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Understanding color


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Sometimes it helps to comment on or discuss the content you introduce. Using the forum as a repository for videos which you have found (and, let’s be honest, others could find too) doesn’t develop a topic. Even providing something as simple as a justification of why you selected those particular videos would be interesting. 

Just my observation.

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I figure out your point and obviously respect that but, the same way I won't comment if I subscribe or not the way you or anyone here introduces your content or the color you choose to wear and rule your choices or daily life, I believe we must be tolerant with the difference. To begin with.

Words or declarations of will are not enough. People reveal their guts along their deeds, above all.

Even because I think you're used to already see me to write dozens of lines over here, isn't it?

Then, I guess the fact I second that venerable premise of a picture is worth a thousand words, it should be sufficient to also fit your turn trying to understand the other side. Comes to my mind when people don't make a single effort to learn the foreign idiom but are expecting we have to be fluent on theirs... LOL ; )

On the other hand, search button didn't orient me to any thread you or any other here had remembered to open on such interesting topic well expressed through a couple of words as thread's title coming from 1st video posted BTW... can you answer me why?

My turn to add my two cents now : ) In my native land, we're used to resume the whole thing in a couple of words. To resume my point: sofa coach.

I am eager to see your contribution to be straightforward with you as well. I am not paid as much as everyone of us guests here, but I'd sincerely appreciate to see more people to find and select content outside and address it to this community. Really. Rather than criticize who spends a few of his time, even short, to do it. Because if you don't care, you always have the option to ignore it. Don't feel too bored or constrained to do it please : -)


Maybe my habit to invariably post not only one or two videos as 99% of people usually do when bother to contribute, to follow my customary deep research (I only found 13 videos this time, I'm sorry : P), may have produced your reaction? If so, I invite you to read again the 1st paragraph of this post and show a bit more recognition or even gratitude once you arrived in this page after all. Pardon my lack of modesty now, but when I perform anything I am used to leave it complete, despite the form chosen. You know what? I normally start to look for coming to these boards and only when I see none of you had the generosity to add anything substantial on subject or organized in a thread, I decide to share the product of my search. For the sake of promoting discussion in addition. As index applies besides.


Disclaimer: I sincerely appreciate and don't mind at all about your words, Snowfun. I take them as useful add-on anyway. My response is more prone to be addressed to some other ones who may concur on that, though :- D

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Even though many of these videos are helpful and I'd miss them if it weren't for you @Emanuel, I'm with @Snowfun on this one.

It almost feels like I opened YouTube and was greeted by my 'Recommended' section.
Some videos there are on point, some are random, some cover the same topic again and again. And how do I know, which are worth my time?
One could spend his whole life browsing through what YouTube offers us.

It's not that I don't appreciate your contribution - I really do. You keep quite a few threads afloat and try to arouse some discussion and that's awesome.

But if I could ask for only one thing, this would be some sort of a short commentary. What can we expect in the video, what did you find helpful / interesting, why did you choose to share it in the first place.

No need to be defensive (at least that's what I felt reading your post above), since nobody here tries to attack / offend you in any way.


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Not being defensive, even though seems to you and I bet for 66% others over here if so : D BTW majorities don't break my heart anyway, I confess I have a weakness for minorities... ; )

The point is we live in a selfish society. People go to YT but mind you they post their findings here?

I just see many of people today coming everywhere and collect to their own benefit. It's sick. Wanna know my opinion? I write it anyway... LOL

I didn't take as offense (hence my disclaimer up there), I address it merely as a point.

People are too lazy to scroll the page down. Reason why many videos to worth your time as you say or bother your curiosity are always better to pretend you're not aware of their existence... LMAO

People prefer to jump and comment on YT among strangers more often than I like to see. I still fuel these type of forum communities to flourish so I'd rather bring the discussions to here for some good reason.

Take a look on my posting activity, my friend, I am even ashamed for the time spent so I don't see the need for words when I can avoid them.

BTW "recommended" by AI, you mean? ; ) It is not the same as coming from my scrutiny, trust me, I rarely post anything randomly, well, I even take my time to choose them yet ; -)


In a line: YT is a mess.

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