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  1. This is nice, that's what is important, , I think you should love what you have captured. I put my personal fulfillment ahead of anything, (cos I have no clients :D ) I have to be the first to recognize that my job is well done in any aspect. You can say "I am the first client", and if I don't like it how can the others appreciate it? what if in that 90% of illiterate there is someone who notice my mistakes? Thanks Ebrahim
  2. Reveal the unseen part of the video recording process. The essential and the mistakes of capturing moving images. Composition and camera angles, tell us how do you physically operate behind the camera throughout a given scene or shot. Important camera operator skills, knowledge of and the ability to select appropriate camera lenses, and other equipment to portray scenes. Share as much as you know , don't be afraid to reveal your doubts, play nice to everyone, don't fight over stupid thing, for professional and not, share your experiences and videos, help anyone in need of advices. Enjoy!!!!!
  3. Mine is exactly like this one in the photo: Which one is yours? Could you kindly show me a photo?
  4. I am sorry to hear that your Sankor 16D is too fat, now I have the same projector lens and I was looking at it, comparing the diameter with the schneider cinelux , I have noticed that what gets in the way with the Sankor is the focus plastic ring, which is attached to the lens with some little screws, since you do not need to fiddle with the focus ring once the Sankor is inside the FM maybe you can set your Sankor to infinity and unmount the plastic focus ring from the lens, it should get inside the FM. I am going to try that when I get my FM. Mine is only a thought, I am sure someone else more professional than me will advice you better, if you can do it or not.
  5. lucky you, it's winter here in Italy, nice video, thanks for sharing.
  6. Magic Lantern is the only reason that is keeping me working with the 5d at the moment, I enjoy fiddling with raw, although is tiring and takes a lot of space, but the results are still worth it. The 5d it's quite a bulky camera, not easy to take it around with you all the time, I would love to have something light that fits in my pocket. I was thinking to get the panasonic GX7 when I get some money. Ciao ;)
  7. maybe you should see this clip too, I think it's ok, don't you? I like it. I think that in the right hands any camera can be a good weapon. Ciao! ;)
  8. This sound great Rich, everything has to fit in 89mm, my shortest combination reaches 120mm, what if you need to tweak the aperture on the taking lens though? only curious!
  9. This time I hope it's going to be more useful and constructive to everyone. Andy you are welcome to share your professional experiences whenever you like there is no need to say that of course. I hope people realize that everyone can learn from the other and we as human need each others help to grow up in life. Thanks!
  10. not much sun here too, maybe the proskar, small and light, we'll see what comes out once they are in the FM.
  11. schneider super cinelux 2x, sankor 16D 2x, proskar 16/2x and I am going to try if it works with isco animex s8/2x
  12. Please respect the topic: 1) do not discuss about FM price, FM shipment, FM discount list, FM warranty or any economical stuff related to FM. 2) play nice to everyone, don't fight over stupid things, help anyone in need of advice on taking lens or anamorphic related to FM. 3)Share your experiences and videos with the FM, advice on hardware stuff related to FM. Everyone is welcome , professional and non professional. I would love moderators to keep an eye on the discussions and feel free to delete what is not related to FM. Be constructive and don't be afraid to share your doubt. Thanks everyone!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!
  13. So funny man!!!! but that is the truth, you're are right, spot on!!!!, you won't believe how many times when I am in a shop I see people ask advices and questions about camera to the sellers who doesn't know f....all about it and send them directly to the most famous brand. Lack of education and passion, and loads of ignorance in photography and videography, they buy just to imitate what everybody else has achieved with that specific camera without knowing that maybe you can get a better result with another camera and different brand.
  14. It's early in the morning in europe, they might sleep, they will reply don't worry!
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