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Is Panasonic GH4 going to change the industry?


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Let's knock this content is king nonsense ON THE HEAD permanently from now on. OK?

To paraphrase Samuel Beckett ...


"Here form is content, content is form. [Art] is not about something, it is that something itself." (on Joyce)


"[Make] no attempt to dissiciate form from content. Form is the concretion of content, the revelation of a world." (on Proust)

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Take the humble anamorphic lens. The look appears in your content. You take the look away, the content and mood changes.


For me there's no need to have a wall between content and equipment, they're all up there on the screen together.

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I'll have to split the gear/content difference with you guys after the experience I had this past weekend.


I shot a Boudoir pictorial on the BMPCC in Raw with the little PL 25mm.  The images are literally so amazing to my eyes that I almost can't imagine ever shooting compressed footage again.  Of course I also came to realize that if the model had not also been a complete stunner it would probably not have been such an impressive result.  So on the one hand I want the GH4K for it's competence in so many areas (if the rumors are true about overcranking and 4:2:2 color space), on the other hand I think selectiveness of location, talent and crew will still make more difference over the equipment being deployed.  But also, when you put all of these things in play together ... holy shit, just watch the eff out!


So gear progress is still as much a factor as it's been in the past, but we're really living in great creative times today and I'm trying my best to revel in it and convert the best content I can for my clients.  And I'm really looking forward to seeing what Andrew and the gang shoot on the GH4K in the coming days and weeks!

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Content will always be king
Say Martians landed and someone captured it on a cheap mobile with crap black and white awful image. The whole world would watch and the whole world will be wishing someone had shot it using an 8K camera the very best lens and sound equipment. So in order to get that content and compete with others also presenting similar content it is no longer enough to use a silent 1920's camera In fact you want to make the best image you can to make your content stand out and be more eye candy than the competition unless your content is so good you don't need to.
The problem with content in film is most things have been done often to the highest level so the viewer expects a certain level of professionalism to consider watching.

to use a mobile and make a film that ahs such outstanding content that everyone will watch will usually mean finding something personal to everyone that is a lesson in case something unusual happens like a you tube film called how I cured my herpes or how to make millions or porn Although done to death now you could still get away with el crappo production values Maybe content is king lovers should consider making a you tube film about how to properly apply lipstick on a mobile and stick it on you tube and then make money from the ads. Although I fail to see how content is king applies to those wishing to learn and use better technology in their films in order to give their work a pro look and be more appealing to viewers. Of course we know that in the end content will always be king but the idea that you can use that to flatten the need for a professional approach to creating it is beyond me. Even the mention of it smacks of deceptive trolling in order to draw attention away from the reality of becoming a better film maker

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And some great photos were taken with 35mm cameras with shitty slow film and horrible lenses, sure. But this whole talk about "gear doesn't matter" is as inteligent as asuming that using shitty gear will bring you closer to "art".

All these videos people use to post as examples are just that vimeo style which is just artsy, consumed very fast and forgotten forever 5 minutes later, they rely on wow effects, shallow pathetic emotional stories (it's an american problem, and they are exporing it to the rest of the world) and are on the same artistic level as smooth 4K steady cam shots. ¿Tree of Life, anyone? or this 2 hour long vimeo story called "Her".

So I honestly ,I don't see the point on arguing about content when in fact you just talk about formality, because style is formality, and on the same level -from an art point of view- as tecnicalities, they both compensate.

I haven't seen any artist around here so just get off your high horses, this is a gear forum.

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Guest 89e2bdf5797fbbdc17c2cc6da1413fa0

Tree of Life, anyone? or this 2 hour long vimeo story called "Her".


I know I'll get trashed for this but I thought most of Tree of Life looked like a really long Nivea advert. Days of Heaven was Malick's cinematographic peak for me ...

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As a GH3 owner, the rumoured specs of this camera seem pretty exciting. I just hope its all true. 


As for 'content is king', if we change the 'content' to 'ideas' then that would be right. You really do need a great idea, and use the gear to bring it to life.


Ideas are more important than the gear itself... its just helps that understanding and using the best gear you can will enhance that idea massively. Not really rocket science.


In that respect, I believe the GH4 will help me enhance my filmmaking skills. It won't give me better ideas, but it would make my ideas look better. 4k to 1080p, 10 bit, better DR and the option of HFR. (This is massive as I make loads of videos for rock bands.)


Back onto topic, will the GH4 change the industry? I don't think it will. There's a surprise around every corner. 

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It looks like Panasonic is getting serious.






- 16,05 Megapixel sensor. It’s a new sensor with semi-conductor protection tech to reduce noise and improved dynamic range.
- quad core processor and venus Engine
- ISO up to 25,600.
- 12fps, 7,5 fps with continuous focusing
- GH4 uses the new UHS I class III SD card format
- Depth From Defocusing (uses Panasonic lens database to fine tune AF!)
- AF as fast as 0.07 seconds. 49 AF points.
- 4K video at 4096×2160 pixels and max frame rate of 96fps.
- Bit rate of up to 200Mbp
- Magnesium body
- Price not unveiled yet
- There is an optional Interface Unit (see image below). Has 2 XLR, 4 SDI, micro HDMi output, color bar signal, audio reference signal, external time control

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This is exciting shit. I'm curious if they did a promo short like "Genesis" on this one also. There's a pic of Kurt Russel standing next to a Gh4 on a gyro. (probably a coincidence.. "Alright get that cat... Hold it... Hey holy f--k that's Kurt Russel over there!"

....If Kurt Russel endorses it, by God that's good enough for me.

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