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Magic Lantern Raw Video

Andrew Reid

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On 13/02/2018 at 9:03 AM, hyalinejim said:

You get different options depending on whether you have mlv_rec or mlv_lite modules loaded.

MLV LITE: If you go into the menu for RAW Video you should see an item for Data Format - you can change bit depth and compression. Lossless plus slightly lower bit depth allows longer recording times, higher frame rates, higher resolutions in crop_rec.  There is no sound, or at least there wasn't last time I looked into this. But read this https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=16650.msg192161#msg192161)

MLV REC: You can change bit depth only


Thank you!

I have been browsing ML forums for the past few nights/ downloading various versions of the nightly builds and nothing has enabled the crop record mode for me or the ability to choose the Data Format.

However, clicking your link took me through to a version that finally added this functionality! (I don't understand why it was so difficult to find?)

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On 2/7/2018 at 4:33 AM, Alpicat said:

I had the same problem with MLVFS lossless compressed raw files from my EOS M - could only see noise. I think there's an updated version which supports lossless raw but couldn't find it. I'm now using a program called MLV App which works fine with lossless. It also allows you to batch convert the files directly from card into computer if you want it to (similar to mlvfs). I'm using the QTv0.13alpha version of the program: https://ilia3101.github.io/MLV-App/ 

Thank you so much.  Yes, it worked perfectly. I converted my crop MLV into a .mov with the first try.  FYI there is now have a '14' version out there.  For me, this workflow is better than the MLVFS track.  I use Resolve, but I also use Vegas Pro Edit too, because it is so quick and easy.  After using MLV App and exporting as .mov, I can import the file into either one and go from there.  

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Hi, I went through the post and discussions related to RAW recording, we are going to shoot a short film on 5D MK III, it's my friend's camera and he has 95 Mbps Sandisk SD card. 

I tried the RAW calculator, we intend to shoot 1920 x 818 as a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The calculator shows 62.8 MB/s for 14bit uncompressed RAW. 

Also when I choose, 12 bit or 10 bit, it shows 53.9 MB/s and 44.9 MB/s respectively. 

1. Is Sandisk 90 Mbps Extreme Pro SD card or 120 Mbps CF card, enough to shoot in Uncompressed RAW?

2. If I can go for compressed 12bit or 10bit, is Sandisk 90 Mbps Extreme Pro SD card, enough?


Also, It would be helpful, If you could share the link to 10bit / 12bit compressed RAW build (relatively stable) for 5D MK III, I'm little confused on which one to download. 


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not HDR but some high bit depth h.265 footage from the Canon 5D mark iii. Upscaled using my technique the image looks clean. Reminds me of the “soft 4K” from the Canon XC10 minus the noise reduction,compression and digital sharpening artifacts from 8-10 bit compressed cameras. It makes upscaling a dream, it enlarges like when people blow up 16mm film to 35mm

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I'm enjoying using magic lantern on the 50D, especially the crop mode. Only downside I'm still trying to work out is that liveview turns pink when you're in crop mode and hit record (with lens IS turned on), so focussing can be a bit tough. Other than that this camera is pretty amazing for video.

Here's something I shot with my music, mostly 1920x1080 crop mode, with some shots using full sensor (1568x882). Lens: Canon 17-55mm f2.8.  Unfortunately youtube compression does seem to make the image visibly softer than in the original file - I guess the snowfall doesn't help with compression!


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This is probably a stupid question, but I can't work out how to select some of the resolutions people talk about.

When I go into RAW video (MLV) --> Resolution I can only choose from 640, 960, 1280, 1600, etc.  People talk a lot about 1344 and other modes but I can't find them.  Changing the aspect ratio only changes the vertical resolution, not horizontal.  I saw instructions in the EOS-M thread to enable crop_rec module, but that's not in the build I have.

I'm using 700D with the 10/12 bit RAW Video experimental build 700D115 (released Jan 31 2018).

What am I missing?  I must admit that I find ML confusing as hell, even though I have a computer science degree!

hang on, are you guys using the crop_rec module?  that would make more sense...

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