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  1. You must not have read the first half of my post where I pointed out the fact WE HAVE ARRIVED at Shangri La (on paper at least). The post was expressing my general opinion which is multidimensional about the subject of recent events. You seem to dig maniacally to uncover points of disagreement and blow them up as if my original post was somehow personally directed at you, which is strange. I wasn't attacking BM or Reid, just giving a personal opinion for crying out loud. Can you coexist with other people's viewpoints?
  2. Did you miss... "I wish BM would show the same level of guts in how they show off their latest products" ? I wasn't speaking about features/performance, they are bold in the spec/price category for sure. Companies like Canon and Adobe are notorious for being tone-deaf to their user base, so I'm just as befuddled as Reid as to why they would ignore a large community like this. ETA - By bypassing the leader of that community with a history of trailblazing in the camera review space.
  3. Well I guess I'm glad that the latest eruption of passion surrounding cameras is no longer asserting itself in the form of a flaming microscope rammed up against a particular spec, colorspace or frame rate. That confirms where we've arrived in terms of true value with current and soon-to-be-released cameras. I'm a bit mystified that camera launches are now a point of critical concern. I would've given my left nut for a camera like the pocket 4K a few years ago, so I think it's a bit of a stretch to also demand that mfrs start marketing cameras in a way that we personally approve of. And I also think it's completely insane that we would knock a person's work because we might not approve of their style and they were lucky enough to get a demo unit pre-release. That just feels snarky to me. Filmmaking is a diverse realm, with a diverse audience - regardless of clicks. That being said, I do think Reid is long overdue for a launch with BM, so I get the rant completely. That's probably because I dig the shooting style (which is definitely under-represented in recent camera launches) and unvarnished attitude even when I don't agree with it 100%. I wish BM would show the same level of guts in how they show off their latest products as Reid does skewering dumb feature implementations and design choices. It concerns me a little bit that one of the greatest camera price-disrupters of the last decade may have become... timid, in spite of their technical achievements. I would hate to think that BM is beginning down the path of Adobe and Canon and playing it safe instead of being bold and owning it.
  4. Andrew, any chance you can inquire with Panasonic about implementing a full sensor width 10 bit time-lapse mode in HEVC? It doesn't seem like it would be a very heavy lift for them to add considering the hard work has already been done on the encoding side of things. It would also save a ton of storage space and time compared to shooting raw stills + image processing. Thanks.
  5. I'm running an RX 480 GPU at the moment. Regarding RAM, you can check out kit compatibility reported informally by some users here - http://rymem.vraith.com/basic/view_by_mobo . If you want to see the BIOS version they were running at the time just click the embedded CPU-Z report. My G.Skill DDR4 3000 is currently running at 2933 with the default XMP profile in Gigabyte BIOS (GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 Motherboard). You're right - it may not hold if I scale up to 4 DIMMs. Waiting to see how things shake out on the support side of things first. It's worth noting, on some motherboards with early BIOS you actually had to overclock the R7 1700 higher than base clock in order to get it to post above the default 2133 memory speed. I believe that issue has been resolved with the latest AMD microcode update. Regardless, you can easily overclock to 3.6 Ghz without even touching voltage. 3.7 Ghz requires only another 0.06V added to the offset (1.248 V-Core). At 3.8+ Ghz the stock cooler isn't really adequate for the resulting heat. 3.7 Ghz appears to be the sweet spot for price/performance with this chip.
  6. Most of my vid rendering work is with Vegas Pro14 these days. I'm only running 16GB of memory at the moment but 4K previews and timeline scrubs are effortless, even when fed by slow USB drives. Render times with the GPU are approximately 50% faster than what my i7 could pull off. Lightroom also seems much faster at importing and exporting files. I would recommend getting the cheapest 8 core chip (1700) and clocking it at 3.6 - 3.8 Ghz, above that the power consumption begins to become exponentially higher and delivers little tangible performance in trade. The stock RGB cooler can handle 3.6 or 3.7 at sustained workloads (Prime 95, long renders, etc.). Buying the 1700X or 1800X is a waste of money for a workstation build, IMO. Better to put that savings toward DDR4 3000 or 3200 memory and see additional performance gains (the so-called "infinity fabric" wakes up at higher clock speeds). Can't say enough good things about this $300 CPU... it is absolutely perfect for creators on a budget. I hope a down-clocked version shows up in laptops this year, at 2.8 Ghz it only consumes around 45W of power. It would be an incredibly responsive system for those of us who need to edit 4K while on the road.
  7. I just did the same thing but not quite as much RAM... R7 CPU + mATX board + V21 cube case + DDR4 memory + 600W P/S for under $600. I then paid off half the upgrade by eBaying my old 4790 and DDR3. Even at a meager 3.6Ghz this system completely eviscerates the Haswell it has replaced. Talk about a cheap performance boost!
  8. The chart is very confusing in how it groups the codecs to the frame rate. If this thing delivers 4K 48P @ 10 bit 4:2:2 after the update I'll be ecstatic. And if Matt confirmed that with Andrew already, I'm sure it's legit. He rarely gets tripped up on specs.
  9. Thanks Luke! And huge props to Panasonic for going "all-in" with this cam and even encouraging more feature requests... they've earned my $$ for sure.
  10. Hey Luke, any chance you can test out the 4K time lapse mode? I'm curious as to whether the video file can now be saved as 10 bit 4:2:2. That feature alone would save me a ton of work in post. Specifically the 2 fps speed in 4K creative mode/variable frame rate (conformed to 24P playback). Thanks.
  11. A little chroma noise lurking in those shadows, but looks pretty solid considering it's still pre-production and only a 150 Mb/s 10 bit codec.
  12. Clayton returns!! I had a feeling he was going places in the industry .
  13. Haha, that would've been the greatest NAB trolling of all time. Seriously though, a sequel is well overdue... funniest damn parody I ever saw. Crowd-fund it and make it bigger than before.
  14. Luke, I'd really like to see a GH5 shot through the Passion-Aggression chassis... I want to find out if the picture will look bigger through that mattebox. BTW, what ever happened to Terron and Clayton? Will they ever re-enter the market with a new product release? I really hope they didn't end up like the Duke Brothers. Also, I like that the GH5 is 10% bigger and heavier. Thanks.
  15. Same here, looking forward to playing around with Pro Color tonight. Filmconvert + GX85 in natural profile has been a winner for me for most situations. Still, there are times when I prefer a more vivid canon-esque grade to conservative film simulations.
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