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Best All Purpose Camera under $300!?

Micah Mahaffey

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Lumix G7 with nice HD and 4K(UHD), if you can find one for under 300, then G6, which you can even find for much cheaper. Great video qualiy and usuability. Usuability is best by far for the price.

A6000 has a sensor close to S35 Film, so using lenses give the same view as on S35. On Lumix one has to use focal reducers to get the same fiel of view (FOV) with the same lenses as on S35.

Myself, I am using Lumix cams with focal reducers, because the video quality is so nice. They are nice for photos as well. Like I said, very nice to use with swivel screen, mic in, nice grip, EVF, good battery life and so on. You should be able to find a G7 with all that and UHD video for around 300, but for 350 for sure. Oh, and G7 has much better HD than GX85 btw.

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13 hours ago, Brother said:

Get the GX80/85, really good bang for buck!

Bought my 2nd used GX80 for $274,61 (Converted from SEK). There's one for sale right now, in Sweden, for $417 which includes 12-32 + 35-100 + a wooden grip.

Yup, it even touched bellow $400 new.

Problem is that our used prices seems way lower than alot of places. Im having the same issues trying to recommend when people ask with a price in mind.

Lucky for us :)

Then, again, the prices are high in those places because people keep paying..

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Picking a camera for someone else is never a good idea I think though giving them the options available is.

Will they be able to use anyone else's lenses and accessories?      If so, what do the others use?

I love my GX7 and it is still a fair choice but so would be the A6000 and various baby Nikons and Canons and much more.

A6000 is available new still lots of places and would have about the best image quality at this level to me though if they only shoot in good light a smaller sensor can be fine.     



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16 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

They'd suck big time as an "all purpose" camera however.

That's very true :) But it takes very nice pictures as a compensation, and you can still shoot 1080p with it (very close in quality to a 5dmk2, so there is aliasing and moire, but colors are great)


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