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  1. E2 was announced last year , and it doesn't shoot 4K 120 fps in prores, but H265 .
  2. http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/front-variable-diopter-fvd
  3. you can shoot on iPhone with that lens ?
  4. would be nice, but i don't believe this will ever happen , as well as 4K 60 and 10 bit 422, they don't have those features on FS5, FS7 is a 10K camera - does not have 4:3, it's Sony man
  5. I love old Nikons, Canon FDs , 1.2 - 1.4 primes.
  6. don't really care much about desqueeze, and not i don't even use it on GH5, as long as i can see the whole frame it doesn't matter to me , but 4:3 mode is an awesome feature, can't wait til Adobe will bring the 6K footage fix
  7. true that, but to me anamorphic is not about convenience, it is about the look:)
  8. the one for C35 from Redstan is just the best, there is nothing even close on the market for that glass
  9. C35 is a beautiful lens, very sharp, great contast, amazing blue flares, close focus, convenient de-squeeze, truly Hollywood quality glass, but i use it less and less, my heart is with 2x
  10. GH5 is perfect camera for anamorphc shooting, it'll be even better when 6K ana mode will be delivered, but don't waste your money, fake is fake, loss of light, weird, cut top and bottom of the oval bokeh, ugly horizontal streaks - terrible.
  11. yeah, suits all my needs perfectly, although i wouldn't associate "one fits all mentality " with Redstan. His highly specialized solutions for Kowas like16H and C35 are perfect.
  12. after many tryouts of different manufacturers i use Redstan exclusively.
  13. i am getting the whole setup, the lens and the focuser from Valdas, from the tests i saw on the web looks promising, will post results of my testing C35 is a very sharp lens, and on GH5 i can focus from 2 feet, but 1,5x is not enough to my eye,
  14. that was shot with dual focus setup nikkor+kowa 8z
  15. to render it out in Premiere in 5K you need to switch H264 to H265
  16. no clue :)) still in the mail, but soon, i hope :)), but my copy of Kowa is awesome!
  17. today i can mount any lens on M4/3 system, even more than on EF or PL, i don't understand this
  18. GH5 is coming very soon, i'll try to balance it with MIR37 and Kowa 16H, i think it should work. will post some setup and footage :)))
  19. bzpop


    слыш, я те не Федя, доктор
  20. bzpop


    Он и здесь наследил, Миша, а так чтоб никого не обсирать, не умеешь? yeah Dr Verbel, your design rocks! everybody else sucks :) ) ) i agree, and don't share "Dr. Verbel's" negativity, the more people trying to do any kind of research and development in anamorphic glass area - the better for filmmakers, people like John Barlow and Andrey Kramar, inventor of PAS SINGLE, trying to bring affordable anamorphic solutions to us, indie operators. total respect and best of luck!
  21. SLR Magic rangefinder lived on my camera for couple days, and went back home:) it softens picture, not a lot, but still, and it makes setup bulky, for the same reason i am not after Core DNA, not giving up my small form factor for anything, well relatively small, so most likely Isco 36 or 42, but i still can't decide between single focus and 2x squeeze, 2x is so freakin good, i just love it!
  22. yeah , i guess i'll bite the iscorama bullet
  23. you will most definitely have challenges to balance camera with anamorphic adapter on a handheld gimbal like H1 or similar; i own Pilotfly H2, pretty strong unit with the max load up to almost 5Lb, but due to a limited space on the back of the camera i think main challenge would be to use counterbalance weights, and without that it'll be impossible to achieve proper balance. (unless pancake lens and really small adapter, like baby hypergonar are used) Larger gimbals don't have that limitation, but that's two hands operation.
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