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  1. So now that the S1 is closer to the S1H, as a S1H user i'm wondering what kind of major update we're expecting to highlight a real difference between S1 and S1H ? I'd go with something like: 4k@120 fps, probably only in 420 8bits internal and 422 10 bits external.
  2. Well it's easy. Sill impossible to edit ProRes raw in Davinci Resolve (Blackmagic RAW vs Prores RAW war) About Premiere Pro, you have to use the latest version and install ProRes raw codecs for Windows, from Apple's app. https://support.apple.com/kb/dl2033?locale=en_US
  3. No problem i use Windows too and MLVFS is available on W7 to W10. https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=13152.0
  4. Here my last work about my travel in Japan in march 2018. Shot with 5DIII RAW 14bits lossless 1920x1080 29fps EF 24 70mm 2.8 Grade on DR14 + Film Convert / edit on PP CC 2018
  5. With the 5D mark II it's for me a big issue, If there is too much repetitive pattern this creates too much visibles artifacts. There is exist maybe a solution in post. If ML will (maybe) unlock lossless compression + stable 10/12bits record on the 5D mark II, i will buy this VAF filter.
  6. If you want erase moire from 7D/70D/5DII etc.. i would recommand this VAF filter from this site : http://www.mosaicengineering.com/products/vaf.html
  7. Haha ! Nice catch ! Do you think if we do the same for the 5DIII we will discover a CFast card reader ? Well i'm also a user of 5DII + 5DII and amazed to see how ML can unlock many features on Canon DSLR. The 5DII was for me the first step in the world of raw video. Your thread is a nice idea, lot of people are scary about ML or think it's not for profesionnal use, but they're wrong. If you know at 100% how work your camera and ML, you can really discover an other side of your camera with a full control without any anxiety. I recently shot a wedding with the 5DIII, in RAW 12bits at 1920x1080@30fps continu without any issue, for a total of 250GB ( 1x 64 komputerbay 1000X | 1 x 64gb lexar 1066X | 1 x 128gb lexar 1066x) I directly edited all DNG (without any transfert on hardrive) open with MLVFS in Resolve and then export in DNXHD 10BITS. MLVFS is for me the best tool for work in RAW with ML. It's fast, often updated and many options.
  8. Canon really don't care video on their DSLR, they know Magic Lantern is here for unlock their products.
  9. Thanks you @mercer and @Hanriverprod. I get the good resolution for framing, but it's a mix and grayscale and colored preview (still not easy with this preview and hope the ML team will find something more comfy). I don't tried yet hdmi monitoring.
  10. Here a small test : 3009 x 1280@24p (upscale to 4k) + 14 bits lossless = continuous shooting. I used the new ML Cinelog-C to Ektar 100 LANDSCAPE lut of @hyalinejim Graded in Davinci Resolve 12.5, edited in Premiere.
  11. What. Im curious to see your raw footage without ETTR or Zone System. Everyone know that the sensor need the best exposition in RAW use, or else we get noisy low light revovery.
  12. Not easy to judge DR just by looking videos. But we can guess the DR of the GH5 will turn arround at 12 stops max. Because M4/3 sensor. There you have your answer
  13. Totally agree with hyalinejim answer. However It should be more easy to get closer the Arri Alexa look with the GH5.
  14. Totally agree with zerocool22. I will wait a new port of ML on the 5DIV before to know if i have to buy the GH5 or not. When i see how fast the ML devs are active these lasts mounths, i prefer take my time and stay with my 5D2/5D3 ML RAW. Something say me the port should be done in the end of 2017, in the middle with luck. @Cassius McGowan the hack is now very stable, and should be as well on the 5DIV.
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