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  1. This a quick video showing you all how I did fit the Sankor 16D, the Isco animex s8/2x and proskar. It’s my first video tutorial so forgive me if it’s not done in a proper way. I hope this will help you out, and I am sure someone will do a better job than I did, I just wanted to show you the idea behind all this. I just want you to remember that the FM will work best with all those anamorphic lens that fit 70,5mm to 71 diameter tube and have a length of at least 10 to 12cm as the inner tube of the FM is 89mm long. The end part of your anamorphic lens has to stick out in order to get close to the taking lens. If the diameter of the anamorphic is less than what has been mentioned above but has the proper length there is a workaround with the need of a metal tube that comes with the FM, like I am showing you in the video If you need to know more do not hesitate to ask, I will be happy to help you out if I can. This is one of the advantages of the FM , you can really stick in any vintage anamorphic lenses, but they need to have those dimensions. This is the main reason I chose to work with the FM. People still did not realize the potential of this, you can swap vintage anamorphic lenses and achieve different look and have single focus of course. Now the sankor among the other 2 anamorphic I fitted is the longest one and sat very well inside the FM, touching the optic of the FM, the Isco animex and the proskar are a bit too short and they do not touch completely the optic of the FM there is approximately 1 cm still to go but they do work fine. I will post some video with both anamorphic to show you that even if they do not touch the optic of the FM they still work fine. https://vimeo.com/117484987
  2. ​Rich this would be the most wise behavior, like it was done with my thread, members can direct queries to the new thread like I did in the FM lounge, without the need to talk about prices and availability. And for once I would love to see members interact and asking question about his topic and not just a one band man. All the past historical documents as he calls them remain there, so members can still read and get infos from there. it sounds logical!!! Thanks,much appreciated!!!!
  3. ​For me this thread is an unfairness, Mr Barlow is deliberately pushing his own products, why is it ok for him and not for others? ask yourself this question and give yourself an answer. No one is fighting, I am just trying to make this clear that it's not bloody fair. He comes here just to advertise his rectilux, why doesn't he answer to what's going here, cos he is a coward and he is taking advantage of this thread, but I am sure if somebody else was doing what he is doing he would have demanded some answers. Search on the internet for Barlow and his products and you can understand what this man is after, MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!!!! He is all over the places , whenever you see some anamorphic topics, Barlow is there promoting his stuff, come on man!!!!!
  4. ​Thanks Liszon, but it's not about revenge, it's about being fair with everyone here, I had to give many explanations that I wasn't selling anything here, why this can't be done with Mr Barlow??????? WHY???? Andy Lee why???? Is it ok for Barlow to sell freely his products here, without being disturbed?
  5. ​Hear what? I hope you know what are you talking about, I don't follow you Arcuria, just make me and people understand please, post proves of what you are talking about, and we can discuss, and by the way this has nothing to do with you, so stay out of this please, let John speak up for himself.
  6. ​Hi Protector, to get a better idea who Mr Barlow his go through his thread and see how he is advertising his products, and then go here so you get a better idea who is man really is: His only interest is SELLING his own stuff
  7. ​ ​Protector my thread was closed by Mr Barlow when he was a moderator, cos he wanted to protect and push his rectilux products, you can read and get an idea who this man really is here: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/7181-fm-lens-discount/?page=2 Only because I was gathering people to have a discount on the FM, not selling it, I was doing something good for the community, but Mr Barlow made other people believe that I was and agent working for the FM.
  8. ​That's the point, this thread it's like an open restaurant where Mr Barlow takes new orders from customers, I advice you to read through this: http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/7181-fm-lens-discount/?page=2 so you can get a better idea who you are dealing with. This thread has been pushed from mr Barlow to sell his stuff only. Mr Barlow caveat emptor doesn't apply to you? doesn't it. I would like moderators or Andrew to close down this thread, and give Mr Barlow a taste of his own medicine. Please araucaria moderate your language with me (gtfo) I haven't spoken to you like that, never!
  9. @ Mr Barlow I just want remind you that months ago you closed my FM discount thread because you thought I was an agent for these goods, when really all I was doing was trying to push prices down. It seem to me that you are here just to push your products. Aren't you? Your only interest in this forum and not just here is SELLING YOUR GOODS. Am I right? You don't take part in any of the other posts, what's the use of having you here, can you explaining to me please cos I don't quite understand it. You wrote: I am looking at this thread in the light of the Forum rules on Selling. It would appear that you are setting yourself up as an agent for these goods, and I feel obliged to remind you about the Forum rules on Selling detailed below: PROVE THEY HAVE THE GOODS - Request to see photos of the items being sold with their EOSHD username displayed alongside it, preferably in handwriting on piece of paper so it cannot be faked. COMMUNICATE - Check their forum posting history, see if they are new. If they have a genuine history of posts and contributions to the forum, the seller is more likely to be genuine.- If possible speak with the seller by telephone- Until a deal has been closed, converse with the seller openly on the forum ASK FOR ID - Get a real name, address and ID- If they refuse full details on privacy grounds, ask to continue the deal and all private comms via eBay instead of the forum USE SAFE PAYMENT METHOD - DO NOT use Western Union or wire transfers- PayPal is preferable over bank transfers- Ask if they accept cash on collection SELLERS - Sellers should provide a price in the main topic- Sellers should provide a link to their feedback on eBay and be contactable via their eBay account- Topics that don't meet these rules may be at risk of being deleted DISCLAIMEREOSHD is not responsible for buying and selling on the forums, deal at your own risk and buyer beware In addition to these rules I will also remind you about international regulations governing Rules of origin for imported and exported goods: https://www.gov.uk/rules-of-origin other countrys have equivalent legislation, designed to prevent under the counter trading in goods. I dont make the rules here, Andrew Reid does. If you feel that you are a special case, then you should seek relaxation of the rules from Andrew Reid personally and display any concession granted here. Else you run the risk of having this thread purged.You like this Unlike thisAnd again you wrote: The forum rules apply to everyone, myself included Once again, caveat emptor applies, you don't need to be reminded of this, maybe. Like this Andrew Reid understood what was going on and reopened the thread again writing this to you: I'm afraid I agree with my readers on this John. What seems to be going on here isn't really fair. The selling "rules" are not a set of laws to be enforced by mods, they're meant as a general guideline to staying safe and as a disclaimer. Also your bad relationship with some of the other mods isn't sustainable. I'm afraid from now on you will no longer have moderator rights on the forum John. Sorry. I am sure you can appreciate my position here. I feel you are abusing your power as a moderator to sell your stuff and censor competitors and this is just not acceptable. Way too many complaints for you to stay as a mod. Just to remind you Mr Barlow Best Cosimo You, nahua, valid and 2 others like this Unlike this
  10. That's my 20 seconds video for the FM video contest
  11. Maybe this it hasn't been clear enough, any anamorphic footage can take part to the FM contest, you don't have to own the FM to do it. Submit your anamorphic footage (20 sec,max) here: fmcompetition@anamorphicshop.com thanks
  12. For all those of you who wants to share their FM videos: https://vimeo.com/channels/857722
  13. ​Raw is nice, I love it, but my computer it is struggling, I agree with Nahua, I would love to have smaller file size and an easy way to process and I think the gh4 with 4:3 would be a good choice.
  14. ​For my humble experience I can only speak for the FM, which is working great for me, not only with the Schneider, but also with few others anamorphic lens like: the Sankor 16D, the Isco ultra star, the Hypergonar, Isco animex s8/2x, Proskar Ishico. I agree with you about upgrading the Andrew's anamorphic guide, I am also looking forward to see some rectilux footage soon. I haven't heard that much about the SLR Magic, it will be interesting to find out more and hear people opinions about it.
  15. Win FM Lens! When? From today till 1st of March 2015 HOW? Submitting any anamorphic video footage link (20sec. max.) to: fmcompetition@anamorphicshop.com All video material of all entrants will be presented on FB ‘anamorphic shop’ for your independent vote. www.facebook.com/pages/Anamorphic-Shop/774607322559772 WHO WILL WIN? The contestant who will have a leading number of ‘Likes’. Winner will receive a second edition fm lens. Lets get creative!
  16. Win FM Lens! When? From today till 1st of March 2015 HOW? Submitting any anamorphic video footage link (20sec. max.) to: fmcompetition@anamorphicshop.com All video material of all entrants will be presented on FB ‘anamorphic shop’ for your independent vote. www.facebook.com/pages/Anamorphic-Shop/774607322559772 WHO WILL WIN? The contestant who will have a leading number of ‘Likes’. Winner will receive a second edition fm lens. Lets get creative!
  17. Nice tip there Hans, thanks for sharing it, that's what I got using Focus Module Isco animex olympus OM 100mm combo from different light source. I am going to try with the UV filter in the rear.
  18. Focus Module with Isco Animex s8/2x, olympus OM 100mm @ f4
  19. ​First of all I DO NOT encourage you to do this, as you may damage your lens, don't blame me if you do damage your lens I followed Richg101 tutorial on how to do this. You can use whatever tool you feel comfortable with, I used a sort of Dremel, I protected the lens with a clean film to avoid the dust going inside the lens. Once the lips came off, I've used a grinder to smooth the surface of the cutting parts, I then cut the little iron knob to adjust the focus at the same level and made a cut in between so that I can screw in and out the knob with a screw driver, be very careful though, don't go to flat with it. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I hope it helped!
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