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Sun Anamorphic & Helios-44M rehousing idea

Gábor Ember

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I read about decentering and tilting errors and it certainly looks like the SUN has some tilting error. I read an article on Lensrentals blog about testing this. I will probably shoot some test pictures in the evening and check if the error is caused by the front or the back part and also if it is inside the glass group, or the whole group is tilted. We can counteract any tilt and shift errors in the machining process hopefully.

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OK new stuff. I need to design two sockets for the front and back glass block of the SUN. The original housing for the front glass does not enable proper alignment, it loosens the whole group which can rotate even from cleaning with a cloth. I need to create a tube that holds the glass in position with probably O-rings and a threaded ring that tightens, fixes the glass in place. Now this tube has to be aligned (only once). I am now at 10 parts for the design. It is way more than what I first wanted but they are much more simple.


I really need to post some pics of what I am talking about...


Edit.: Since I will place the SUN back glass really close to the helios I may be able to eliminate vignetting.


Can anyone suggest a light helical grease? I will need to grease the parts but I don't want to make the focusing really heavy.

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A finnally got around to start actual CAD work, still pretty noob at it. I don't know how to make threads but the sizes are accurate.

Sun front, Sun back, Helios block


Slot for the Sun back lens that sits right on the front of the Helios block

Ring that holds the Sun back lens in the slot (similar to the original design, except now it is on the front side of it)


I still don't know if white lithium grease would be good as helical grease for this build.

Also I am thinking of screwing a M42 to EF adapter to the back of the lens tube with 3 screws. Would this be a good idea or is it better to find a broken Canon EF lens and use its mount instead?

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I am still designing the housing. I have some problems with the aperture setup, I don't yet know how to implement it to be really sturdy. I can probably finish the design next month (I mean not just the design but the measured CADs) then my friend (if he is willing) can make it in a few weeks.


These part that I posted should be the first, then the full tube that holds the lenses. After these I need to measure the correct focusing distances and make the helicoids according to this. The last ones will be the focus (and maybe aperture) rings.

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Yesterday I talked briefly with my friend and he said that he can't do nonlinear helicals (doesn't have the equipment) so single focus is out. We are probably going to use threads instead of grooves for focusing (like on the original lenses) but with matching focus ring rotation (same angle and direction from min. focus to max).

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