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  1. Matt and Katie's May wedding at Palmdale Estates was a beautiful event. Not only was the couple's love evident, but there was an atmosphere of love and joy in the air among all of the friends and guests. Matt is a football coach. From the day's subtle nods to the sport Matt loves (football, obviously) to Katie's eye for detail, the celebration was one of the highlights of this wedding season. Details: Shot/Edited: Dan Bowen 2nd shooter: Tony Santoro Location: Palmdale Estates, Fremont Music: "The Father's Heart" - Tony Anderson, "You Are the Best Thing'" - Ray LaMontagne, "All You Need is Lov
  2. There were more and more stabilizer now, but there is no doubt that Nebula 4000 is the ancestor of one-hand-gimbal.
  3. Chris and Lucy were married on a lovely May day in San Ramon, California. Chris and Lucy's love was so evident to all in attendance. It was the type of day you would want to re-live and fortunately they have photos and video to help remind them of their beginnings many years from you. Details: Shot/Edited: Dan Bowen 2nd shooter: Tony Santoro Location: Wedgewood Golf Course Photography: One-Love onelove-photo.com/ Music: All songs licensed through songfreedom.com Camera/equipment specs: Canon C100 Mark ii, Canon 5D Mark iii, Sony A7S, Canon 6D, 70-200 2.8, 50mm 1.2, 16-35 2.8, 24-105 f/4, Nebul
  4. As the gimbal known by more and more people, it can replace many film and television equipments. Gimbal also gradually into the various areas, such as movies, wedding films and so on. One-hand-gimbal was focused on more and more people, because of his small size and convenient to carry, loved by a lot of photographers. This music video was shot by Nebula 4000 Lite, which is the most popular stabilizer. Jody Direen song very well. Share the vedio for everyone.
  5. Nebula 4000 Lite six minutes one shot to travel downtown. Camera: Canon EOS Stabilizer: Nebula 4000 Lite Shoot by: Windboyz
  6. ​ Yes, I think the step and parameters are the key factors influencing the stabilizer. 8bit and 32bit is only a secondary factor.
  7. - Sony a6000 (auto ISO, auto WB, OSS on) - Lens 16-50mm FilmPower Nebula 4000 - Stabilizer FilmPower Nebula 4000 - Rollerblade New Jack 4 Music: Ki:Theory - The Man I Left Behind (Instrumental)
  8. Newsshooter’s Rick Macomber and Bruce Logan ASC take a look at some camera stabilisation rigs from Film Power. The Nebula 5200 gimbal is suitable for larger cameras and can be combined with a support arm for hands-free operation. The Nebula 4000 Lite can be used to stabilise smaller handheld cameras - from an iPhone or GoPro up to a Panasonic GH4.
  9. On the second day of the NAB show, well-known media News Shooter with A.S.C cinematographer Bruce Logan interview Filmpower in the NAB show. Bruce Logan praised the nebula series products, and that the Nebula have the potential of the product in film and television equipment industry. Bruce Logan is the master photography in the world, magnum opus include "Star Wars" and 'Batman'. Video Shooter was founded by a famous American photographer and photographer, this site is dedicated to digital SLR camera, video tutorials, equipment reviews. Bruce Logan field test nebula, he said Nebula 4000 i
  10. The world-renowned NAB Show has lifted the curtain in Las Vegas. As an influential gyro stabilizer leading brand in the world, Nebula created by Filmpower has appeared in the core position of NAB Central Pavilion--C7137. This time, Nebula shows extraordinary talents at NAB exhibition and is very dazzling, not only because Nebula has been committed to creating professional products that promotes the development of global industry and changes the revolution of photography, but also because the important position of Nebula in the global market has been fully demonstrated at this exhibition. Numer
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