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  1. I have tried it and I don't feel it should be done. A small adjustment or slight zoom is ok but punching in for a different focal length? No.
  2. I agree, while being able to crop if a shot is fucked this isn't something you should be relying on. Let's not "fix it in post" everything.
  3. It's a $5K camera that you can take out of the box, plug in a microphone, start shooting and it looks great. What is wrong with that exactly?
  4. Samsung asked JGL to make a film with their camera as he has a large creative following with his HitRecord production company and website.
  5. Got my D-Lux yesterday, very nice little camera. I've never owned such an advanced camera, will take me while to go through all the options. A7II up next I think.
  6. I reject the premise of your question.
  7. Ah that's a real shame. Was hoping I could use it with my Leica glass. Fingers crossed their info is wrong.
  8. The original was sadly completely serious.
  9. I doubt this clip could be more relevant than on this forum right now.
  10. I'm kinda stunned how many people are using any auto settings when filming.
  11. Yeah, it's not a video camera it's a stills camera with an extra video feature. Pretty much like every other camera out there.
  12. Those close up shots look freaking amazing. I'm a bit disappointed in the overall videoness to it but I guess that's the Panasonic "look". Still very much considering the Leica version for a walk around though.
  13. Yeah it's not a well spaced forum at all. I am on a retina screen and can only just see two posts on a page which quite frankly is ridiculous.
  14. He isn't just "the cool actor of the moment" he is a very creative person who has built a sizeable online community focused on making cool stuff. A lot of his projects have been large online collaborations where anyone can participate. Samsung picked him for a very good reason.
  15. Just looked at the info and they are h264. A quick google search shows they only use h265 for facetime streaming.
  16. I threw in some iphone 6 videos files into Premiere Pro CC today and it handled them fine.
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