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  1. Very nice photos there. May I ask you guys how do I take an anamorphic photo? I mean do I have to shoot at max raw resolution? If yes, how do I go about it in post using a 2x anamorphic lens for example with a such big resolution? Do I have to apply the same method as in the video? It would be nice to hear your workflow on this. Thank you so much.
  2. Schneider super cinelux surgery.I was tired of those big lips in front of my Schneider super cinelux version 1, so today I managed to do a little surgery. I did it because now it can go all the way down the FM, this mod allows me to use an 85mm lens with my 5D without vignetting. It worked great inside the FM with his lips too, but I was limited to use a lens from 100mm to above. So you don't need to this mod, I DO NOT encourage you to do this as you may damage your lens. Better be safe than sorry!
  3. This is a funny one, is called "KITCHEN STORIES" Swedish efficiency researchers come to Norway for a study of Norwegian men, to optimize their use of their kitchen. Folke Nilsson is assigned to study the habits of Isak Bjørvik. By the rules of the research institute, Folke has to sit on an umpire's chair in Isak's kitchen and observe him from there, but never talk to him. Isak stops using his kitchen and observes Folke through a hole in the ceiling instead. However, the two lonely men slowly overcome the initial post-war Norwegian-Swede distrust and become friends.
  4. this is my friend, very good musician https://soundcloud.com/juses
  5. ​I am using it, it's great, no problem at all. There is also a video from anamorphic shop using the same lens https://vimeo.com/107718981
  6. Hans and I thought that it would be nice to have our FM video channel on vimeo. Share as many video as you like here: https://vimeo.com/channels/857722 thanks
  7. ​Please, could you kindly read the first post of this thread on the first page. Don't hate me please, instead, PM me. Thanks a lot.
  8. I am reading it and enjoying it, very informative, very nice thanks a lot!!!! I am very happy you did this.
  9. ​Yeah! you are welcome! Maybe you won't need to drill anything with your kowa, I don't own one, I don't know the length of the Kowa, and by the way the only part that I drilled it's not on the FM itself, but on the metal tube that came with the FM, which can easily be replaced and purchased if you need in any store. I haven't touched the FM. I know you have some good store over there like Home Depot, which is full of good stuff.
  10. Those are mine when I used to be a musician, I did it long time ago, never went anywhere though this 6 years ago: and another
  11. ​Sorry, I am not sure if you are asking me, but anyway if you are, I will try to explain. Once the Sankor is naked from his metal focus ring I've placed it in the FM, I then placed the metal tubeI that comes with the FM inside, and only a part of it was sticking out of the FM, almost the same size than the black collar that come with the FM. So I placed the black collar on the top of the metal tube, drew the holes to be drilled. I drilled three holes through the metal tube to let the white plastic screws go through the black collar and the metal tube, this way the white plastic screws reached the sankor and stopped it. Now I can align the anamorphic the way I want and I can exchange taking lens easily, and since your taking lens needs to be set to infinity to work, you don't need to attach it to the anamorphic the way I did before, you can shift the FM only if you are using zoom lenses and want a different focal length. This way the anamorphic is very close to the taking lens and I have seen improvements in the images. I hope I helped you out, any other questions feel free to ask, i will try to answer.
  12. ​Hans, it looks nice, I am going to buy one too, or shall I wait for yours to arrive, just to make sure it will work. Will it work with my fotga dp500? or do I need to replace something on it? Where is Raf located ? Is it in Europe? Thanks again!!!!
  13. Ok that's good news, please let us know when your FM arrives. I am sure this inconvenience will be sorted out. Take care
  14. ​Excuse me Julio, I would like to help you out of this nightmare, I would like to understand what is going on here, could you kindly explain why fedex doesn't give you a solution or a support? Please, could you kindly explain what action have you been taking with fedex? Maybe some of us can give you an advice or had the same experience and can help you out . Any of you on this forum? You live in Spain right? How the hell your FM is going around the world , where is the mistake? Have you ever received any support from fedex? And what did they say to you, How they explained to you. I mean you have the right to receive your package, fedex is not doing this in the right way, right? I guess they are responsible and they must respond and support you. It's absurd!!!!! Please let me know more. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
  15. ​Nahua, when I get more time I will show you how I did it, I will post some close photos on how I clamped the sankor to the FM, meanwhile I did one more video test.
  16. ​Yes, sure, you've mentioned this before, it's a nice function, we have the same on ML 5D, but it's x3 crop, well actually a bit less than 3., I am going to try if it works with my Helios.
  17. ​Lovely as always Artiswar, how did you manage to use an Helios 44 58mm? I guess A7s in APS-C mode. I love the colors and the dreamy look. Thanks for sharing.
  18. ​Ok, what a shame, yes please, post some photos, that will be great, thanks again man!
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