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Wild Ranger

Shooting a Feature on **** cameras, can you guest it?

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Guest fe4a3f5e8381673ce80017d29a8375f1

I recognise those colours! 


Nikon? D5200 / D7100 / D5300 / D3300?


It's looking great ...

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

This looks great. Well done.

It could be any camera really with proper grading, but the colours do seem lovely, Nikon lovely, so my vote goes for a Nikon DSLR too.

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I made a lot of test of this camera on Dvxuser and for me it was the tipping point, that I would not buy any other brand camera because I had already invested in the system and that it was good enough. It was very near gh2 level of sharpness with much better DR and Low light and sold my gh2. I knew that if I could not produce good imagery out of it, it was me and not the camera that was the limiting factor. But go explain to many on the net that 4k etc won't make there work better, in fact it might make it worst because you will have to hide much more details so that it does not look fake, like in the hobbit.

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Thanks everyone!

Yes, those are Nikon colors. That´s one of the main reasons why I chose for shooting the movie with this cameras (D7100, D5300). Also the image gave me some nice dreamy look that really help to sell the atmosphere of the film. 


Also, some old Nikkor 35mm f2, creamy shots are in this teaser ;)

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