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So there appear to be leaked screenshots of some new camcorders from Canon, as per Canon Rumors and CanonWatch.

The GX10 and XF405 both do 4K. These probably have the Digic DV6 processor we saw in the C200, and can shoot 4K without a fan. That will be promising in that it means that the Digic 8 will be able to do the same thing, and when that processor gets released in new cameras, hardware encoded 4K will finally arrive in consumer Canon products. My guess is that the 7D3 and/or the next Rebel will be the first DSLRs with that functionality, but we will probably see it in a Powershot first though.



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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

Some previews:



4K is 8 bit 4:2:0 up to 60 fps recorded at 150 mbps in mp4. XF to come in 2018.

Dual Digic DV6 processors. On the XF versions anyway, but the XG consumer one apparently only differs by the absence of the handle. This is the same arrangement they had with the G30/XA20/25 when they came out.

Touchscreen (seems similar to the one on the G30, which I have).

Dual pixel AF.

5 Axis stabilization

HD can record at up to 120 fps.

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Because these do hardware encoding, so they don't need to use MJPEG. It isn't clear if they have fans or not, if they don't then the new processor family will be able to record 4K60p in most of the larger cameras they use it in. So, it will be interesting to see. Canon may have competitive hybrids soon.

As I expected, these new camcorders will be smaller fixed lens siblings of the C200.

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External recording options for XF40x line (SDI only XF405):

1080p (HDMI + SDI) --> 4.2.2 10bit (50p and 25p FullHD)
4K (HDMI) --> 4.2.0 8bit for 50p 4K, 4.2.2 8bit for 25p 4K

--> https://www.canon.de/images/xf405_and_xf400_specifications_em_tcm83-1609491.pdf

Now Canon has in the 1" sensor area XC10/XC15 and the XF40x for broadcast ready footage requirements. Does the giant move finally?

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Good secondary cameras for a doc. Wish they would make a camera like the HPX170. Those were CCD sensors. Really nice color and motion. 

I can't tell how good the color is here. It looked pretty videoish to me, didn't have the Canon EOS look... I'm assuming the product video was mostly shot with a C300?

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I posted this on a new thread but I didn't see this one so I'll post this here and delete the one I made:

Even after the iPhone X launch....this actually excites me more. (Sad I know...) Only because this camera seems to be exactly what I have been looking for as my daily workhorse. 

Everything I'm about to say only excites me as a"Youtuber"....not a "cinematographer".

All three of these cameras tick the boxes of what I personally have been searching for for my YouTube content. I'm shooting and editing three vlogs a week now, along with two camera reviews/ tutorials a week for a company called Kinotika. The XF500 in particular seems to be the one for me as it has an XLR input, perfect for my camera reviews in the studio. 

I have been needing a camera that has all of these attributes:

1. Great color and out of camera image. 

2. Exceptional autofocus and tracking.

3. A flip out screen. (preferably touch screen)

4. Good audio preamps.

5. Built in ND's.

6. 4K at 60fps that is nice and compressed. (for quick turn arounds...i.e. my 1DC MJPEG is a pain in the butt!)

7. Video features like peaking and waveforms.

8. Small and light weight.

9. Large sensor size. (1" being the minimum)

The XF505, XF500, and GX10 tick EVERY BOX! To respond to the above list in order:

1. Canon color science...and what's better for out of camera color than wide DR! Gives you enough range to grade off of, but not totally flat so you can use as is if you want.

2. Canon dual pixel AF! Not only that...but the same implementation from C200. 

3. Yup. Its a flip out touch screen.

4. XLR inputs!

5. 2,4,6 stop built in electronic ND filters!

6. 4k at 60fps

7. All the video stuff we love from actual video cameras are there.

8. Its less than 3lbs!

9. 1" sensor with f2.8 lens on the wide end! Not bad!!!


I will still have my 1DC as my "cinema" camera.

BUT these XF and GX cameras will be PERFECT for vlogging and camera reviews on YouTube. I can see Casey Neistat switching to this...as his YouTube banner shows him using an older similar XA model of this camera from several years ago. 

They even make some really nice wireless controllers for the camera and they have wifi so I can sit at my desk with my iPad and control all the settings. 

I will personally buy the XF-400 first, see how I like it..and if I need a second for another angle, buy the GX-10

This will also be a killer camcorder to film my son's home video with. 

Also, it'll be fun using a zoom rocker for creativity again. I imagine the lens is par focal too which is a huge plus.

Also, with the wide angle adapter I can get the lens to 16mm...which is perfect for vlogs.


Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.56.02 PM.png

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Do you know if you can add the handle on the GX10? The XLR inputs are tempting.. 

The new Sony Z90 might be a good alternative. It doesn't have the UHD 60p but it has internal 10bit (HD), better EVF, slog at a cheaper price.


The AF might be better on Canon but the Sony is not far off

Here is a very informative hands-on:


Are camcorders dead? I am not sure, I can see them being very useful for some types of run & gun. Here is an oldie: 


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The only reason to use a DSLR/Mirrorless is to get close-up shallow DOF, ability to use any crappy (but full of "character") lens and  a better low-light image, but I really mean LOW light.  

Otherwise, if you're shooting video ONLY today's 1-inch camcorders produce wonderfully clean images, with pleasant shallow DOF once your reach beyond effective 70mm or so, and you don't have to worry about the battery, audio, easy of use, etc.  They're built only for video production.  They're not going away because if I'm a school, public cable company, etc., they allow anyone to shoot a doc or short film with minimum fuss (calls for technical support).  Someone want's a photo they can take out their phone.

If your camera, no matter what kind, doesn't have XLR inputs, you're going to roll the dice with your audio every time you shoot.

@DaveAltizer  If shooting content ABOUT cameras is more important to you than fiddling with a DSLR/mirrorless AT THE SAME time you're talking about camera, then you should really give one of these 1-inch camcorders a try.  I believe one would allow you to focus on your content which will improve what you're able to say about the DSLR/mirrorless you're talking about. 

In any case, getting some real experience with one might help you put all the other stuff you do in perspective?

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@maxotics absolutely. It's not going to win awards at having the most cinematic images on the planet, but gosh darn it, it sure is a practical camera for what I do. These last two weeks, I have been shooting and editing at least two or three videos a day on youtube. Anything to help me move faster and have less hassle will help me so much. 

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This seems like a nice S16 size camcorder. So sensor being S16 size, it might be able to produce images reminiscent of S16 films, just like S35 camcorder give us that classic S35 look. Would like to see a comparision with the XC10 not just regarding XLR or not. Launch film for the XC10 had cinematic S16 quality. The new 1 inch canon camcorders might also provide that look.

Would be nice, if lens could keep that 2.8 up til 70mm in S35 terms, so about 35mm in S16. Would be nice to have Tstop around 3 for that range. Maybe Dave @DaveAltizer would not shy away from shooting a little S16 cinematic piece with it. :)

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Just earlier today on FB I recommend a camcorder (the X70, or XC10) to a person looking for their first camera. 
As I could tell they were  not at all technically minded, and just wanted it for interviews/docos. 

So while I greatly prefer mirrorless, I am not so much of a camera snob that I can't identify times when it makes sense not to recommend mirrorless but something else instead. 

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