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Matthew Hartman

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"Mobile phone film-making must be going mainstream when Matt Damon has a cameo in a feature film shot on an iPhone. It might be a movie made by his greatest collaborator, director Steven Soderbergh, but still – the entire camera department for Soderbergh’s latest film, Unsane, fitted into a backpack."


This is only forward moving from here. Two huge Hollywood names attached to this propels smartphone filmmaking 10-fold. 

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21 minutes ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Depends how well the film is recieved.

You don't understand how marketing works. All exposure is "good" exposure. In fact, in somekind of odd brainiac way, bad publicity often has the affect of making something even more popular. Take Trump if you need an example.  

What I see is a signal that there's a movement to bring filmmaking to the masses. We could definitely question the merits and quality of this movement, but the fact that two Hollywood actors would attach their careers to something like this is a bit of foreshadowing in my opinion. 

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22 hours ago, User said:

Matt Damon? No wonder they need iPhone marketing stunt.

I always confuse him with Mark Wahlberg for some reason.

Then I'm like... wait... was Mark Walhberg really Jason Bourne? Was he in the Eurotrip movie doing 'Scotty doesn't know'? Was he the guy from:

And them I'm like... ah yeah, no, that's Matt Damon.

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1 hour ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Just because a technology is used in a major film (complete with publicity) doesn't necessarily mean it will become mainstream. While I'm all for anything that breaks the mold, this project does not herald a slew of new theatrical releases shot on cell phones.

Aside from which, the major benefit of smartphone movies becoming acceptable would be the element of democratisation that might bring - lowering the bar of entry etc. Major Hollywood players choosing to shoot a movie on an iPhone and getting it theatrically released really isn't anything to get excited about under that criterion.

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Only that the film was shot on iPhone. Get it? iPhone, not a Meizu, not an Oppo, not a Xiaomi Redmi  5, not even a Motorola.

Where is the "democratisation" when the phone you use costs more than a 4K APS-C camera with a couple of lenses?

and how cheaper you want a dedicated camera that can have new from 350$ anyway? I have a brand new and quite capable camera phone, and the images I get VS the ones of my APS-C cameras are just laughable.

Cough cough .. "publicity stunt" cough cough..

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