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  1. Nikon dose this as well i had my Nikon D750 set to 12bit raw compressed you have the choice of compressed raw 12 or 14 bit or non compressed. For sports i shoot with cropped lens so i am at a DX 12bit compressed Raw for 9.8MP files and a buffer of 100 raws Here is a min revire on it http://blog.kasson.com/?m=20140217 He says I think that the possibility of visible artifacts in a7 and a7R images due to Sony’s raw compression is remote, but not nonexistent. I don’t plan on worrying about it myself.
  2. ​Whats wrong with the The RAW stills compression. I dont see anything wrong with it i like the smaller files. I even set all my Nikons to the smaller compressed RAW setting after doing tons of testing the difference is un detectible most everything have been shooting that way for over 7 years never seen a problem in any of the files have shot over 200.000 of them.
  3. So it says a cropped image will only be 15 MPs would it not be around 21 MPs why only 15? What is the crop factor on this? I would like the 15MP better for cropped if that is true if i shoot sports with it. Can it be set to shoot RAW 12bit in cropped? for stills to reduce file size? Is it E or A mount lens i did not see that listed. I would hope the high ISO is much cleaner then the a6000 more like a Nikon D750 or A7S. Any real word on that yet?
  4. Very intrusted in that camera. Would love to see 4k footage shot at iso 1600, 3200 and 6400 at night or in a darker room or show theater when the noise really shows up the most. Yes panning fast in 4k, Would like to see what the HD video quality is like all with with flat color profile and then graded, How good is the viewfinder some say it not very good? How good is the flip out LED screen vs others. What lens will you be using?
  5. Are you sure you want to use that on a wedding 4k super larger files then transcoding for hours on end creating even larger files. thats a lot of extra time for a long wedding.
  6. I hope for 10 Bit would be nice.Real usable HD out the HDMI portBetter HD quality4k slomo at any speed is better then noneLet us pick 264 or 265 or at lest HD in 264 so we do not have to trans code HD.Fix the audio betterFocus peaking that you can assign to a button to turn on and off for when using a finder covering the back screenMuch better low light focus for both stills and videoRaw would be nice but that might be pushing it some for this camera and how much space would that eat up..ouch Wish list for next version two card slots one for photos and one for video or over flow and much better cleaner low light performance, Two XLR audio inputs or a add on for that that ties right into the camera that is very small and lite. More lens lots of them
  7. I will find out more on the 9th when i meet with them i see a exception in the FCC law that may let us not have to do this for a local produced show not produced by the station with no repeat value that is not News and is of local public interest. It is Excption #8 on the FCC site
  8. For low cost that works very good i am using two of this LED light. They are built cheep but i have used them on location 3 times now with no problems and i love the remote that can turn them on and off and up and down in power. They include the battery's that work well to have never run them out yet. They are thin plastic but if you pack them good i use a hard case or in studio that would be no problem. They make a wide view version to i will get one of them next. I got the two tighter beam ones to start with as it gives you more light output in that tighter area good for interviews and the more you go back the wider it gets. They are CR195+ white and using them i have had no WB problems with them i have lit up a good sizes gym with two of them and did 3 light interviews with the two and one smaller matching one as a hair light i have as well that can also be used on camera. They can be plugged in with included wire and run that way and it charges up the battery at the same time. They put out a lot of white light not yellow and no flickering just not in a pro quality housing. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NIONJOO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s03?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. ​For me i all ready have the Nikon 50mm, 24mm, two versions of the 35mm, 24-120mm, 70-300mm, 17-55mm, a old 28-200 and a Tokina 100-300mm F4. Had many others i sold over the years.
  10. I would be producing the show and the station would be providing the air time. We would get to keep around half of the commercial space to sell to make our end of any money and they would get the other half of the 30 second commercial to sell on their end. It would be a MMA fight show that is local only very low to no budget. We have many local MMA fights in the area and i would be getting the footage of each fight event to us so this would be a show that shows fight clips and interviews when we can get them with a host that talks about the fights and upcoming fights. I would be mixing in at times clips of training when i can get that to a lot of the fighters are from outside the area so i can not get that all the time. I shoot stills of all the fights now have been doing that for around 5 years now for them. Have been Shooting sample clips over the last two weeks with the NX1 in 4K but if this works out i need to switch to HD 4K as it is takes to long to deal with in so many ways for a lower end project.
  11. Good topic i may be in need of a few great HD quality cameras.. but i will need very good live HDMI output for a 3 multi cam shooting set up for interviews. Dose the D5300 have live video out and record inside the camera at the same time as a backup? I have a lot of Nikon glass so Nikon would be the way i would go if i can. Or i wonder if i could pick up a Black Magic pocket now at a good used price dose that have live HDMI output?
  12. The main objective in shooting a movie or production is producing something that will some day get on TV at some point or if you are producing any TV style shows or commercials for TV all ready How are you dealing with Closed Captioning ??? what are you using ? How are you doing it. As part of working on a possible local TV show we have been told by the TV station that any video we turn in must have Closed Captioning including all the commercials on the show we sell. This tosses in more work into the mix on top of editing for broadcast safe video as well. Any suggestions of the lowest cost way to do this that would be done in auto no typing. I see software that lets you loop the video as you go every few seconds and have to type in everything someone says -- what i nightmare that would be. That could take longer then editing the video. Many years ago when i produced tv we did not have to do that it seems that it is a FCC law now. Thanks .
  13. You should save up for the NX1 the NX500 has to many limits i sent mine back. I may pick up another when they drop in price a lot over time but as a main camera you need the NX1/ The NX500 4k video quality is good but working with the camera is a bit of a pain to shoot with and you need to buy a super wide lens to make up the very strong cropping.
  14. Here is a new video out shot with the JVC looks darn good to me. Other then better low light shooting i do not see the Sony as any better in any other way, Both the JVC and NX1 record 4K, And the JVC gives you pro audio, Video streaming and a lot more. I like the JVC for a camera you can go shoot with that has everything built in ready shoot, I have had no problems shooting with my NX1 i have had since December i have well over 100 hours on it the image quality is sharper then the Sony and when you need auto focus the NX1 is much better, and i have no problem with Dynamic Range. And he HD slomo is quite good to at 60 and you have 120 as well. And here is the guy that shot all that talking about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW_U93HJbAo
  15. If it was me i would go for a fast PC but for him a MAC and editing software and what ever extra software may be needed, lights i am so glad i got what i have so far never can have to much, I would buy two cameras the new JVC 4K CAM GY-LS300 as it has a ton of features and ready to shoot with XLR inputs both 4k or HD that would be such a easy camera to just grab and start shooting with in a small package. And a Samsung NX1 they both seem to have the same quality 4K look to the clips i have seen. I have the NX1 and love it but rigging it with audio recorder and everything it gets to be a big setup the JVC would be a go to camera to start shooting fast with everything built in. The A7S is good but then you are looking at that extra cost for a 4 k recorder both the JVC and NX1 can all ready do. Then add on lens and you are set. If any is left i would buy some CDs of buy out music another thing you always end up needing. Also monitors, camera cases, lighting cases.
  16. I went with a Dell 4k monitor that is a 27 inch with 3 year warranty.. Had lots of great reviews for photo editing. was only $550 this will get me by till some of the better ones come out in a year or so. Should be better then MY current NEC and it will be nice to see 4k video from my NX1 for the first time in real 4k.
  17. Still undecided. Car you calibrate the colors on the LG 4K for photo editing i do a lot of photo editing and i am a freak for getting the colors right and the shades of black and shadows. Would love the have the space of the LG as i also create a lot of websites and that would be great for that. How long is the LG guarantee ? Do you think it will last for years with out problems? I have been using my NEC for over 6 years now.
  18. Playback is not the problem editing a H265 FILE IS. Then you need the super power.. I was playing back the files just fine before i even got the new video card.
  19. ​I am in no way defending Adobe i do not use Premiere i use Edius. I have a quit fast system and new video card that encodes and decodes 4k and when editing the Transcoded files it takes a toll on the system when adding any effect or so if this was the H256 file I can not see how it would be editable with out it coming to a stand still. I have no problem with play back here as well its editing that is the problem adding a title or color tint or anything other then just playing it back you will need a super PC to do it..
  20. This is good timing as i am about to buy a new monitor of some kind. I have been using a very good NEC 2690WUXi monitor now for many years and it still works very good for colors but has got some dark spots on the screen now. Looking at the LG and the non 4k LG as well and this new one about to come out from BenQ a 27 that is 4K that is IPS. 100% sRGB with IPS TechnologyCovering the 100% sRGB color space, every color is delivered with the finest precision in every detail and at every possible viewing angle for a great viewing experience. With a 10-bit panel that renders more than one billion hues, every image is displayed with the richest and liveliest colors. The BL2711U monitor is also built to cover REC. 709 color space, which is well known as the standard format for HDTVs. A native REC. 709 color gamut ensures that every color is faithfully represented with optimal precision. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RORBPEW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=394KM8VV0OYCU&coliid=I1O2QPYUT77SHG ot this 32 version http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O1B5M9I/ref=psdc_1292115011_t1_B00RORBPEW Almost seems like if i could wate 6 months i could then find best one that is not even out yet with all the best features..
  21. It will take a very powerful system to handle it when they do the video will maybe play back at 3 frames a second if that with what most people have for a editing system. I think it will cost a good $1200 or so to upgrade a system to even come close to being able to handle it. So when they do have it everyone will say it dose not work well.
  22. Looks real nice. Like the music to.
  23. I did order a D750 should be here tomorrow. This will update my two older D700 cameras and replace the Samsung NX1 for any photo shooting as the NX1 kinda sucks for photography in any low light at all my older 6 year old D700 takes better photos at any iso then the NX1. The NX1 photo quality is more like my even older Nikon D40 6MP camera. Will do some NX1 D750 HD video tests and want to see how the D750 video compares the NX1 4k all mixed together to see if the 750 can be used as a B camera and the main camera for low light video shooting. As for the Nikon 24-120 F4 lens the one i have is very sharp i got it when the lens just come out one of the very first batch maybe that is why. I also had the 24-70 2.8 and my 24-120 is every bit as sharp so i sold the 24-70 and the 24-120 f4 almost never is off one of my D700 cams. It also takes very sharp video with my NX1.
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