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  1. I also downloaded it on Windows 10 but couldn't accept H.265 video. I originally thought I cound abandon Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate but it now I have to transcode video with it.
  2. YouTube doesn't support H.265/HEVC video. To upload your NX1 H265 files directly to YouTube, you need to re-encode your H.265 video to H.264 for online posting.
  3. The GH3 gains the ability to shoot in MOV (h.264) format, freeing it from the restrictive frame- and bit-rates laid out in the AVCHD standard. This means the camera can capture files natively as 30p, as well as 60i.
  4. Does anyone know if the Blackmagix footage can be edited in FCP or not?
  5. Is Tier-1 or Tier-3 suitable for HDTV? I have a budget and plz advice. Thank you.
  6. peterwhite

    NX500 Grade

    I am a newbie too, but I can tell the beginning part of the whole shooting is kind of grey and the color is not natural.
  7. I think you should share the beautiful views with us whether it is free or charged.
  8. The new Fujifilm x100T is the best bang-for-the-buck street photography camera. With a sharp 35mm f/2 lens (full-frame equivalent), compact size and weight (similar to Leica, but not Leica prices), a silent shutter, and optical/electronic viewfinder it is the best all-around camera for street photography as well.
  9. Nice shot! Could you tell the specific settings you set for shooting this film?
  10. Hi Dearborn, where did you find this free LUT plugin? Could you tell me where I can find it? Thank you.
  11. A6000 of course, I have got one and it shoots videos beautifully with excellent quality.
  12. Can these two camcorders record 4K videos? I prefer 4K video than 1080p HD because the former is in better video quality.
  13. Nice shot. Which model your gopro is?
  14. peterwhite

    NX500 Test

    The 1080p video is great enough, love the details. Look forward to the 4K version.
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