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Stabilizers: M�VI or BeSteady [or others]?


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Hi EOSHD people!


Which one to use with GH4? MÅVI? BeSteady? Defy? Others?

Looks like nothing new came out at NAB 2014…

Did someone try it? I'm really interested by BeSteady One: it looks like a very good value for money.

(Really hard to find a review: would you write about it Andrew)?



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No new stabilisers at NAB 2014? There was so many, I lost count!

I have a BeSteady One, and I have to say I've had nothing but issues with my unit. Granted that it was a Kickstarter product, and I expect the useability to get better. The shots I have got are awesome though! Customer service isn't good though.

A good value company is someone called Big Balance, they have a crazy collection of gizmos! From iPhone to GH3 capable.

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I believe DJI showed something at NAB, the ronin gimbal?

I have a 'cheap' eagle eye gimbal which I have modded a bunch to accept a stripped FS700 and a light lens. With a DSLR it works fairly well once you balance it properly and fiddle with the PID settings. There is a new 32bit processor from basecam just out, matching the ARM chip the MOVI guys use, which will mean that a few more 'cheap' ones will be out soon that will be very decent.

The extra for a 'real' one is not worth it in my mind for an indie film maker and unless you spend all your time in the gym they are difficult to use for longer than an hour. I am trying to adapt it onto a steadicam arm, which should make it usable, someone else is surely doing a commercial product with the same idea.

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Don't the Big Balance gimbals look suspiciously like the Gazer products at Kickstarter? Which looked suspiciously like the Mastor Tech gimbals that never saw the light of day... Anyhow, aside from their plastic appearance, the Big Balance might be good value. We still know very little about these stabilizers, they're not put in the hands of reviewers every day like cameras. Emm over at Cheesy Cam seems to like the Came stabilizers from China. They are also reasonably inexpensive. I'm still waiting for a gimbal to fly my GM1 since Mastor Tech's vanished into thin air.

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@Axel what does the exclamation mark mean? That it's surprisingly expensive? Or inexpensive?


It's a kit you have to assemble and program. But it's the cheapest, as far as I can see. There was a list of about ten cheaper MoVi alternatives, and it didn't list the Came. 


What is more, there are already a lot of youtube demos that show the Came 7000 in action. This one from steadicam-guru Tom Antos:


See especially his own programming: Instead of remotely triggering pan and tilt to follow a motif, he rather made the camera follow his own movements in a smoother flow > genius. 


I don't expect to be able to repeat this myself. I've seen different glidecam reviews by Antos, some of which I owned or borrowed myself, and he is just a steadicam expert. 


But see how in this video the woman walks behind the kid (starting at 7:08):


She clearly hasn't the faintest idea of how to walk steady, and yet it works quite well.


Others point out, that all parts of which such a device is constructed cost $ 300 at most. So maybe within one year there will be some stabilizers for $ 500. The catch is that they are then assembled by some obscure chinese rat-shops, you don't have comprehensible manuals and no community that helps develop the junk.


This looks to be more than a cheap alternative. $ 950? No-brainer. 


I am only having nightmares of sitting alone at home, my cats play with the screws, and the thing refuses to work. I'm not Gyro Gearloose.

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It's a kit you have to assemble and program. But it's the cheapest, as far as I can see. So maybe within one year there will be some stabilizers for $ 500.

I put in the link earlier on for a reason. This is already happening.





Howabout one of these?




Turnigy is legendary, especially for their 9X / 9XR 9CH Transmitters which are pretty much undoubtedly the best bang for buck out there.


The also have a pretty new system called the PRO Steady-Hand Gimbal 3 Axis Kit which you can find here at HobbyKing: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__51496__Turnigy_PRO_Steady_Hand_Gimbal_3_Axis_KIT.html .



There's also schtuff over at LD: http://www.linkdelight.com/331218001W-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-Handheld-with-GBM5208-180T-Motors-for-for-Camera-DSLR.html & http://www.linkdelight.com/340311501W-Carbon-3-Axis-Brushless-Gimbal-Camera-Mount-Stabilizer-5D2-DSLR-Run-Movie-RTR.html .


You also might want to checkout RCTimer's offerings: http://www.rctimer.com/product_1008.html / http://www.rctimer.com/product_885.html and the schtuff over at GoodLuckBuy:


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I have the Came one (mine was called the eagle eye 5d but it is the same made by DYS). It is good, but there are a number of fairly huge flaws. The attachment for the camera is very poor, you really need to be able to move it side to side to balance, but you just have a choice of three runners.


All the parts do cost more than $300 individually, it uses the alexmos/basecam 8bit controller (£100) and the three motors are larger than standard and are about £30 each. Plus all the carbon tubes and so on (difficult to find a cheap source for) they are probably at the cheapest they will get (mine was £500). However, the new 32 bit alexmos/basecam controller will make them much better, they have two sensors so they can be used in a wider range of movements without oscillation and won't be as pedantic with settings. So I would say wait for the next round of cheap knockoffs.

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I love these devices, but I've been frustrated with the BeSteady. I may consider selling, someone out there will be able to make it work!

I've thought about getting one from a company with longevity in making products, as what I have achieved with the BeSteady when it's been fine has been amazing.

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