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How to edit H265?


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I'm trying to load some h265 files in Premiere Pro. Doesn't work. It doesn't give an error, just keeps saying 'Media Pending'.


Tried google, but I only find stuff like: http://www.cinemartin.com/cinec/plin/ - plugins to export h265.


The iPhone 6 shoots h265 and I suppose some people want to edit their footage on their computer. Is there a plugin/codec I can install to get it to work in Premiere? If not, what would be the best/easiest workflow? (Windows).


Already installed some codecs on my computer to get smooth playback - this works fine now.

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I see it recommended a lot, and I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I try to use Wondershare to transcode NX1 4K it fails. Every single time regardless of settings, but it will work at 1080 and below. I'm on PC. I've seen countless videos of it working on Mac so maybe it's just PC or specifically mine. Also, it does not use my nvidia 700 series gpu for acceleration. I've been using free rocky mountain converter which has about the simplest interface possible and seems to work faster than handbrake and samsung's converter.

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If you are going to buy a new desktop or laptop then get one with Skylake intel's 6th gen processor, it will come with native hardware support for H.265 encoding and decoding.

Sadly the Tech is still lagging behind because of the lack of competition in the regular cpu market, even the 5th gen lacks H.265 hardware encoding.


Otherwise transcoding is the only way for the time being!


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I'm not sure that Premiere can support H.265/HEVC codec, therefore it's better you should save H.265 to Adobe Premiere friendly video type, such as WMV, MPEG. I use Pavtube Video Converter for the job btw.

​Umm, no. Not at all. It's going to be a broadly used consumer codec, it will be support in premiere/AVID/Sony Vegas. It's just a question of when.

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12 hours ago, Jeffrey Isbell said:

You shouldn't WANT to edit in h.265. It's not an editing format. Convert to pro res or some other less compressed format that is intended for editing. 

Shoot compressed because of space issues. Edit less-compressed for smoother playback.

If you shoot ALL-I H.265, you lower the burden on the CPU vs the Long GOP IPB variety.

H.265 is hardware accelerated by a good quality GPU.

Also, with SSDs coming down in cost, that's an important ingredient in a fast system.

H.265 saves you a lot of money over storing everything in ProRes too.

I am not against editing it.

But camera makers need to get real about offering the choice, internally - ProRes should be one of the options.

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