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Nikon FF Mirrorless

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Well, thats set the frenzy off on that site good and proper hasn't it? "So, as you can see, its probably a 67mm thread on that lens, which if we also reference it to the available data on a

I won't judge you for your taste in porn

I'm pretty sure %99 of Nikon lenses out there outresolve 8 megapixel ?

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3 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

I wrote a long response about how you often doge facts, move the goal post and often seem to think that age gives you magic powers.

I had some examples, links, etc. But I've decided its no use. You live in a fantasy world and nothing would get through.

Believe what you want, I don't give a crap. But honestly, isn't it time you started backing up all your constant claims with some footage of your own?

I think you are full of shit on some of your tests. It defies Physics. So there. If you think I am going to believe that a D750 had 13 + stops, real stops, then you are crazier than I thought. An A7s in SLog2 doesn't even have13 + plus real stops!

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I have to say I'm skeptical like @webrunner5, since none of the test shots had much dynamic range to begin with. You've got to shoot scenes that have areas with no light, and blown highlights in the same shot frame, and then see how much you can push or pull before losing detail.

Though I would also like to point out that since everyone who measures dynamic range has different criteria, the actual numbers are meaningless (ie Blackmagic claiming 13 and Sony claiming 14 doesn't give a valid point to compare).

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2 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

So you are saying that the D750 has as much DR as the Red and only 1 or less stops than a Arri Alexa. Wonderful.


Jesus, Don watch the video. Maybe BM was exaggerating their claim with the BMCC. Who the hell knows? But Mattias’ video clearly shows how great the Nikon Flat Profile is. Check out his 5 reasons to Buy a D750... in the woods shot, with Gunpowder backlit by the setting sun, on most cameras, he would have been entirely silhouetted but the detail he pulled out on Gunpowder’s face just proves the DR capabilities of Nikon’s Flat Profile. 

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1 hour ago, Django said:

The proof is in the pudding. Sony claims 14 stops on A73 and that's an 8-bit codec . So yeah why get the BM P4K? we all know some companies fudge these claims, others are more conservative.Nikon is probably the later, they gave a CIPA rating of 10-15mn video battery life, yet Fro dude says " The battery read 44% at the end of our shooting which included 500 or so photos, setting up the menus as well as filming for close to 20 minutes in full frame 4k."

Battery life will depend a lot on how you have set up the camera. If you have CAF set up and running all the time for example, power drain is going to be much higher than if it is only active while shooting/focussing. The spec battery life will be for everything running all the time, basically a worst case scenario.

1 hour ago, mercer said:

I think anything over 11 stops is acceptable for these cameras... if somebody needs more rent an Alexa.

We’ll have to wait and see, but this camera seems to be a pretty nice hybrid. Good internal image when you need a small footprint or add a cage, a Ninja V and all the goodies when you need a higher FF output with a relatively small footprint. 

Right. I had a shooting day yesterday, so I haven’t been catching up, but is the 1080p a downscale from 4K? If so, 10bit 1080p ProRes to a Ninja Star sounds pretty okay to me.

We will have to see what it is like in actual user hands. The footage shot with the release event cameras that has appeared on the web does not look all that impressive to me. AF seems dodgy and most of it looks pretty soft.

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2 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Well @Django @Young think you did. And I don't watch your stuff anymore.

What are you talking about? I never said that – I URGED you to take a look at the footage from Mattias Burling. But you're obviously too delusional to do this. I don't give a fuck about the actual numbers of the dynamic range since different manufacturers measure it in different fashion. I care about the image and the d750, with regards to dynamic range, is obviously not falling short in comparison to BMCC, for example.

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That guy is a Moron, he has been dishing Nikon since day one in this thread. He said with absolute certainty that Nikon will never be able to produce a camera to compete with Sony Mirror Less. That was one month ago, having not seen anything, just his analysis. As we can see today he is completely wrong, they have at least matched the Sony third gen mirrotless, but in many ways outdone it. The Z6 kills the A73, better viewfinder, better LCD, 10 bit video, build quality etc. The only thing that is still contentious is the AF which DRreview who had some time with the Beta Z7 said was better than the Sony's. 

That's what Dpreview had to say "Autofocus in video is up there with the best. Tracking and refocusing on subjectives is intuitive and reliable... besting what Canon and Sony offer"

https://***URL removed***/reviews/nikon-z7-first-impressions-review/6

And I am sure, he who has not used the camera will come to patronize us.

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12 hours ago, JurijTurnsek said:

I read somewhere that you can power it using a power bank, so the 15min limit is moot. And with a power bank, overheating is far less likely, even in a small body like this.

The 15 minutes limit is a typo from Nikon USA. Thats Jared Polin experience with the Z7

One thing I did not mention is battery life. The battery read 44% at the end of our shooting which included 500 or so photos, setting up the menus as well as filming for close to 20 minutes in full frame 4k. Not sure if that is good or bad just yet but a grip is something I will def be using with two batteries.

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God I love when new cameras come out, watching you artistic types getting all bent out of shape about it is incredibly entertaining!

It seems half of you think every new camera makes anything that came before it absolute crap. The other half rigorously proclaims their current or favorite camera is the best.

It's like the battle of malcontents vs the perpetually insecure.


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