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  1. Thank you so much. Yes, it worked perfectly. I converted my crop MLV into a .mov with the first try. FYI there is now have a '14' version out there. For me, this workflow is better than the MLVFS track. I use Resolve, but I also use Vegas Pro Edit too, because it is so quick and easy. After using MLV App and exporting as .mov, I can import the file into either one and go from there.
  2. Running 5dIII 1.2.3 Using Extreme Pro card 160mb/s Using ML crop I get only noise/ static video when importing to Resolve. This is for all kinds of settings. Tried standard 1920, tried 3.5K, tried 48p, etc. Same results. I bought the EOSHD Shooter's Guide and followed it in detail. The files are mounted with MLVFS and the DNGs are seen by Resolve. It knows how many frames, etc. But there is just static noise for the video. I have been able to get successful results using the ML standard Dec build and shooting raw 1920 24p. Works great. But I have never been able to get the ml_crop to work. Everything in the camera appears as described in the documentation. The files are created when I shoot. But all I get for video is pinkish noise and static. I would appeciate any thoughts. I must be missing something. It seems as though MLVFS is not doing the job correctly, but that is just a guess.
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