar 24 inside ø 55mm,
  17. Just a quick video test to show the FM with the Proskar, some of the shots have been taken during the day between f8 and f11 without an ND filter, that's why you see some vignetting. I am aware of that the Proskar is not 100% aligned. Just a quick video to show the FM with the Proskar, some of the shots have been taken during the day between f8 and f11 without an ND filter, that's why you see some vignetting. I am aware of that the Proskar is not 100% alig
  18. ​Yes I did, soon I will post a video soon with the FM and the proskar, in the meantime have look if you want at this video so you get an idea how I managed to fit the proskar. https://vimeo.com/117484987
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