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  1. I always wanted to get into the anamorphic game for a long time and now that I upgraded from my GH2 to GH5 I finally want to move towards this direction. But for practical reasons I first want to try it with the Vid-Atlantic "Anamorphic" filter. But in front of that I want to put a nice, soft around the edges, vintage-y lens. I found two MFT SLR Magic Hyperprimes with T0.95 used for sale half price off at a local private seller: SLR Magic 25mm Hyperprime CINE T0.95 SLR Magic Hyper Prime 50mm/0,95 Would this combo work with a Vid-Atlantic faux-Anamorphic Filter? What is the difference between the SLR Hyperprime CINE and non-CINE? Advantages and disadvantages? What do I need to watch out for with these lenses? Are they usable for run-and-gun? Another local seller is also offering a SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x 50 incl. Diopterset, for about €700, but if the Vid-Atlantic filter combo works I'd rather go for the cheaper option until there is a bigger Anamorphic MTF market. Again, I am new to this part of the craft, so any personal experience and advice is most welcome.
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