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  1. Shot in 2 weeks on a Blackmagic 4.6K and a Sony A7r 2 with Voigtlander Lenses. Aerial video on a DJI Phantom 3. Rip it to shreds!
  2. I've shot this over a weekend last summer with a view of using it to raise funding to shoot the whole film. Check it out, it's short & sweet: Help us to make it happen, we need your voice. Go to www.bloody-title.com and be part of it! Thanks for reading, J.
  3. UNTITLED BELGIAN FILM NOIR Following an earlier posting about a teaser I shot anamorphic on LA7200, I've now launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the missing part of the production budget - principal photography to start this coming summer. It's bloody, noir, full of intrigue, and still missing a title. Check it out for yourself on www.bloody-title.com And help make it happen! Thanks for reading, Jo
  4. Sang de Navet - "Three men, two women and a whole lot of trouble"   Trailer for a film which is currently in development and looking for funding.   shot over a weekend.   all comments & reactions welcome!   http://www.vimeo.com/72806937   website: http://joachim.tv/projects/turnip-blood/        
  5. Hey guys, just thought you might be interested in this.. We've been working on "The Layer" for about two years total and it's about ready to hit the internet/festivals. It is a 45 minute, conspiracy thriller shot entirely in Harrisburg, PA.  Here's the official trailer we released a few days ago.  http://youtu.be/5RNWizIsUIY We shot about 90% of the film on the Panasonic GH2 with vintage nikon glass (50mm 1.8, 24mm 2.8), a Lumix zoom lens and a few, newer, SLR magic lenses (35mm 1.7, 26mm 1.4 toy). The other 5% was shot on a Canon 7D. Reason bein
  6. Hi, So we're doing what we've coined "reverse-crowdfunding"...we put up the money for the film first and are now using the legitimacy of IndieGoGo to clear debt/deferred payments and distribute by offering a pay-what-you-want download for backers. Our feature was really low budget, but feels and looks very relevant...especially to someone in their 20s....but you be the judge. I'm interested to hear what people think of this strategy. Surely we're bound to learn a lot, let me be the guinea pig and you glean some wisdom from the side. Here's our links: http://www.yesnoyesyesgo.com (redire
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