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  1. Footage taken down, sorry guys. Official footage will be available soon, no doubt about that
  2. For me the footage is smooth for the first ten seconds, then it starts stuttering. But it is, indeed, very promising :D
  3. Here is the footage: BMPCC4k footage This is from a pre-production camera, keep that in mind. Enjoy
  4. LOL, 3 posts but I am a long time lurker of this forum Uploading now, 2 and a half hours to go. I did NOT capture this footage, I just downloaded it from a FB BMPCC4k group.
  5. I have a Mega account Ok I will upload the footage this evening as I come back from work
  6. Hi! Here are some good quality screenshots from a clip that was posted in a BMPCC4k Facebook group. I have the footage in my HDD (12 GB for about 4 minutes), I may re-upload it (original link is gone), but I already feel like a thief writing this post ^^ The footage looks clean and beautiful. No visible noise, just a fine grain. It is not really representative of the final output of the camera but it looks very promising. I graded it with FilmConvert and the BMPCC video preset. No sharpening, no noise reduction https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7p2hmyot33myhh/AAAULea367Tvyf3zJ4qYcHOZa?dl=0
  7. Hi, first post here for me I am an italian filmmaker and this is my first feature film. It's a very very small budget science fiction movie, inspired primarily by the work of Andreij Tarkovskij. TEASER TRAILER You can watch the movie for free (ENG subtitles available). Please download the original file for a better quality. Hope you enjoy
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