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  1. Although Steadicam has made great differences, there are many restrictions to the detriment of current photography needs. Such as Steadicam is too big to be used for narrow scene, and too heavy for long shot. And the fatal weakness is the difficulties for beginners to start in a short time trial, users must take a long time of training to familiar with Steadicam and use it well. With wrong posture, it is counter-productive to keep stable. Still, usually we need to spend a long time on Steadicam for adjustment and balancing. Turned the standard notion of 50-year Steadicam’s structure, 5-axis spring arm is Nebula’s original design, inspired by the damping system of F1 racing cars. All parts of this innovative product are made of metal. The effect of double spring arm in contraposition is both rebound and absorbing. But the mass of stabilizer and camera appropriately maintains inertial. Except the intentional tremor, the two spring arms can absorb any vibrations and bounces under payload acting on the vertical axis. With this kind of buffer, reduces vibration, retards speed, makes shooting more smooth even facing hard bumps. They are just like the vehicle suspension system, on the one hand isolates road noise, bumps, and vibrations, on the other hand provides enough sustenance for stabilizing car body while making a turn. Besides vertical axis, with different spring tension, the two spring arms are also able to filter part of the vibrations on horizontal axis. Two dovetails are added on spring arm, to show the flexibility of combinations. The standard 1/4 screw hole also makes it easy to carry most of the photography accessories. Every detail we designed is for filmmakers in search of 2 “P”s: professional and possibilities. Double spring arm in contraposition turns the standard notion of spring arms in line, in order to spread bounces caused by photographers’ step while moving over two handles. Thus perfectly reduces the jitter and jerking and improves users’ manipulation of stabilizers.
  2. Share behind the scenes of "Before the End of the World"
  3. This fantastic short film "Before the End of the World" Shot using the 5-Axis Gimbal by my friend. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. Cappi

    Sony a6300 4k

    I am not a professional, but I do research in depth before I buy. I had owned the Sony Nex 6 prior to this and this is such a jump ahead in technology. The focus is light years ahead of that and super fast, which is fantastic. The menu is much easier to use and having the ability to define multiple buttons and menu sections/items is great. With that, each user has the ability to setup the camera to their liking. I've got two different lenses, the wide angle 10-16mm and the 55-200mm. Both work great and produce some stunning photos. Anyways, overall I'm really happy with this from an amateur standpoint. I was using the previous camera for several years and am looking forward to many photos with this one.
  5. Cappi

    5D mk4 Spec

    Maybe the price is too high...
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