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  1. the anamorphic shop replied like this: FM Lens is an optical part which have to be used with other lenses We give 12 months warranty for a full lens like a VM Lens However this product is new and we will see how it's working in every day life. And then will change it to longer period. No need to be scared because of that If anything mechanically will go wrong and this because of factory fault we will replace it with a new one or will change a parts Best
  2. @ Liszon I am going to enquire about warranty. I will let you know.
  3. It was written this on their facebook page: Purchase includes: focus module and some rings for mounting, rail system as an example mounting.
  4. No more struggling with double focus system, the single Focus module is now for sale!!!
  5. Shipping date will be announced here so no problem for that. once their website is open you can check and ask all the infos. Thanks
  6. @ Andy this goes to show that all your advices have been seriously taking :D olympus Zuiko 100mm f2.8 with proskar ishico
  7. c637251a500ceb372c1c22ca1a15ca3d
  8. I think all the double focus anamorphics that work with FM will be more expensive. FM will keep his price. Just my opinion Andy and by the way the olympus 100mm you suggested is working great. Thanks
  9. come on guys, let's stop it now, such a small group, let's not destroy it. Play nice, don't argue over this, it's not worth it.
  10. Yannis 10% is better than nothing at the moment, and for me and the others it's fine. I have told you that I've tried to get the best I could. I did support you as well if you remember well when someone was attacking you about your anamorphic lens been overpriced, you remember that? Come on let's not be childish, let the market go where it wants to go. Maybe you are right, I respect your decision anyway not to buy now, maybe in a month you will get a better price. But please respect mine and the others as well. Cheers!
  11. for your respect I don't want to public the email you sent to anamorphic shop on this forum, just stay out of this man as you could ruin what I did achieve in these months for others interesting in the 10%. thank you!
  12. Yannis you are out because they don't want have nothing to do with you and your proposals, I have been informed from anamorphic shop that you wrote them. Thanks for let me know anyway! :angry:
  13. I am not even thinking about that, I am a bit tired of this, so I would happily pass this last steps to someone else, working as a team.
  14. Yannis I did all I could believe me, since the beginning, I am not shy at all, I am used to bargain over due to my job flying all over the world. Honestly why don't you try?
  15. why don't you try? that would be an idea.
  16. I don't think it will be possible yannis, they are just started out a business, it was already hard to get a 10% discount. They are not B&H that can afford 50% discount free shipment and a cappuccino, come on guys. An expert on this forum which I had the pleasure to talk on the phone told me that the price it's very low, he was quite surprised how they managed to keep the price so down like this. I agree with you with the rest, thanks.
  17. I would like to hear your opinions about the FM discount. Thanks!
  18. what about this? this was your thread, right? '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> was this videoish too? a bit of respect :D come on!!!! I own the bloody 5D, I wish I never did now, after all this, I like cinematic look. I got it all wrong then! :angry: Hang on a minute, but I use anamorphic adapters, that should give me more cinematic look :rolleyes: Am i right? I am settled, I don't need to buy another camera, maybe. :huh:
  19. @artiswar anamorphic shop replied: Hi You gona be the first to know about the sale Sale date will be announeced on FB, and all forum users can get in touch asap Thank you for the list Best
  20. I will enquire and let you know for sure.
  21. it's 550 euro minus 10% for Eoshd members
  22. very nice shots, I liked it a lot, keep sharing. Thanks!!! Could you please tell us more about your equipment?
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