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On 8/18/2019 at 11:12 AM, leslie said:

android for me, not a fan of apple and the way they do things. seems to me if its not in their best interests its no good for you either, stuff that

Yeah, I find that it's either you pay a premium to Apple to make all your decisions for you, or you pay the normal amount to someone else and then you can do (almost) whatever you want but the catch is that you need to learn how everything works first.  I was a computer technician for about a decade and it was kind of like you bought 90% of a working system from various manufacturers and had to figure out the remaining 10% of it yourself.  

My dad is very technical and concerned with privacy so doesn't use Microsoft or Apple, and uses Linux and after being forced to get a smartphone (because "there's an app for that" turned into "there's ONLY an app for that") and now runs Android in a secure little bubble inside a linux installation.  It's free and secure and all he had to do was spend about a year figuring it all out and several hours a week being his own systems administrator and troubleshooting things that just break for whatever reason. 

No model is great, so I just think about it like it's pick the least worst and get on with your life.

On 8/18/2019 at 12:59 PM, Robert Collins said:

What exactly do you use iTunes for?

I use it on my Mac to put music onto my iPhone.  I also use it to play music on my Mac because I had to go to all the trouble of creating all the playlists for my phone anyway.

It's also good for backing up your phone.

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