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How to edit H265?


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This is an old ass thread lol.

Even now in 2020 only the fastest processors will be able to edit 4k H265 nicely. 1080p isn't nearly as taxing. GPU's don't really seem to help much in premiere so it really comes down the processor. Resolve on the other hand seems to utilize the GPU a lot more. H265 4k from my fuji played much nicer in Resolve. I was even able to add in a bunch of effects and grading before my CPU and GPU maxed out.

But yeah I wish the Fuji XT3 had internal Prores.

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Most editors that I know don't edit camera files -- they use lower-quality, uncompressed proxies and/or transcode the entire project to an NLE-compatible, high quality format.


Not only can using compressed camera files slow down the NLE and cause problems with effects, but grading compressed files can also cause discrepancies with the rendered look.  My editor (and color-grading) friends usually grade with a high quality format after they have edited with proxies.


Another trick when working on narrative projects -- use multiple drives to speed things up.  For instance, in a two person dialog scene, put all of Character A's shots on one drive, and then put all of character B's shots on another drive.  This will allow cutting between different drives instead of cutting within a single drive.  Likewise, one could put close-ups on one drive, the medium shots on another drive and all of the wide shots on yet another drive.

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On 5/9/2020 at 3:42 PM, deezid said:

Easy going in Davinci Resolve Studio.
6K 10 Bit footage runs just fine without any stutter or lag - even after grading. Using a 1080 Ti here, though.


On 5/9/2020 at 4:59 PM, gt3rs said:

only 4:2:0... 4:2:2 is not HW accelerated so you need a powerful cpu......


First off who resurrected  this zombie thread?  Anyway, like gt3rs says, 4:2:2 H.265 is not supported at least not yet in the NVIDIA GPUs as you can see from the following chart. I do hope it is something that can be fixed with a driver update and not some sort of HW shortcoming.

I have a Core i9 14 core CPU and an RTX 2080 Ti and my system still had problems editing R5 4:2:2 footage. I was able to get smooth playback initially but it stuttered a bit between clips and after applying two layers of color grading in Davinci Resolve it was unuseable.




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