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  1. Thanks Hans, one of these would be perfect, (link below), but I don't understand if this will work on a 5d markiii. Artiswar is using it on the sony A7s, what do you think? http://www.holymanta.com/
  2. Forgive my stupid question, will this work to place a 72mm ND filter on the FM? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTUwMFgxNTAw/z/EF4AAOSwuMFUghm8/$_57.JPG
  3. Thanks Hans, this is just a quick video I did with the Sankor 16D inside the FM, nothing special. It's just to show that the hack was worth it.
  4. ​Nahua, I haven't drilled holes to the FM itself, but to the metal tube that came with the FM (see the attachment photo), I am sure if I showed you a video tutorial you wouldn't be so scared At the end of the day only I did was taking the focus ring apart with a little screw driver like Hans said, the little screws came off easily, then you need to unscrew the 2 rings, once the rings were out I decide to put a little plastic bag around the sankor, cos was quite greasy, I went with some tape around it to secure the plastic wouldn't move. Set the Sankor to infinity by pulling the top part that moves all the way up, stopped it with more tape and infinity was fixed. After that half of the job is done, you have to find your way around it to clamp the sankor. I was lucky to have the right stuff with me. I used 2 redstan clamps , one actually is a filter clamp, ( see the 2nd photo) I put the sankor inside the FM, and from that I find my way to clamp it. The end part of the sankor was sticking out, good, so I had room to work on it, so I set the metal tube inside the sankor, then I took the black filter clamp and that went right around the metal tube, drew with a pen through the filter clamp's holes to be drilled into the metal tube,I took everything out , drilled the holes into the metal tube, I put back inside the FM, the black plastic screws now went right through the metal tube , they reached and stopped the sankor in the right position that was inside the metal tube. After that the only part I had was just the end part of the sankor sticking out, so I took the other redstan clamp the red one and I attached it to the taking lens. I hope this will help everyone with a Sankor, please forgive my english.
  5. ​I am not an expert when it comes to taking lenses apart, it was a nightmare for me too, I took the risk. It took me 3 and half hours do the job, with kids going around and my wife complaining, I was lucky to have the right pieces, 2 redstan clamps and some ingenuity, I had to drill some holes to the metal tube that came with the FM, but now I can say it was worth it. I can also say that I thought it was going to be more difficult. I actually had difficulties to understand how to clamp it. I tried severals ways, finally a good idea came into my mind. Another problem that I wasn't aware of was to keep the anamorphic to infinity, once I unscrewed the metal focus ring I thought it could stay at infinity, it didn't, when I placed the sankor into the FM, the whole focus shifted, so, I had to find a way to keep the anamorphic at infinity. I managed to put tape between that space and it didn't shift anymore. If you don't like to go through all this, just go the isco/Schneider route, both ways are worth it, believe me. Thank you Nahua
  6. I spent the whole morning trying to fit my Isco animex s8/2x inside the FM, at end I did it. Next I am going to try to with my ishico proskar and last the Sankor 16D. I am crossing my fingers.
  7. just one word, ​marvelous!!!!! it looks very cinematic, I love it. Thanks for sharing
  8. The Hawk in the photo it's huge and expensive, FM it's only heavy ,​ you are welcome Nahua.
  9. That's my set up at the moment, I am very happy with it, I didn't get how to calibrate the FM focus soon, but thanks to Hans and the anamorphic guys I managed to get the FM focus right. Next I am going to try to fit the proskar and the sankor, if I can. At the moment I didn't have time to make a video, very busy flying around, I am looking forward to play with my toy soon. I am so excited !!!! The combo in the photo includes schneider cinelux with lips and olympus 100mm f2.8. http:// http://
  10. ​yes Tito, no rush man, take your time!!! Everything is very interesting and informative, the whole community owes you. thanks a lot!!!
  11. I was wondering who gave you that idea just kidding Andrew, I like it this way, thanks a lot!!!!
  12. good work!!!, carry on man!!! Do not forget the new toy though.
  13. some simple, but good tips for all of us. Any other better video tutorial, please share. Thanks!
  14. no more than 350 euros, Tito is right!!!
  15. that's correct! I used to own one, nice lens.
  16. Anything you want Ebrahim, the easiest thing for you to get. Thanks!
  17. yes I like Kendy's stuff, I absolutely agree with you, I am sure there are some beautiful gh2 stuff, of course!. The guy was mentioning the 7D and others cameras, while on vimeo watching videos I found it nice for him to share this video, so he could have an idea about what he can achieve with this camera, but it could have been any camera..
  18. Have a look at this video!!!! and this is the comment of the guy who did this. I am really happy with 7D though, I think the image holds up very well. Until majority of cinema projectors and household TV's switch over to 4K, (which is a few years off IMO) I think 7D is more than sufficient for independent films. 1728x724 scales very nicely to 2k, no one can tell the difference, honestly... and most film festivals and theaters will continue to project in 2k for a few more years, so I think 7D is a good investment. I plan to pick up a few more so I have backups. I really feel like camera is no longer limitation for great production. I will invest my money into lighting and grip and stay with this platform for a few more productions. 7D was used for the majority, and 5D for a few scenes inside cars and stuff where I needed a REALLY wide FOV. I think the image quality of 7D is far superior to 5D2 because of the vertical lines on 5D2 (even with vertical stripe correction...) plus i like the Super35 sensor of 7D the best, it's much easier to pull focus, and the FOV is what I'm used to.
  19. @Hashlehoff How did you manage with your Sankor 16D? Did you find a solution yet to fit in the FM, or are you working on it? I am curious to know, still wanted to know how your Sankor looks like. Cheers!
  20. Thanks maxotics for sharing this good tips, I guess I have to start getting some job from clients I have to start from somewhere anyway :) I would love to see some of guys work, especially Ebrahim's work, I don't know if he ever published some video links, pure curiosity mine ,believe me. I think it's nice for everyone to read and share all this, I opened this topic with the intensions to help everyone in need. So if you or anybody else have more to say just do it. The more the better!!!!
  21. Now, let's leave for a moment the clients out of this and go back to my first post, let's concentrate more on the portray scenes, camera angels, composition and the like. Do you ever feel you are doing everything in the right way? do you follow and put into practice always what you learned? Do you get influenced by any specific director, or are you free from influences and experiment your on style. Is there any particular scenes from one of your past work that you are very proud of?
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