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  1. I mean, I can't stand Mckinnon like most, but in my experience most factory floors are not at all air conditioned. The offices, yes. The shop? I can count on one hand the amount of air conditioned shops I've been in and it is generally a specific room within the shop that is humidity controlled. Most shops have bay doors open constantly for their yard or shipping and AC would be outrageously expensive (and side note, most facilities at least in the US don't really give a shit about the shop guys). I have seen central heating in shops but practically none with anything more than ceiling fans to just swirl that humidity around you. I've worked in Ohio in July next to a gas convection powder-coat oven--I would have killed to go outside. It was substantially cooler. So I think it's probably more of a middle ground between shooting in direct sunlight vs in an office with AC.
  2. I wonder how much a 1" thick or so aluminum heatsink w/fins attached to the bottom would prolong the camera operation. My NX1 hasn't really had a problem overheating so heat mitigation is a new and interesting engineering problem to me. I've seen people suggest on prior sonys that a battery grip can help act as a heat sink but I'm guessing as a heatsink that a battery grip would be very inefficient both in material and, you know, having hot batteries in it. I've also seen some talk of USB power packs or dummy batteries used to power the camera but as far as I'm aware the R5 can't run while attached to an Anker or something. I doubt, being just a hobbyist/self-appointed marketer for my company, that heat management would really impact me. But in my day job in industrial manufacturing having access to a lot of scrap aluminum and machining tools it'd be a fun challenge. I also was wondering if they make external SSDs but not integrated into a monitor like a Atomos. I would love to fab up a little rig with external storage tucked to the side but a 5" screen is way too large and unnecessary for my use.
  3. So once the R5 has overheated is the 4k/30 10 bit or 8 bit?
  4. Waqas is great. I'll take slightly annoying intro but very in depth tutorial/explanation over the very annoying and surface level explanation Peter McKinnon's of YT.
  5. Here I am in 2020 with my samsung NX1 feeling very left out.
  6. There are a few reddit pages. r/SonyAlpha and r/photography would prob do well for you. I'm sure those two prob link out to other subreddit as well.
  7. For me, it's just that Samsung nailed it. Ive looked through the A7iii menu and it was like trying to read the Matrix code screens. I set up the a7iii I bought for my sister and had to watch a 30 min walk through to understand the like 30 different pages that look straight out of 2002. Options are great, but Sony could hold your hand a little better with them when you buy a 2-3k camera. Ergonomics is important alongside specs.
  8. Hmm I've been waiting for the A7siii announcement to decide if I should upgrade from the NX1 but since I'm just a hobbyist and really prefer to have both halves of the camera I guess I'll wait for the A7IV. I know it's a specialized camera but damn I was hoping for just a bit more mp for larger prints. And a better menu system. My God, Sony should have just bought Samsung's camera division for their UI designers.
  9. I noticed on the 7 and again on the 8 (in the samples I saw) that the built-in stabilization is garbage in low light. It smears the image momentarily throughout the video. In bright sun it works great, though. Fast moving in anything like overcast or worse you would want a gimbal. I also smashed the back screen of it about a week into owning it, but I signed up for the GoPro plus account post smash and they still replaced it free of charge. So they do have my undying loyalty for that.
  10. All the footage from 360 cams I've seen on youtube look like a huge tradeoff in video quality. I can't tell if that's youtube destroying it or if 5K just isn't enough yet for 360 capture/reframing. It'll be a great tool for my job once the quality improves.
  11. I think the newest version of Premiere has a "freeform view" mode or similar where you can group shots loosely to get a feel for what flows right. Could try that out, esp if you've already culled a bit of the source clips. I've never used it but it seems interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5iguTGlDcc
  12. I pray for world peace #1. But prayer #1A is for an NX2.
  13. I have that camera and that lens. Yes all those things besides #4 have happened to me. I sent the lens in when it wouldn't go past f2.8 (but that was before Samsung dropped out of cameras). Think your lens is prob just broken and I don't know who can fix it. When I sent mine in they sent me a completely new lens. My auto focus issues I've generally chalked up to personal inexperience so I don't know. When I shoot a burst mode series of images like half are focused behind the subject (who are stationary). Like I said, I prob just suck lol.
  14. Phones have reached a level where the're all so similar, it's basically just a pick a flagship and go about your day. Most, if not all, relevant apps are cross platform. All of them will have iphone fake depth of field or better (which was the main selling point on the iphone for my friends) going forward. Just make the batteries last longer and we're fine. Literally the only way my friends can claim superiority with their phone choice is whether a group text is blue or green. It's reached that level of pettiness. Now, the NX2 would be a day one purchase for me. Make it happen, Samsung. Let me throw money at you!
  15. I watched Planet Earth 2 on 4K Blu-ray through an Epson projector and it was amazing.
  16. hk908

    NX2 rumors

    I'm not optimistic of this rumor, but I would for sure buy an NX2 on the first day. Love my NX1.
  17. brought welcome return to my investment, as well. that lady is killing it as CEO. Dragging AMD back into relevance.
  18. You're telling me a man that won't release his taxes, won't put his holdings in a BLIND trust, constantly talks about how wealthy he is, puts gold leaf on everything, spoke in his first press conference about a 2 billion dollar deal he'd just been offered, used funds from his "charity" to buy paintings for his golf courses, doesn't want more money? His entire persona is built around being rich. That is delusion. There is never enough money for people like him. Human nature will show you there is never enough money for most people. You can support that idiot for other reasons. But the idea that he is incorruptible because he's already rich is almost criminally stupid. He got rich by being shady as hell. "He's not a politician" != "he's not corrupt" and if i recall, samsung officially shut down their camera division around this time in 2016. That's a clusterfuck if I've ever seen one.
  19. I have a fairly unique question (I think) about the RX100. My dad lives in a highrise on the beach and wants a camera he can place on his deck and connect to his tv for a live stream. Normally I'd say get a decent security cam, but for a couple snags: he has a 4k tv (and would prefer 4k) and there are two other buildings in his fov of the beach. Gopro at 4k is too wide. He wants to shoot straight through the buildings toward the water, so he'll need something that can zoom--and I don't think security cameras really can with any length or quality. He'd also just like to just skip another box and go straight to hdmi. His limit is around $800 but likely flexible. The RX100 has 4k and zoom, it has hdmi output but it has that 5 min recording limit--will the camera shut off even if he's merely viewing the live stream to the tv--but not recording? I do something similar with my NX1 and I've never noticed it turn off after the 30 min recording time, or for it to overheat. But it's a camera he wants to plain leave on as often as possible with it plugged into power. Is there $800 or so camera anywhere that can do those things?
  20. They released the a6300 profile today. Did they say how many they were going to do or is it a long shot since the nx1 came in 2nd over that camera in voting?
  21. Do you have LUT Buddy from Red Giant installed?
  22. There's a scene where a character is very conflicted and I liked the lighting they had. Red on one side of the face, light blue on the other. I liked the movie, but as a huge star wars fan, there were a lot of scenes I mentally compared to the originals as they unfolded. I was thinking "JJ, there's homage and then straight up ripoffs." I saw a headline calling it a Mashup Masterpiece and yeah. Perfect description.
  23. slightly related, anyone know where I can get a replacement eye piece for the evf on the NX1. Popped off and is now living in nature somewhere. Samsung site doesn't seem to have one as far as I can tell.
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